Edge Mask MOD APK (Ad-free/ Premium Unlocked) 3.04

App Name Edge Mask
Version 3.04
Publisher uno.kim
Size 6Mb
Require 6.0 and up
MOD Info Ad-free/ Premium Unlocked

Edge Mask (MOD Premium) brings Dynamic Island functionality from iPhone to Android devices. Besides, it offers many unique features to personalize your device, including adding edge marks, customizing notification effects, adding rounded borders, etc.

About Edge Mask App- bring Dynamic Island to Android.

During the iPhone 14 Far Out launch event, Apple introduced completely new technology on this device called Dynamic Island. To put it simply, Dynamic Island is the name of the missing part of the screen on the iPhone. It is also the name of the new adaptive function that Apple has developed exclusively for their new iPhone.

Dynamic Island turns the defect on the iPhone screen into an attractive point for users. This area automatically changes shape and size like a widget to display notifications and statuses. These modules will vary based on the application you are using.

Obviously, Dynamic Island is an iOS-exclusive function, but there’s still a way for you to bring it to Android devices. Thanks to the flexible customization capabilities of this operating system, you only need to use a third-party app to bring this unique functionality to any Android device. We are talking about Edge Mask.

Edge Mask Premium APK is a personalization application developed by uno.kim, a Korean independent programmer. This app allows users to drill deeper into the Android system to make personalized changes on their devices.

With Edge Mask, you can customize the status notification bar, change the edge lighting, change the notification effects and add some other special effects. You can make your device look more elegant and sophisticated with just a few simple steps.

The good news for low-tech folks is that Edge Mask is easy to use. It has detailed instructions to help you apply customizations to your device. After downloading and installing Edge Mask Premium APK, it will be easy for you to start customizing your device to your liking.

Hint: You can use Edge Mask in conjunction with a third-party launcher to refresh the look of your phone. We recommend Nova Launcher Prime and Smart Launcher 6 PRO.

Why you should install Edge Mask APK

In Q1 2017, Samsung launched Galaxy S8 and S8+ Plus with Infinity Display. It immediately created a new trend for screen technology for mobile devices. The curved screens on the new Galaxy devices look cool and different from the rest.

At the time, the Galaxy S8 was Samsung’s flagship. It is expensive for many people. Owning a device with such a unique EDGE display is not easy. However, it is not a problem for programmers. Edge Mask from Uno Kim is the perfect app to help you bring the unique features of EDGE displays to regular monitors. And it’s free.

The app even offers many in-depth customizations for you to customize the EDGE display. It also allows you to change the status message effects, add rounded borders, customize the lock screen, and much more.

The main function of Edge Mask

Edge Mask was initially introduced as a Samsung personalization app for EDGE screens. However, it now supports all Android devices.

It offers many unique customizations for you to make your device look more relaxed in a flash. Here’s what Edge Mask can do:

Add light border

You can add a light border to your phone screen. It will make your screen look softer and more modern. Edge Mask also allows you to apply advanced customizations on this light border, including changing the brightness level, color, size, and special effects.

This light border works well on any screen. It also does not affect your device performance.

Unique customization for notifications

You can customize the status messages with Edge Mask. The app allows you to change the color of the notifications and customize their transparency and pop-up position. This way, you can make your notifications look consistent with the background color or make them stand out.

Edge Mask also allows you to customize notifications for specific apps.

Add Edge Light

Edge Lighting is a unique function on Samsung devices. With EDGE Mark, you can activate it on all mobile devices as long as it runs the Android operating system.

With EDGE Mark, you can easily add EDGE lighting to your device’s display. It is exactly what is on the screen of Galaxy devices. You can customize the effects and colors to look precisely what you want.

Customize the device screen color.

EDGE Mark proves it’s a great personalization app that should be on any Android device. The application allows you to change and blend colors on the screen. Frustrated that your phone screen looks cluttered with too many colors from app notifications? EDGE Mark can make it look smooth and uniform.

With it, you can apply any color to your device’s screen. Now you can use your favorite colors and play it on your screen with different shades. EDGE Mark also allows you to choose a solid color for your device. The application has a color palette for you to choose precisely what you want. This function applies to both the home screen and the lock screen.

3 New Notification Effects

Screen light makes your device look more relaxed and can also apply effects to notifications. EDGE Mark has three notification effects that you can use, including Edge Lighting, Punch Hole Lighting, and Edge Lighting Wave. You can select notification effects for specific applications. It is a way for you to recognize the type of notifications from specific applications without unlocking the screen.

7 Customizations for Message Pop-Up

By default, a Pop-Up appears when you receive messages or notifications from applications. They look so dull. This application can easily change the effect and style of these pop-ups and notifications. It has unique effects with many styles, colors, and effects. These include Book Mark, Ripple, Big Icon, Samsung, Super Slim, Card, and Apple. Now the pop-up messages look cool!

Change the Turn-On Screen Effect

We often have the habit of double tapping the screen or pressing the power button to turn on the screen to check the status messages. Edge Mask provides several options for changing the screen effects when you perform this action. This function is called Hello Lighting. A unique effect will appear when you turn on the screen.

Always on Display (AOD) Support

The good news is that if you use the default Always on Display on your device, Edge Mask will not conflict with this feature. It works perfectly to apply effects side-by-side with AOD. It also allows adding some widgets that support AOD on the lock screen.

With this function, you can check the time, status messages, weather, and other information on the device screen without turning it on.

Edge Mask is compatible with AOD well. Therefore, it does not degrade your device’s performance. The application also has no background services that affect battery life.

Lightweight and easy to use

Android users are always wary of third-party apps that interfere with notifications and the lock screen because they can reduce device performance. This does not happen on Edge Mask. This application is only 6Mb in size. It works efficiently and smoothly on most Android devices. It also has no background services that affect your device’s performance.

Another plus of this application is that it is very easy to use. All functions come with detailed instructions. You don’t need to make any changes to the default settings before activating it.

MOD APK of Edge Mask

Edge Mask is a free app, but it contains in-app purchases. Some advanced features in the app require real money payment to unlock.

Install the latest Edge Mask MOD APK to unlock all advanced features and use them completely for free. This MOD has also removed all ads. Now you have access to all the advanced features and customize your phone without being interrupted by annoying ads.

Our developers have also optimized Edge Mask MOD APK. Some unnecessary files have been removed. It makes the application work more stable and smoother.


Edge Mask is a great personalization app for those who want to bring Dynamic Island functionality to Android devices. It also offers other unique functions to take your device customization to the next level. There are in-depth options to add light borders on your device screen, change screen color, customize notification effects, and more.

If you want the best experience with Edge Mask, try the latest mod version we provide. The mod function gives you access to all the advanced options. It also removes all ads.

If you are looking for a personalization application that makes your device look unique and modern, Edge Mask MOD APK is a good choice!

Download Edge Mask MOD APK (Ad-free/ Premium Unlocked) 3.04

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