Buddy Toss
Buddy Toss

Buddy Toss MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) 1.5.2

App Name Buddy Toss
Version 1.5.2
Publisher CurryGames
Genre 2D, Casual
Size 39M
Require Android 4.1
MOD Info Unlimited Stars
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Buddy Toss helps you entertain after stressful working hours. Or when you’re fed up with survival games, action games with bloody battles. This is a very fun and interesting game of the publisher CurryGames. Your task in the game is very simple, toss your best friend up like a ball. Remember, you toss high, but you must capture.

Buddy Toss gamepllay

The character built in the game is similar to Kick the Buddy: Forever. But in this game, torture his best friend with weapons as well. Instead, you will bounce him up as high as possible to set your own record. A fun game for stress relief and entertainment anytime and anywhere.

Game modes

In Buddy Toss, the power index of each character will be different. First, you transform into a big, muscular guy who will toss his best friend into the air. Despite the screams of him. The higher you toss, the more points you’ll get. It sounds simple, but the game is unexpectedly challenging. You must go through 2 different stages, which are bouncing and catching. Buddy Toss has ignored all laws of physics to be true to its entertainment. Bounce and catch, then bounce and catch, every time like that, your best friend will fly higher and higher. If you make a mistake during the catching phase, your friend will fall to the ground, and Game Over.

In order to catch the character successfully, by the time your friend falls on par with the arm of a muscular man, you need to align the time precisely to touch the screen. Just slow down 1 second, an unwanted thing will happen, and the game is over.

Buddy Toss

Character upgrade

Of course, the characters in the game will get stronger when upgrading the power. So, how will you upgrade? It is very simple, every successful juggling with the height achieved. You will earn stars commensurate with that height. And that number of stars is to upgrade the character to become stronger. Simply said as if how to feed the character to be so big. As a result, the height of each bounce will improve and will collect more stars. Besides, you can also customize the character in the game with many unique costumes, also unlocked by stars. You can buy costumes and some accessories for characters such as clothes, hair, glasses, shoes, … There are 51 costumes and 32 accessories, inspired by famous characters such as Wolverine, Police, Ghost. Depending on your preference. Try to bounce your friend up high. That helps you earn as many stars as possible.

Funny game graphics

With many different game modes in each stage, you will try to set new records for each juggling. It is not limited to your bouncing a few dozen meters or even a few hundred meters, but it can reach far … into the galaxy, when the creator wrote on the extremely funny and unique image, with the laughing image when your friend flies over.

Buddy Toss funny

Funny sounds.

The shout of the friend makes the atmosphere more fun. The higher you bounce, the more he yells and pleads louder. It is not known whether he screams because of fear or the sight, but every time he flies, it is extremely beautiful. Therefore, starting to play the game is an extremely exciting mind. When you hate someone, you might also think it’s a character friend from the game. Every time I look at a character’s face, or the character’s screams every time he fall down, I can’t help laughing, it’s really funny. The gameplay is easy, funny and suitable for all ages.

Thereby, making the entertainment of the game higher.

Buddy Toss, Unlimited stars

Besides the Buddy Tossdo version provided by Rockstar Games, we will bring you a modified version of this game. The game will change a little bit, so players can easily achieve the desired things in the game quickly. Normally, it will take you a lot of time to have more money. Instead, in Buddy Toss, you will be given a lot of money as soon as the game starts. You can buy all the things in the shop as you like without worrying about the price. The game saves you a lot of time in the game. With Buddy Toss, owning a strong character and the favorite costumes is very easy. Join Buddy Toss to get the highest score, rise to No. 1 on the global rankings.


Buddy Toss has colorful and extremely fun graphics, addictive gameplay suitable for all ages. The game will definitely give you a great gaming experience in your spare time. If you are looking for a game to relieve stress, Buddy Toss is worth a try, maybe even make you addicted after a few times to play. Download Buddy Toss game to your device for free, and get ready to join the fun now! To download the game, you just need to download the file we provided, then install as usual. I wish you have a good time full of laughter!

Download Buddy Toss MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) 1.5.2

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