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DamonPS2 Pro – PS2 Emulator

DamonPS2 Pro - PS2 Emulator MOD APK (Paid/ Patched )

App NameDamonPS2 Pro - PS2 Emulator
Publisher 🔥🔥🔥 DamonPS2 Emulator Studio
Require5.1 and up
MOD InfoPaid/ Patched
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Play all the PlayStation 2 exclusive games directly from your Android phone with DamonPS2 Pro. From Gran Turismo 4, Okami, Katamari Damacy, to the good old Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid 3. Hundreds of awesome games now lie inside your pocket, ready for you at any time.

Introduction DamonPS2 Pro

It is now two decades after the launch of the innovative PlayStation 2 by Sony. Despite its age, PlayStation 2 is still the best selling game console of all time with 155 million units sold globally. Within 12 years, over 3,800 game titles have been released for the console. This is not to mention PS1 games that PS2 can run smoothly thanks to the backward compatibility feature. Even when its successor – the PlayStation 3 – is out, many reputable game titles still have an edition for the PS2. Some of the honorable mentions are Final Fantasy XI, FIFA 13, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

Nowadays, it requires more than luck to get your hands on a fully functional PS2 console. Even when you can get an old unit to work, it is costly to buy PS2 game disks, as those are now more like collectible items. However, you don’t need to be rich to cherish the good old days. At least it is not necessary to invest in such an ancient piece of technology. The better idea is to download DamonPS2 Pro and transform your phone into one.

DamonPS2 PRO features

Key Features of DamonPS2 Pro

Although DamonPS2 Pro is a paid app, it has received over 1 million purchases on the Play Store to become the most popular PS2 emulator on Android. Join us to explore its outstanding features below.

The best PS2 emulator for Android

DamonPS2 Pro is the only PlayStation 2 emulator available for Android. The developers are still actively finishing and perfecting the app to fully support more games and satisfy more players. The app has reached more than five million downloads on Google Play Store as of November 2020. As a reputable console emulator, Damon PS2 Pro offer a plethora of useful features and tweaks.

In terms of configurations, DamonPS2 Pro also requires proper settings to function normally on your devices. It is typical for any console emulator, and there are many tutorials online for you to refer to in case you felt obstructive. Since various PS2 games need a lot of processing and graphics power, budget phones might not be reliable. You need a mid-range phone at least to ensure a decent gaming experience.


If you are familiar with console emulators such as FPse or ePSXe, you might already know that every emulator requires an original BIOS to function. A BIOS is the operating system of the console, stored on the non-rewritable memory. Imagine the hardware as the skeleton and muscle of the console, then the BIOS is like the neural system.

Although it is possible to extract the BIOS from an original PS2 machine, not many people have that privilege to own one these days. To avoid legality issues, the developers behind DamonPS2 Pro cannot prepare a BIOS for you. Luckily, The BIOS for PS2 can be downloaded anywhere on the internet. Just search for the term “PS2 BIOS” and you will find many working links to get your BIOS file. Don’t worry because in this article we will also provide you with the necessary BIOS files for the application to work without any problems.

Play any PS2 games

If you shake your memories a little bit, you might remember the uncertainty of loading game disks into the original PlayStation 2 console. Sometimes, you had to switch disks in the middle of your gameplay because the game you were playing comes in multiple disks instead due to its enormous size. Moreover, the fragileness of the disks means that even a grain of dust might be your sworn enemy.

When it comes to emulators, the aforementioned problems go away forever. All you need is to load the game data in ISO format into DamonPS2 pro and fire up the game. No matter how big your game is, you will never be interrupted, and you can fit thousands of games inside your pocket with an SD card no bigger than a fingernail. There are a lot of websites and forums that host ISO game files. Be sure to connect to a reliable wifi to avoid unexpected failure when downloading large files.

Basic Usage

DamonPS2 Pro’s interface makes it very easy to navigate and manage the content. Unlike most emulators for Android, the app has tabs view and a simplified, well-managed settings section. The intuitive file browser lets you easily navigate to your file, namely your BIOS and games. Once you load your content, Damon PS2 Pro will remember the file locations so you don’t have to repeat the loading process. Games can also be scanned and added automatically.

There is a dedicated tab for gameplay videos that other users share in the DamonPS2 community. This gives you some ideas about what game to play next and whether you would like a specific game. Additionally, the videos might offer some help whenever you get stuck on a level of a game, as you can look up desired walkthroughs without leaving Damon PS2.

Common Settings

The settings page of DamonPS2 Pro is organised quite reasonably so you can easily find the specific things you need to change. There are four categories, which are Graphics, Audio, Controls, and System, enabling you to tell what should be inside each category immediately. The developers work days and nights to offer you only stable functions, so there is no such thing as “Experimental features”.

The Graphics settings allow you to control how the game looks. The most important entry that you should never miss is the rendering resolution. If one of your games gets laggy, wind down the resolution to reduce the workload of your phone’s GPU. Also make sure to check out other features, of which the thorough explanation comes right below each entry. In case you care about the performance, flip the Show FPS toggle to ON.

One more thing in the settings that worth mentioning is the System settings page. It contains many system tweaks, such as BIOS load skipping when boot up, number of save state slots, memory cards management, etc.

DamonPS2 PRO mod

APK MOD of DamonPS2 Pro on APKdl.io

Mod features

DamonPS2 Pro is a paid app on the Play Store, so you’ll need to pay before downloading it. However, we offer an easier solution so you can get it for free. The app’s APK file is available here, so you just need to download it, install it as usual, and enjoy. Of course, you do not need to pay any costs.


DamonPS2 Pro is the only PlayStation 2 emulator for Android that is available to download right now. Although having no competitions or alternatives at all, it is still an excellent emulator to enjoy whatever PS2 games you can think of. Playing your favorite titles on the go, or casting your phone to a big screen to play at home, DamonPS2 Pro is your ultimate solution.

Download DamonPS2 Pro - PS2 Emulator MOD APK (Paid/ Patched )

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