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Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan MOD APK (NO) 23.02.16-regular

App NameAdobe Scan
Publisher Adobe
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RequireAndroid 5.0
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Adobe Scan is an application that allows you to scan anything from your phone or tablet anytime, anywhere. The application has an intelligent search function and an OCR text extract for easier and faster scanning of documents.

About AdobeScan App

This app has many useful features, the most important of which is automatic detection. Once installed, all you have to do is point the camera at the document to be scanned. The app automatically captures the document and removes unnecessary components. Although it doesn’t have as many filters as CamScanner, four built-in filters do quite well for users’ needs.

This application also has OCR technology to create PDF files that can be edited later. If you take two pictures simultaneously, the app will automatically put them in the same folder, and you can share that folder. Other application tools include cropping, saving as PDF, and recognizing text in saved PDF files. Besides, you can save the pictures directly in your phone’s photo gallery.

Adobe Scan App features

Great features

Turn your phone’s camera into an automatic content scanner.

Adobe Scan is one of the most convenient and popular texts scanning apps today on Android and iOS platforms. In particular, this application can quickly identify and capture actual papers so that users can convert this image to a PDF document with just one simple operation. It is always ready to turn your phone’s camera into a content scanner that automatically recognizes text or pictures. Images after scanned content can be aligned to use the correct content area.

All content scanned in this app is saved as a PDF file to share documents more quickly and conveniently. Besides, the latest update to bring a whole new feature to make this application really different. This can scan business cards and quickly convert all the data collected into a contact account in the contact list thanks to the intelligent AI algorithm.

Scan anything anytime, anywhere

Adobe Scan lets you scan anything from books, pictures, comics, or business cards that are still ready to be scanned, not just an app on your phone or computer that you can scan anywhere from home to café without going to the office. You can easily capture forms, tax receipts, notes, and business cards with this mobile scanner. Plus, it can be used as a library book scanner or a business receipt scanner. You can even scan multi-page documents and save them with just one tap.

Use the app with a few simple steps.

Once you’ve downloaded Adobe Scan, you can sign in with your Adobe account, if you have one, or sign in with your Google account on Facebook. Next, we need to allow the app to use the camera on the device. Next, you only need to choose the type of document we want to scan with the application. For example, if you’re going to scan the whiteboard’s content, select the Whiteboard option. If you’re going to scan the document as text to fill in the contents, choose Form when scanning documents. Usually, select a document, and if you’re going to scan a business card, choose Business Card. Then, tap the application screen to go to Document Recognition. You don’t need to press Records, but it will automatically capture and display the document image. The result shows a green frame in which you can align the content area. You can click Press again to record or click Next to continue. Then click on the captured image.

Now is the time for you to switch the photo editing interface. Users can change the page order when taking many pictures, add new pages, add color to photos, rename photos, and click Save PDF to save. Plus, you can also oupload the PDF file to the server of this app. If you want to share, choose a form of sharing and select share.

Adobe Scan key features

Remove the unfulfilled points and use them again.

With the scanned copy function, you can remove unremoved areas and adjust them for reuse. You can fully edit scans of photos and documents from your photo library. Plus, you can also see it first, arrange it again, cut and rotate, and change the colors you like. So, each time you scan your text and feel it’s not perfect enough, you can easily adjust it with the help of this.

Find and extract the text using OCR.

Searching for specific content across an entire page is time-consuming. The application, therefore, has a search function that allows you to quickly scan the content you are looking for and find it quickly. Plus, with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), means optical character recognition; you can recognize and extract the text contained in images. This technology makes extracting text easier, faster, and more convenient.

Adobe Document Cloud

The difference between Adobe Scan and other applications is that it integrates Adobe Document Cloud, which automatically performs optical character recognition on the PDF files it generates. The user can copy text and paste these characters from one document to another. You can easily save any PDF scan to Adobe Document Cloud for instant access and sharing. Moreover, with this app, you can scan and manage lengthy legal documents. You can find, select, copy documents, and open the scan.

It can capture scanned documents even when there is no network connection. However, all-optical character recognition (OCR) work is done in the Adobe cloud. This means that to be able to recognize text, users must send images over the Internet. It’s not an ideal choice for some critical, sensitive content. Although you can use this application when you are not connected to the network, you should still connect to Wi-Fi so that the content is accurate and broadcast more correctly.

Improve the picture quality

Adobe Scan makes your scans perfect. You can easily preview scans to make sure you get the results you want. If you wish, you can also edit new or saved scanned files with intuitive tools like cropping, rotating, editing colors, adding, deleting, and reordering pages in documents. Besides, this application automatically turns on the device flash in low light, so you always have the perfect scan.

Scan business card

Sometimes you get a lot of business cards. Saving each number takes a long time. To solve this problem, this app can quickly scan business cards and save them for convenience. Instantly add information to your device’s contacts with this business card scanning feature. Adobe Scan can automatically add data from scanned business cards in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian to the device’s contacts.

Open in Acrobat

You can take full advantage of more PDF power. You can easily open scanned PDFs in Acrobat Reader to take notes, comment on group ratings, fill in and sign words, and even send signatures. So if you want to do more with PDF and make the most of all the resources you wish to, you can subscribe to Acrobat Pro DC. Although you have to pay a fee for this version, the cost is convenient as it helps you a lot.


Ready to download the application with the benefits of Adobe Scan? Download this application to take advantage of all the utilities it plays, especially scanning anytime, anywhere.

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