ContraCam – Speed Cameras, HUD
ContraCam – Speed Cameras, HUD

ContraCam - Speed Cameras, HUD MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.5.03-Google

Antiradar(radar-detector) ContraCam with 3D offline maps. All types of speedcams

App NameContraCam - Speed Cameras, HUD
Publisher Dmitry Cherevko
Require4.0.3 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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The dangers of driving in traffic on the open road are numerous and unpredictable. One may never be perfectly attuned to every road sign or signal, and exceeding the maximum permitted speed limit in any given region can quickly exacerbate the situation, drawing the notice of traffic cameras or law enforcement officials. Furthermore, the route provides a host of potential risks, such as dangerous debris and navigational obstacles that can leave vehicles bewildered and lost.

Drivers must emphasize safety before starting on lengthy trips to reduce these dangers. They must always stay alert to the pace and hazards ahead. In this quest, many drivers rely on ContraCam, dependable and necessary equipment that alerts them of possible risks and guarantees that they always travel at a safe speed.

About ContraCam

With ContraCam, your smartphone transforms into a state-of-the-art GPS navigation system and a highly advanced detection radar. Once you’ve installed this application, you’ll receive timely alerts regarding all potential roadblocks that may impede your travels, including fixed speed cameras, radar systems, and checkpoints operated by traffic police personnel. With just a few simple configuration settings, your smartphone becomes an indispensable companion, providing reliable and constant support throughout your journey. Download ContraCam today and experience the ultimate in road safety technology.

Radar detector

ContraCam has many unique functions, but arguably the most surprising is its capacity to turn your smartphone into a trustworthy and portable radar detector that is always at hand. This function automatically refreshes maps without requiring users to register, ensuring that users can access detailed maps that indicate the location of speed cameras, barriers, and user-favorite locations.

Additionally, ContraCam’s 3D map visually depicts their surroundings, making it simple to determine the precise location and direction of speed cameras even while driving. The app’s user community reports and verifies the position of barriers and cameras, ensuring the data is always correct and current.

ContraCam’s automated updates download new information regularly, including changes to camera locations and barriers, guaranteeing that users are always equipped with the most up-to-date, accurate data, even in places with weak mobile internet connections.

The app also provides extensive alerts regarding the availability of speed cameras on the road, such as reverse cameras, average speed cameras, and even phony cameras, giving users crucial information and awareness as they negotiate possible hazards.

ContraCam’s cautions are sent by both speech and sound notifications, allowing users to be informed even when using other apps. ContraCam is a must-have tool for any motorist on the road, thanks to its excellent features.

Map functions

ContraCam’s map functions are unparalleled, boasting features that elevate its performance and usability. The app’s offline 2D and 3D maps are high-performing, requiring no internet connection and minimal storage space on the user’s device. With intuitive map controls and the ability to toggle between day and night modes, users can easily navigate through all regions and countries simultaneously without missing a beat.

ContraCam’s advanced functionality extends to road tracking and bookmarking, data collection, and folder management, enabling users to customize and organize their maps as they see fit. Additionally, ContraCam allows for the easy export of map data in GPX, KML, and CSV formats, ensuring that users can quickly and effortlessly share their map data with others.

ContraCam’s world map provides a comprehensive view of all available routes, highlighting speed limits and points of interest. Whether users are seeking to navigate through bustling city streets or remote country roads, ContraCam has them covered. With its advanced features and unparalleled map functionality, ContraCam is the ultimate tool for any traveler on the road.


ContraCam’s speedometer feature is essential for any driver looking to stay safe and aware on the road. With its ability to warn users about speed restrictions and display road restrictions in real time, ContraCam takes the guesswork out of safe driving.

Users can customize their speedometer settings based on their location, with the option to set user-defined restrictions for city and highway driving. By providing users with real-time feedback on their driving speed and adherence to road restrictions, ContraCam ensures that they are always aware of potential risks and hazards on the road.

With its intuitive interface and customizable settings, ContraCam’s speedometer feature is the ultimate tool for drivers seeking to stay safe and aware on the road. Whether navigating through busy city streets or cruising down the open highway, ContraCam has drivers covered, keeping them informed and alert at every turn.

MOD APK of ContraCam

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  • All premium features are unlocked


The purpose of using ContraCam is not to avoid the obligations of a model citizen while driving but rather to improve one’s ability to manage their speed, identify possible dangers on the road, and be pointed in the proper direction. Let us get ContraCam up and running on your device so you can use all the helpful features this software offers.

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