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ePSXe MOD APK (Paid) 2.0.16

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ePSXe for Android transforms your Android phone into a PlayStation 1 and bring the game console anywhere. Play legendary PS1 games and revive the old remembrance of twentieth century gamers. The whole home gaming system now can fit easily in your pocket, always being ready for you.

About ePSXe- PS1 Emulator on Android

Sony PlayStation 1 might not be the most successful game console in history, but it is the first model to sell 120 millions units all over the world. It is also the product that put Sony on the map of console system developers, threatening the dominance of Nintendo back in 1994. The game console lasted for 6 years until PlayStation 2 was introduced in 2000, however its games were still being released until 2004.

It is 2020 now and you don’t need to be a collector to know that all the PlayStation 1 are long gone. Nowaday, if you want to play the good old PS1 games, using an emulator is the only reasonable choice. An emulator eliminates the need of an actual console, game disks, or CRT TV. One of the best emulators that fits perfectly in this circumstance is ePSXe.

ePSXe APK features

Awesome key features

ePSXe for Android is popular because it has been around for 20 years. Since Android is just 12 years old, it means that ePSXe must have been available on other systems at the beginning. Those other systems are Linux and Windows. The most impressive fact is the developer team is still actively perfecting the emulator, so that it can be compatible with all devices or combinations of hardware, in case you are more of a PC enthusiast than a mobile phone gamer.

Just like any console emulator, ePSXe needs proper configurations to work seamlessly. Most of the cases, you may find the default settings work very well with any game you put in, however if your phone is not a flagship or at least a mid-range, chances are you need to tweak here and there to make the emulator more capable, in exchange for visual quality. Don’t be worried if you are not familiar with the advanced options, there are many tutorials and instructions online for you to refer to.


BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is the backbone of any console in terms of software. It is the operating system for the console. Any emulator needs this BIOS to be able to operate too. For ePSXe, the BIOS must be those for PS1, usually named in the “spch100x.bin” format. Although the ePSXe team has successfully developed a simulated BIOS and embedded it inside the emulator, it is not a genuine BIOS and therefore may not perform very well. To get a BIOS for your emulator, just google the aforementioned file name and you can find a lot of sites and communities sharing those files for free.

Once you look at those sites, you might find out that there are multiple versions of PS1 BIOS and you have to pick one. Since you are using an emulator anyway, any version of BIOS should work the same way. For your information, each variant of the BIOS is meant for its designated console variant, for example Japan market variant, US market variant, etc.


Games for PlayStation 1 come in the form of CD disks. A lot of blockbuster games are too large for one disk, therefore the games need multiple disks at the same time. When it comes to emulators, the need for physical disks are annihilated. Emulators need the image file of those disks – which are referred to as ROMs – to run. These ROMs are .iso files that you can get by ripping your own game disks using a PC. After ripping, load those .iso files from ePSXe and that’s it.

In case you find the whole ripping process is too time consuming, don’t be discouraged yet. There are many people in the world kind enough to share their .iso files online. Using some googling skills, you can easily find the ROM of your favorite game, download it to your phone and fire up ePSXe to enjoy. Just a small notice, it is safest to make sure the downloaded file is in ISO format rather than ZIP, RAR, 7z, or TAR. Try uncompressing the file to get the ISO first if it is necessary.


PlayStation 1 has a memory card support feature that lets you save your game settings or progress to resume it later, as it does not have an internal storage. ePSXe also supports memcard, but instead of a physical card plugging in your device, it writes it into file and saves it to your phone memory.

You can turn on the option to give every game you play a dedicated memory card, so that your game progress cannot be overwritten by another game. More importantly, ePSXe also supports uploading these memcard to cloud storage so you can access it from another device.

Save/Load states

Playing on an emulator sometimes gives you a privilege. One of them is the ability to save your game states and then load them whenever you need it. This feature is very convenient for your gameplay. Firstly, you can resume your game at any point, even if the emulator crashed by accident. Secondly, you get to start over wherever you choose rather than in the very beginning of the level in case your character dies without sacrificing a life.

To save a state, just choose the Save state option inside the menu while you play the game. The emulator will save that moment instantly into one of the provided “slots”. You can continue your gameplay or close the game to do something else, and whenever you load the last save state, the emulator will bring that moment back so you can play onward. The “slots” can be saved locally in your phone, or you can choose to upload the save states in Google Drive or Dropbox if you need to resume playing on another device.

APK MOD of ePSXe for Android

We bring you the latest mod of ePSXe for Android, are you ready to get it for free?

MOD features

  • Paid/ Patched: You can download and install ePSXe completely for free without paying any cost (The app is currently available for $ 1.99 on the Play Store)Removed license check (for those who do not have the original).
  • Added the OpenGL plugin (you do not need to download or install anything).
  • The resources are cleaned.
  • Performance optimization for weak devices (pulls games much better than off version of the application).
  • Made 2 new skins for a virtual gamepad: pure white digital and pure white analog (the quality is much better than in the original, see screenshot).
  • Languages: Russian, English.
  • Compatibility: Android 2.3+, arm v7 and higher.
  • Added: cheats pack, bios and shaders.

How to install

Step 1: Download the APK (Original or mod) and the ZIP file we provide below then save it to your device

Step 2: Open the APK file. Select Install then wait for the installation to complete.

ePSXe for Android how to download and install

Step 3: Extract the ZIP file to the device’s internal storage.

Step 4: All done, Open the app and enjoy.


ePSXe for Android is among the best PlayStation 1 emulators for not only Android but also computers that run Windows or Linux. It has tons of options for players to config the way they like, and thanks to the innovation of technology, you can bring your favorite console games regardless of exclusiveness or file size. If retro games are what you are into, ePSXe is the emulator that you should definitely need.

Download ePSXe MOD APK (Paid) 2.0.16

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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