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FMWhatsapp MOD APK (NO) 8.65

App NameFMWhatsapp
Publisher FouadWA
RequireAndroid 4.1

Download the latest FMWhatsapp, a mod app based on the original Whatsapp. Are you ready for a more comfortable experience when you use Whatsapp for texting, video calling, or anything else?

Introducing Whatsapp

In today’s booming technology era, the default messenger on mobile is gradually forgotten due to the proliferation of instant messaging applications. With just a smartphone with a network connection, you can send free text or video calls to anyone and anywhere in the world. If you have an Android smartphone, you probably have Whatsapp, one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world.

After being acquired by Facebook, Whatsapp flourished, and became the most popular messaging app on Android with more than 2 billion active users in 185 different countries. It sounds a bit hard to believe, but almost a third of the world is using this instant messaging app every day!

What is FMWhatsapp? Why do you need it?

There are a lot of questions surrounding why you need a MOD Whatsapp instead of using the original version. You will find the answer below.

Whatsapp limitations

There’s no denying that Whatsapp is a great app for you to message and chat with people anywhere. However, it has a few limitations. For example, you cannot send more than 30 images at a time. Videos are also limited when the maximum size is only 16M. We can understand that full of settings are the developers set to limit and disable spam messages and advertising spam. For some, it’s great for them to be able to use the app comfortably, no more spam messages, no more harassing videos … However, many people find it annoying because of this barrier. They say that limiting outgoing videos or images makes the user experience worse and brings some problems.

We talked about the popularity of Whatsapp and that is also the reason why this app is wary. Many countries have banned Whatsapp’s appearance on their app markets. Neither video call nor instant messaging features are available. Of course, you can’t blame the app developer for this inconvenience, but it is also the reason why many people still can’t use it even if they want to.

FMWhatsapp- the perfect alternative to WhatsApp

Let’s see what we have here! FMWhatsapp is rated as one of the best MOD of Whatsapp apps that you can find right now. FMWhatsapp is another product of FOUAD MODS TEAMS, creator of Fouad WhatsApp.

It is truly a revolutionary product that breaks down all the barriers of the original application on mobile. Now you have all the default Whatsapp features at hand and much more. This app brings great mod features to solve all the problems we mentioned above and give you a perfect user experience! Let’s explore its great features below.

FMWhatsapp MOD Features

Features of FMWhatsapp

Below, we will explain to you the important features that FMWhatsapp brings. If you’re still wondering why you need it, the features we cover below should convince you.

If you have used a MOD of Whatsapp before, you will notice that the MOD features are quite similar. Many people rated FMWhatsapp as a perfect replica of YoWA. However we do not think so, there are new features that you have never seen in any MOD before.

Keep original features

Of course, all the core features of Whatsapp natively have been preserved and you can use them normally in FMWhatsapp. The user interface is completely similar, and everything you’ve seen on the original app is here.

Updated frequently

There is a lot of Whatsapp MOD that you can find from other Modders. However, delays in updating when new versions become available are the reason you should never opt for them. Fortunately, FMWhatsapp has done this well.

Developer updates are always a way to remove bugs, add new features, and improve security for users. That’s why we always recommend that you keep the apps on your phone up to date as soon as possible. Fouad MOD Team is doing this well. They work hard to create new mods as soon as the latest version of Whatsapp is released on the Play Store. So rest assured that you don’t miss out on anything new from the updates.

High compatibility

Even if you are using an Android device with an old OS version, you can still use FMWhatsapp. The application is highly compatible and has been optimized to run smoothly on most Android devices.

App lock

FMWhatsapp allows you to lock it yourself away from prying eyes. You can find app lock options from a 3rd party tool or possibly from your device’s default settings. However, sometimes they are not available. Instead of looking for another solution, FMWhatsapp solves it for you. Activating this feature, you can lock apps with a custom pattern or pin code. After the successful setup, no one can open the app and see your messages even if they have your phone.


There are big changes in FMWhatsapp so that your privacy is better protected. We will talk about this now. The application allows you to hide viewed status, freeze the last view, and prevent message deletion. Besides, the app has all the basic security options available that you can find on other WA MODs. Specifically, they are:

  • Displays Checks in Blue after you answer
  • Hide Blue Ticks and Ticks for a second time.
  • Hide the Microphone icon
  • Hide notifications when you are typing messages
  • Hide Recordings.

To set these options, go to Menu-> Settings- Privacy- Choose.

