Alight Motion 3.9.0 (MOD PRO Unlocked)

Alight Motion
Updated 28-07-2021 (11 months ago)
Publisher Alight Creative
Genre Photo Editor
RequireAndroid 6.0

Bored with the usual video editing tools? Try a brand new experience with Alight Motion right on your Android Smartphone! This application allows you to create motion effects right on images/videos then turn them into a real work of art. The latest Alight Motion mod is available on our blog and you can download it for free now.

About Alight Motion- Professional motion effects application

2020 can be considered a boom year for mobile applications to create motion effects. There have been thousands of apps created based on this theme. However, do you know what was the first name to open this trend? It is Alight Motion. This application was developed and released by Alight Creative on the Play Store in late 2018. It quickly created a new trend of mobile photo editing. Instead of applying classic filters and editing tools like on Picsart, Alight Motion lets you add unique motion effects to your images and videos.

This app is available on Android and iOS, free to download. Alight Motion has received more than 10 million installs on the Play Store. It is the best and most popular motion effects application currently on mobile. Many users quickly fell in love with this app because the user-friendly interface and powerful editing features it offers are really impressive.

Alight Motion features

Key features of Alight Motion

Alight Motion is definitely the best professional graphics app on Android you can find right now. The app offers tons of powerful editing features to help you create professionally graphic videos right on your smartphone. Let’s explore its outstanding features below.

Easy to create video graphics and motion effects

The most prominent feature of Alight Motion is to add motion effects to images and turn them into a unique video. Or users can even stitch multiple photos to create a motion video thanks to the powerful editing tools that the app provides. It offers a huge collection of unique effects for you to apply to both videos and images. Some of the outstanding effects are Distorition / warp, Swirl- Create a vortex effect, Wave Warp- create curved motion on an image or video, or Pinch / Bulge- focus on a point that you Select to enlarge the details.

Not only that, the Blending tool in Alight Motion will also help you easily create unique effects that make the video really attractive. You can add different blending effects on a video by setting them in the timeline when editing. Thanks to that, you will surely have a really creative and professional product.

Powerful and professional editing tools

It’s hard to compare Alight Motion with a professional photo editing tool on Windows. However, what it can do is truly impressive. The application gives users a set of powerful and professional video editing tools for you to freely create on your videos or images. The first tools that I want to talk about are vectors and bitmaps. It allows you to create and simulate any object you want, then add them to your videos. After creating a new project, you will be redirected to the editing interface. Here, click the blue + to add a layer or object to the video. Everything you add will appear in the timeline. You can adjust the appearance of an object by drag and drop on the timeline.

Various objects are available for you to select and add to videos. You can take a shape with pre-made cubes, or draw them by hand. Want to make your video more emotional? Select the Audio tab to add a favorite tune to the video. You can also add any text to the video or turn them into subtitles. Alight Motion offers over 2000 different fonts and a lot of color options to make it easy to create anything on your video.

Easy to use

Alight Motion is also appreciated for its friendly and easy-to-use interface. Although it is a powerful video editing tool with a lot of outstanding features, you will have no difficulty getting started with it. Whether you are experienced with video editing applications or are a beginner, everything is very clear and easy to use.

Editing operations can be done with just one finger. You just need to tap to select a tool, add them to your project, then drag and drop to edit them on the timeline. Many commented that using Alight Motion is even easier than video editing apps on PC because all navigation and interface has been optimized for the touch screen.

Alight Motion PRO key features

Export video in high quality with lots of options

Many video editing apps will only export videos in SD quality if you use the free plan only. However, Alight Motion does not. This application allows you to output videos in high quality up to 1080p. The supported formats are MP4 and GIF.

Not only that, the application allows you to set video quality options before creating a new project or element. Options include:

  • Video aspect ratio: Various options available including 16: 9, 9:16, 1: 1, 4: 3.
  • Select video resolution: The lowest is 180p and the highest is 1080p
  • Choose Frame Rate: Maximum 30fps.
  • Background: Available in 4 options: Black, White, Light Gray, and Transparent.

In general, these detailed settings make it easy to create the right Project and export the file according to your needs.

Free to use

Alight Motion is completely free to download. If you are a general user and do not have the advanced requirements, this application completely satisfy you. The free tools are enough for you to edit and export videos in good enough quality. However, there are premium features available in Alight Motion that you need to pay with real money to use.

Configuration required

Alight Motion is a powerful graphics application so your device needs to meet the configuration requirements for it to function smoothly. Specifically, your device needs to run Android 5.0 or higher, have 100M of free memory available, and 3GB of ram. How fast or slow the video output is will depend on your device configuration. Also, note that you should set the parameters to properly initialize the project so as not to waste resources on the device. For example, if you want to share a video on Instagram, just choose the video in HD quality, 24Fps, and a video aspect ratio of 1: 1.

What’s in Alight Motion PRO?

Alight Motion is a paid membership package for those who want to access all of the advanced features of the app. There are 2 options to subscribe to membership are monthly or yearly. The prices are quite good for you to experience the unique features from the app. Here are the benefits when signing up for the membership package:

  • Completely remove in-app ads
  • Remove Watermark permanently
  • Unlock all exclusive features including Keyframes, Easingm Bright Contrast and Vector Graphics.

Latest mod version of Alight Motion for Android

We bring you the latest mod of Alight Motion. Here are the mod features:

PRO Unlock: You can access and use all PRO features in the app for free (Including unique filters and advanced editing tools)


  • Alight Motion MOD is currently only available for Android
  • If you get the error “Application was not installed”, please remove the old version that already existed in the device then re-install.
  • Login is available.


If you are looking for a professional video editor to create unique motion videos then Alight Motion is definitely a perfect choice. This app has been trusted by millions of users around the world for its powerful features and friendly interface.

Download Alight Motion 3.9.0 (MOD PRO Unlocked)

This is the area for you to download Alight Motion . Just tap on the application name below to show all the available links, then click to download.

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