Dynamic Island iOS 16

Dynamic Island iOS 16 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.4

Do you want to use your Android phone to enjoy the “Dynamic Island” feature available on the iPhone 14 running iOS 16? You can enjoy this capability on Android if you have the “Dynamic Island iOS 16 for Android” app.

App Name Dynamic Island iOS 16
Version 1.4
Publisher Huu Toan
Size 9Mb
Require 5.0
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Get it on Google Play
MOD info
  • All Premium features unlocked


Apple has made consistent upgrades to the iPhone to satisfy the requirements of its customers better. The dynamic island, available on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, is one of the most game-changing new features.

This dynamic island feature enables users to have a floating island on their home screen, providing them immediate access to widgets and applications without requiring them to browse through various screens.

On the dynamic island, you get instructions, shuffle your music, follow your Google maps, and check the latest weather updates without interrupting the screen. In addition, it spares you the trouble of switching to the appropriate program to carry out a straightforward operation.

Android users can now experience this exciting feature on their phones, all thanks to the Dynamic Island iOS 16 APK that was just released. It will offer your phone a more sophisticated and up-to-date appearance and make it simpler to browse and obtain the information you need.

Dynamic Island iOS 16 MOD APK download

About Dynamic Island iOS 16

This application was developed and published by Huu Toan. It is currently free on the Play Store and rated as one of the best Dynamic Island apps for Android. It does this by recreating the dynamic island function found on the newest iPhones and bringing it to Android phones.

Your phone’s level of engagement will almost certainly enhance due to the island’s good precision and fluidity of operation.

The dynamic island, much like the home screen of an iPhone, may store widgets and applications for easy access. It also provides configurable icons, fonts, and themes, so you can make the island reflect your taste.

It does this by adding a circular frame around the front-facing camera, making it much simpler to use your camera without going inside the app.

On the island, it also displays alerts, choices for controlling the music, and a search bar, which is a convenient addition.

You can try a few similar apps that we have introduced, dynamicSpot Pro and iLand.

Compatible on all devices

Dynamic Island iOS 16 APK creates a black crop on your phone screen. It is optimized to resize dynamically based on notifications and device screen resolution.

It will detect whatever alerts you have and automatically change the cutout to accommodate them. The cutout will take up more space than the number of signs you have.

This adaptability ensures that the island will display all essential information without blocking your screen view. Because of the cutout size, you can rest assured that nothing significant will be omitted.

Dynamic Island iOS 16 mod features

Features of Dynamic Island iOS 16

This application was developed to increase your productivity and make the interaction between you and your phone go more smoothly. Here are its unique functions.

Show music player.

Using this tool, you can view the waveform of the music now being played on the island. It simplifies recognizing and controlling the song without requiring the user to enter the music app.

Display the timer and alarm clock.

The island can also display a timer or alarm clock, which enables you to conveniently set and track the time without having to launch the software specifically designed for that purpose.

You may also silence the alarm or put it on sleep directly from the island.

Quick weather check

The dynamic island also displays the forecast for the upcoming day, enabling you to stay informed and organize your activities appropriately. It prevents you from launching the weather app to check for updates, saving you time.

Show directions on the map.

You can track your Grab trip and watch your current location on the map without having to leave the screen you are now on, thanks to the island.

This way, you won’t need to switch applications to monitor your various modes of transportation.

Show the progress of the charging.

The dynamic island will display the current battery charge percentage whenever your phone is connected to a charging source. So you can monitor its progress.

Instantly check notifications

This app may change the way you receive notifications on your device. All notices from apps and games will instantly appear on your animated island. You can swipe up to close the notification or hold it to expand it. You can also quickly reply to messages in this area.

Smooth and regularly updated

The lag-free operation of the island features is ensured by the app’s faultless performance, which keeps everything running smoothly.

This application receives regular updates to guarantee that it is always compatible with the ROMs and all software on your phone. So, it provides the best experience that it possibly can.

Highly customizable

Unlike iOS, you can easily customize the dynamic island area on your device. The developer understands that the configuration of the user’s devices is not the same. So they wanted to customize this dynamic area to fit the screen resolution and personal preference.

Here are the customizations you can make on the Dynamic Island iOS 16 App:

  • Change the size of the island. You can adjust the size of the Dynamic Island area to suit your liking.
  • Enable Auto-Hide mode. When you activate this mode, the island will automatically hide. It is like a service running in the background and will automatically wake up when receiving new notifications. Rest assured that this option does not degrade your device’s performance.
  • Set a limit on the number of notifications allowed to be displayed. Dynamic Island can work with many apps and services, but you should set limits on notifications. Having too many push notifications can make this area look cluttered and ugly.


The Dynamic Island iOS 16 APK brings Dynamic Island functionality to any Android device. It is only 9MB in size, allowing it to run smoothly without affecting your device’s performance.

Download Dynamic Island iOS 16 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.4

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