Dumb Ways to Die
Dumb Ways to Die Original

Dumb Ways to Die Original MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 36.0.5

App Name Dumb Ways to Die Original
Version 36.0.5
Publisher Metro Trains
Genre 2D, Casual
Size 72M
Require Android 5.0
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Dumb Ways to Die Original is a new and extremely interesting game of Metro Trains. You can see the uniqueness of the game through its name. The game has been in development for a long time, but it is extremely suitable for modern offline games. It is a combination of simple graphic style, good-looking colors, and gameplay with many attractive mini-games.

Dumb Ways to Die Original does not have a clear plot. The player simply needs to pass mini-games or levels of the game. In the levels, players will have to control the game character cleverly escape the “silly death”.

Dumb Ways to Die Original

Game characters

The game character is a simulation of the “bean”. These “beans” are pictured extremely cute with shaping different colors and costumes. You will receive any “bean” when unlocking them through the points you gain in normal game mode.

And the very special point of Dumb Ways to Die Original is that you can create your own character. You can do this by clicking on the yellow square in the right corner of the screen, the box containing the word “Build A Bean”. In this mode, you can choose the shape, color of the bean, and add hair, eyes, mouth, accessories, shirts and the interface when accidentally killed. Make lots of coins to go shopping!

How to play

If you have played Metro Train games or other basic offline games, you will not be too strange about how to play. Simply, all you need to do is help the character overcome the accidents. However, the work is not always so light. The higher you play, the more challenges you’ll find in each level. This game requires a certain subtlety, ingenuity, and reflexes. It really requires a lot of your skills and concentration!

When you pass many gates, scoring high scores, you will turn to open different game characters with very cute and interesting shaping, moreover, you will unlock your favorite songs.

Normal mode:

Immediately after opening the game, click “start” and select play to experience the normal game mode. You can completely practice before playing, when you are proficient, click “play game” to start.

In this mode, follow the instructions on the screen, this must be done very quickly, because each level lasts only a few seconds. It is at this time that your gaming skills are shown, which are observation skills, agility, and dexterity. Each stage of the game will ask you different requirements, sometimes you should quickly shape your surroundings to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Each time you calculate a score, you only have 3 lives. When losing all 3 lives, points will be recalculated from the beginning. The longer you play, the higher the score will be. These points will be reserved and added to the total score outside the screen. Every time you reach the target point, a small train will pass, and you will receive a new “pea” character.

Daily duty regime:

To open this mode, look in the right corner of the screen, where the word “Daily Challenges”. About 1 day, the mission will end once. Basically, this mode is similar to the normal mode, which means you have to think to survive from the situations that the game poses at each level. However, in the levels, you only have 1 network, instead of 3 networks as normal mode. This mode will have 5 sections, each with 3 levels, you must pass all levels to win. The reward in this mode is the number of coins that is much larger than the normal mode. If you are familiar with the normal mode, this mission mode will be like an advanced level, reducing your boredom with a normal mode.


If you say Dumb Ways to Die Original is an entertainment game, it is true, but in fact, after playing the game, you will have more experience than entertainment. That’s when you realize the special challenges posed in the game, they have something very naive, like the “dark fear” of you as a child. You are put in extremely irony situations, and you have to struggle and manage every way to get rid of silly tragedies. Sometimes, there are “not to know whether to laugh or cry” situations that you may not even understand why they may occur. Although it is a virtual game, Dumb Ways to Die Original brings a lot of real situations in your own life, just like you are assuming a way out of accidents, the situation happens in your real life.

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