Face Dance: AI Photo Animator
Face Dance: AI Photo Animator

Face Dance MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.5.4

Lip sync to make your selfies sing a song! Animate photos into moving videos.

App NameFace Dance
Publisher Codeway Dijital
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About Face Dance

Face Dance APK is an entertainment application that allows you to put your or anyone’s face into funny videos. It was developed by Codeway Dijital. The app was created for anyone interested in memes or simply wanting to have a good chuckle.

It is not difficult to create graphics with Face Dance. You only need a selfie for this. After that, the application will produce a gif of your face moving in time to the beat. You can save these for later use or share them with your friends on social media.

Because of its uncomplicated user interface, it is pretty straightforward to operate. You may even design your own unique face dance by selecting noises and tunes from a library. You also have the option to browse through hundreds of animations. They are included in the app if you aren’t feeling too creative.

Get started

This program is really easy to understand. Initially, you will either shoot a selfie or select an image from your collection to post. Once uploaded, a picture of your face will appear in the middle of the screen.

After that, you may choose an animation from the collection and begin playing it immediately. Your dancing face will be automatically captured in a gif generated by the app.

Adding text to it might make it a meme for you to share online. The writing might be about anything, from recent events to your private reflections and ideas. When you are finished, you can save the image for later use or share it with your friends.

Make pics, sing & Dance!

The latest craze is taking selfies while dancing. Using the Face Dance app, you can generate GIFs of your face moving in time to the rhythm of any song. You can also add text to your photographs before sending them to your pals.

Because of its adaptability and user-friendliness, it is the ideal instrument for people just starting. You do not need editing abilities to produce stunning photographs of your face dance performance.

Moreover, fortunately, the procedure won’t take hours, in contrast to other editing tools. You can make eye-catching GIFs in minutes, and they will attract attention. Download Face Dance APK for Android to start making amusing photographs of your face dancing right away.

Key features

After a short time on the Play Store, Face Dance has reached more than 20 million installs. This application uses AI technology to automatically isolate a subject’s face and then animate them. The great thing is that the video processing is automatic. You just need to choose an existing template, upload an image then wait a bit. It easily creates animations in a fluid and realistic way. Not only that, there are many other interesting features that you can explore. Let’s see.

Choose the Noises That You Enjoy the Most

This program has various tracks and beats, which you can use to generate photographs of yourself performing different face dances. Your creation will be more engaging due to this integration, leading to improved outcomes.

Mixes, songs, movies, and even works of art can all be considered different kinds of sound. Be careful to explore all possibilities to determine which solution is most suitable for you.

Duet Dances 

This game version introduces a whole new gameplay element known as Duet Dances. You will be able to make a gif of your face dancing with the faces of your pals if you use this.

The two pictures are superimposed on one another, and the application will generate a gif of the two different people dancing. It is an excellent opportunity to show off your abilities to your pals while also playing jokes.

The Latest Weekly Releases

The designers of this app are always trying to enhance the overall experience of using it. As a consequence of this, they provide brand new updates and animations every week. These improvements make using the app more enjoyable while also providing you with additional alternatives to think about.

Usually, the dances are based on current trends or aspects of popular culture. Because of this dynamism, you can surf the wave of current trends and produce topical and helpful content. It is the surest approach to share your material widely on the internet.

Turn Friend selfies become Memes.

This program does more than generate photographs of people doing face dances. Additionally, it possesses a function that enables users to transform their friends into memes.

You can take a picture of your pal and then add words to it using this. The text might be anything, from a witty comment to an in-joke that only certain people get. When you are finished, you may share the photograph with your pals so that you can all have some enjoyable times together.

There Are Hundreds of Different Face Animations

The program provides access to a library containing hundreds of different facial animations that you may use. These animations have been organized into various categories, making them much simpler to navigate.

As a result, it is not challenging to locate an animation that is the most suitable fit for the picture you have in mind. Even with the motions, your image will seem very realistic thanks to a function called lip sync that is exceptionally exact.

Modify It to Fit Your Needs

You can modify the app to suit your needs if you need a unique experience. It does not have to be a selfie that you took. You may instead make it more entertaining by giving your pet a voice, forcing your boss to dance, or incorporating some playful elements into a group shot.

You can design any face-dancing image that comes to mind with the help of this program. If one is creative enough, the options are virtually limitless.

Some other features

  • Bringing Life to Old Photographs. The Nostalgia mode is a fantastic tool for injecting fun into older photos. The process involves taking a still photograph and animating it in some way. The effects are almost always astounding, as it breathes new life into the previously only available in black and white pictures.
  • Operations with a Single Tap. The user interface of the app is simplified for convenience. You won’t have trouble accessing any functions, and making a gif won’t take more than a few moments. It also places the save and share processes within easy reach, allowing you to save or share your material without effort.
  • No watermarks. There is no watermark on the image you make with the face dance feature. This frees you from the obligation of giving credit to the original author when you share it with your friends. This is a paid-for added function.
  • This program takes up a relatively small amount of space on your phone, as it is just 140 MB in size. In addition, it is designed for smartphones running Android 7.0 or later.

MOD APK of Face Dance

This program may be downloaded free of charge. On the other hand, certain in-app purchases range from $1.99 to $49.99 for each item that you might consider.

You can use the app’s features without making purchases if you have the Face Dance MOD APK premium enabled. You won’t have to deal with any advertisements when making your memes and GIFs, either.

Even better, the Face Dance MOD APK 2022 will get rid of any watermarks that were previously on any photographs you make. You are free to use and distribute the pictures without providing any credit.


This is a fantastic tool for anyone who enjoys the process of creating material for their amusement. You’ll be able to impress your pals with the incredible GIFs you make using the function known as “facial dance.” The software also has a large variety of animated facial expressions and makes it simple to make personalized adjustments.

Download Face Dance MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.5.4

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