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Avee Music Player PRO

Avee Music Player PRO MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.2.194

App Name Avee Music Player PRO
Version 1.2.194
Publisher Daaw Aww
Genre Listen to music, Music Player
Size 8M
Require Android 4.1
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Avee Music Player PRO provides a simple yet powerful music player on Android. Download the latest mod of the app at APKDL to unlock all the Premium features and use them for free!

Introduce to Avee Music Player PRO

A tool to customize audios, Avee Music Player PRO, comes to life to make you a home audio designer. The app provides the necessary tools to edit music displays professionally. The great point is everyone can do so within merely an app. Note that Avee is not a music streaming service like Spotify, it is simply a powerful music player.

Don’t mistake it for a video editor or a common player when it does a specific job- putting a new look at your music. Daaw Aww has made it compatible with every file you downloaded. Get your library a new look with only Avee!

Avee Music Player PRO key features

The Story

Avee could be a music player if you let it be. However, the app aims for a more meaningful use. It wants to convey the energy into the music and gets the audio customized to be an artwork rather than just a soundtrack piece. 

Founders want to make it an expert app, not a tool for multitasking. To create a new audio interface is the primary purpose, and to do so provides direct assistance on the widgets. Avee Music Player PRO makes your melodies glow.

Required agreements 

Avee Music Player plays all songs stored on your devices. As a result, it must ask for your permission to access your library, consisting of the gallery, downloads, SD, or internal storage. Only you agreed then the app could help you with conducting a tape marking your style. 

Also, accessing the microphone needs your permit. However, it’s to connect the global audio stream rather than get into your devices’ files.

Key features & Services by Avee Music Player PRO

Services by Avee Music Player PRO is a niche, but it makes significant changes that other apps rarely supply. Let’s see what you can benefit from it.

Common music player

The app envelopes an audio player that supports many types of audio files. Like Amazon Music, you can play your categorized lists. The library shows columns such as singers, genres, albums, or all. 

The interface looks quite the same as any music player at the moment. The interesting thing is you can customize it.

Visual customizers

In widgets, there are tools to make a music background. It’s possible to import images from your phone. This feature expands your creativity to the infinity. Besides, visual effects on the gallery are to make a wavy effect. 

Have you ever seen audio on YouTube where music plays while visualized by reactive wavy effect? Would you be interested? Do you know how to make them? In the past, it must be the job only done by a professional. Nowadays, it’s possible with only Avee Music Player PRO. And will it be difficult? Not a bit. 

Avee Music Player PRO key features

Files searching tool

Having your files synced and saved must be a mess to find, even though audio files are all classified. To reach wanted songs in the shortest time, don’t forget to use the searching tool by Avee. 

The tool works on the name, and it applied the math on all songs available. It is either in the downloads or exported folder.  

Videos and audios editor

Audios must be the selling point of Avee. It has tools for you to customize the background and visualizer for the record. There are no limits on you to create that as you can access resources from your devices. With audio, it supplies splitting and cutting features. With all those supports, it enables you to conduct a product carrying your style.

For video, it shows not many pro tools. Its strong point is still making an audio clip out of original audio, adding some effects. With videos, you can add more moving effects such as snowing or lyrics. That’s not so much, but if you do it on Avee, we guarantee easy procedure. 

Instant transition 

When editing audios and videos, users can make some changes in volume. Make it fade a little bit until the end or create a gap-less transition to keep your music endless. All of the complications that you think only pro software could be done on Avee with some swaps. This feature proves that Avee will make changes to your music and the way you play it.


Equalizer adds an effect on audio visualizers. It reacts to melodies and displays on the screen. There are numerous movements in the gallery to choose from for presenting equalizer regarding colors, charts, and light effects. 

Sleep timer

It will be a missing feature if there is no timer for music players. You want to enjoy your music into sleep but don’t want it to play all night? Set a timer. Although Avee doesn’t specialize in playing songs but editing them, it serves you to your sleeping time. 

Plenty of video quality

Exporting videos could be a kind of nightmare. It takes so long if you want the original quality like HD or 1084mp. With audio videos like in Avee, that’s not necessary to make it to such high quality. Avee offers you multiple choices for quality; hence, you can take what your device feels the best about.

Creativity booster

After all, it must be a creativity booster to talk about Avee Music Player (PRO). It appears a simple app if we use it for listening to music, so wasteful! Avee hands you a borderless space to create and express your gout on music, your color, and style. It’s just simply what people need.


Avee Music Players (PRO) is among hundreds of apps for music. You cannot compare it with Spotify or anything alike as Avee proves itself a tool rather than a music radio. They simplify and wrap up a pro tool so that everyone can personalize their melody. 

It’s nice that you don’t have to search for a whole day on Youtube, trying to find the interface you like on that music. You’ve got it now with Avee and 5 minutes maximum and work it out. Avee Music Player’s widgets look quite the same as a conventional music player. Explore it by yourself, and we’re sure it takes no longer than 2 minutes. 

Download Avee Music Player PRO MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.2.194

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