ES File Explorer Premium

ES File Explorer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App Name ES File Explorer
Publisher ES Global
Size 18M
Require Android 4.4
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
MOD features
  • PREMIUM features unlocked
  • CPU architectures: armeabi, armeabi-v7a, x86
  • Unwanted Permissions + Activities removed
  • Unwanted Services + Receivers and Providers removed
  • All Ads and Services calls from Activity removed
  • Debug Info removed

Looking for a tool powerful enough to replace your aging file manager? ES File Explorer is the answer. Download the latest mod of the app for free now!

Introduce to ES File Explorer

Is your phone getting messy with downloading? Do you need an assistant to help you with managing files and keep the phone running well? Then ES File Explorer is one of the optimal options. This application works as a general manager for your device. It coordinates, detects, and develops the performance for both you and the device. 

Since such a fantastic app is free, we strongly recommend you to try now. You may think that it’s not necessary and you are doing well with your folder management. However, the world inside your phone could be way more disaster rather than what we can see. Tons of apps and files make us swirling. Here below, you’ll see what the app could help with.

The Story

In the technology era, mobile phones mean much more than calls and texts. They now become the pocket suitcase containing entertainment, work documents, personal data, contacts, media, and schedules. Speaking of space, they won’t show any problem as long as you have extra space on Cloud and SD Cards. However, speaking of organization, we bet it a mess. People have habits of downloading, sharing, and turn on auto-save mode on everything. It’s like they take every home with no idea where to put it and where to find it for the next time. 

ES File Explorer comes to help you classify important data, enhance file arrangement and management, and clean up space when necessary. Indeed, the app is not the only one regarding the functions; however, it shows advantages in its innovative work and friendly interface. Whatever it does, the results are satisfying. So, why not?

ES File Explorer Features

Key features of ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is one of the oldest file managers on Android. After years of updates, the application is better in both features and performance. Let’s explore its features below.

Manage folders and files

On display, the app presents you with what you have on phones, including in the internal storage or SD Card. Also, it lets you know how much space you have left overall. This feature shows similarity to the custom application on mobile phones, but ES File Explorer prevails over many other features. The app could not only read the storage but in files in detail. It supports viewing different formats such as rar. or .zip or network data with specific locations like Cloud. We evaluate this function positively since it brings a broader and more in-depth view of your digital assets and actions. 

It adds on a handy tool, which is encoding compressed files. We can only do it on computers in the past, but it’s possible to make it anywhere now.

Manage applications

Not only documents and media go under observation deck but applications. During the time using mobile phones, people must have downloaded and uninstalled many apps that may or may not leave any corpse files behind. The app will help you to discover these hidden folders. 

Besides, having something not in use in the phone will take up space and affect overall operation. We usually pay no attention to it, and we don’t know how to enhance the device’s transition. ES File Explorer proposes to delete not functional apps, remove pre-installed ones if necessary. We have to accept that the phone comes with many tools like Radio, Wallet, or Health Management that we barely use but cannot delete.

Tidy up and notify

When the system goes down because of a cache or trash file, ES File Explorer will notify you about cleaning. The course will not delete any files unless you make it do. 

Since you want to do it manually, it seems fine with the app too. It helps by proposing what should be removed, such as duplicated media, low-quality files, garbage, and more. The phone system can make the same kind of message, but the process is not thorough enough since the built-in tool cannot extend its operating area to cloud files and special formats.

Freely move between device storage and Cloud.

The app connects directly to the Cloud so that you can move files along between the two platforms. It’s a handy feature by ES to help managing files to be much less time-consuming. If you are on the street and a file must be uploaded on Cloud for sharing in an emergency, will it be more appropriate if you can do it straight? Without tools like this, you may have to take several steps while switching among several applications to do it, not mentioning that the phone is too down to make it work on time.

Transfer files among devices

Moving files among devices is something familiar since we have the Internet or cable. However, the operation traditionally needs accessories or extra steps. However, since you have ES File Explorer on your devices, moving along takes a second. It has a Bluetooth connection that enables wireless transfer. This feature will save you in many working situations, therefore, enhancing your quality. 

Smart and easy-going interface

This new library of your phone cannot be easier to follow. It categorizes folders smartly in terms of music, videos, media, and documents in different formats. Even if you know nothing about managing files, looking at this interface indeed gives you instruction.

ES File Explorer PRO mod

About ES File Explorer Premium

The service is free until you want to upgrade your service into a better experience. The ES File Explorer Premium welcomes you to the world of gold service. With the paid account, you can:

  • Powerful network management
  • Enhancement on phone battery
  • Notice on connection
  • No ads during the operation
  • Sidebar Management
  • Delete Home Window
  • View .nomedia
  • Custom layout
  • Video Editting
  • ES Note Editor
  • And much more

We bring you the latest mod of this app, so you have all the Premium features at hand and use them for free.

Final words

ES File Explorer shows a lot of help, no matter which job you do. It manages and explores the files very well so that you can have an overview of how your phone’s environment is and solutions to make it better. Little did we know that overwhelming storage could slow down the phone’s operation and remove applications that are not the optimal solution. This app can propose more helpful acts. With some of its unique features, ES File Explorer imposes potentials in improving your working capacity. Since it is free to try, why don’t you get it now?

Download ES File Explorer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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