Texting anonymously

In Whatsapp, you cannot text someone without saving their number. However, with FMWhatsapp, this is quite possible. This feature is a great lifesaver when you want to text someone without making them friends. Very simple to do, tap on the 3-dot menu in the top right corner then press “message a number”. Now enter the phone number you want and instant message them. Too easy, right?

Block deletion of messages and status

When someone posts something in the Status bar but they quickly delete it, the story disappears. However, it is only true if you use the original Whatsapp version only! With FMWhatsapp, the user’s status when they shared will always be visible to others even if they delete them. It is really interesting that you seem to have the power and advantage that allows you to see stories that others cannot.

Let’s go to the feature “anti-delete messages”. When someone mistakenly sends you a message, they will of course delete them immediately. You get a notification, but when it opens, it’s too late. We bet you’ll go mad by your curiosity. Thank goodness when FMWhatsapp saves you from having to endure that. Messages are always visible even if the sender tried to delete it. Quite convenient, right?

FMWhatsapp Features

Setup the available contact list

Are you crazy about getting regular spam messages and harassing calls from people you don’t know? That’s why you need this feature. Access the option “Who can call me” to make the settings you want. Here you can choose one from the list available that includes:

  • Everyone (Choose it if you feel normal when messages from strangers)
  • My contacts: Only people in your contacts can text and video call you
  • My Contacts Except: Pick a few obnoxious guys from your contacts and don’t allow them to contact you again
  • Selected contact: Add the people you want to connect with (It’s as White-List)
  • Nobody: Yes, no one can connect with you 🙂

Variant emojis

Bored with emojis on Whatsapp? Look for something new with FMWhatsapp. Besides the default emoji packs on devices and in apps, you can browse and download tons of new emoji packs added by the developer. In the Sticker section you can find the most popular packages such as Stock, Facebook, Emoji One v3, Android 0, Old Stock Emoji … No longer have to use a 3rd party application to add new Emoji packages to WhatsApp because You already have all of them in FMWhatsapp.

To get Emoji, please go to Menu -> Setting -> Universal -> MOD -> Emoji Variant.

Unlimited media sharing

You must have felt annoyed when Whatsapp only allows sending a maximum of 30 photos and the maximum video size is only 16M. Everything is solved with FMWhatsapp. Now you can send more than 30 images at once, limit the video size to send up to 700M.

Another thing that you will definitely love about FMWhatsapp is that it allows you to send images in the original resolution. The images and videos you send to the recipient are always of the best quality. The image size limit is 18M.

Turn off “forwarding messages” notifications

In Whatsapp, when you forward a message to someone, a message “Forwarded” will appear in your chat. For some difficult people, they may feel like you are not respecting their privacy. FMWhatsapp will take care of this. No matter what you forwarded, the notifications are gone.

More Themes

Yothemes is one of the great features that everyone loves on WA MOD apps. Unlike GBWhatsApp, you don’t need a separate app just to download and install WA MOD themes. The developer has integrated it right into their application. That means you don’t need to waste memory space to install another app just looking for a favorite theme for your WA MOD. Access Yothemes and you can find all available themes. Just choose the one you want, download it and apply for a whole new look.

Add customizations

FMWhatsapp allows you to intervene more deeply in the application to make interface customizations. You can make changes on the chat screen, wallpaper, and much more. Here’s our more detailed explanation of the feature below.


The app allows you to change the colors of the following elements:

  • Status bar
  • Submit button
  • Conversation screen
  • Navigation bar
  • General interface


You can change the font style, turn the UI to dark, change notification icons, and many more.

Old version of FMWhatsapp

We used to say that updating to new versions of any apps as soon as possible is a must. However, it is not true in all cases. Some new versions of the application bring serious bugs, even it doesn’t work on devices. Therefore, looking for older versions is a smart choice while waiting for the developer to fix the problems. We understand that. So you will find download links for older versions of FMWhatsapp right here. Don’t forget that choosing an old version means you won’t be able to enjoy new features updated by the developer.


Is FMWhatsapp safe to use?

YES, this application is completely secure and safe to use.

Is it free?

All free. You can use FMWhatsapp without paying any cost.

Is there a version for iOS?


Where can I update the latest mod?

At our blog. When the new version of the app is available, you can download it directly here.

Can I get an account banned if I use the mod?

NO. FMWhatsapp is safe to use.


After all, FMWhatsapp is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a comprehensive MOD for WhatsApp. It retains the core features in the original application while bringing tons of advanced features to help you have a completely comfortable experience when using the application.

Download FMWhatsapp MOD APK (NO) 8.65

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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