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Play PS1 games on your phone wherever you go. Relive the nostalgic memories with a lot of blockbuster titles back in the day of your childhood. Thanks to the advancement of technology, now you can play all PS1 games without disks and put your console in the pocket effortlessly.

FPse for Android- Great PS1 Emulator

Since its launch back in December 1994, Sony’s first PlayStation console has become a symbol of high-end consoles and the dream of every gamer. PlayStation 1 is the first video game console in the world to sell 120 millions units. There are more than three thousand games that were developed to run on PS1, and hundreds of them are even worth mentioning despite being released two decades ago.

FPse for Android

After twenty-five years, it is nearly impossible to play PS1 games in the traditional way. Finding a working PS1 console is difficult enough, not to mention the game disks, controllers, and an analog TV for the sake of PAL color compatibility. Emulator is the only choice if you still want to play your favorite retro titles, and FPse is the best PS1 emulator for Android.

Key features

FPse is considered the best PS1 emulator by many game enthusiasts not only because it is filled with advanced features, but also because the game performance is astonishing. It supports a wide variety of devices, from ones that only run Android 2.x up to the newest models that have Android 11. You don’t even need a mid-range phone to run FPse, as it has options to wind down the graphic quality so a budget phone might also be adequate.

Similar to any console emulator, FPse can only run best when its user configures it properly. Default settings are fine if you have a fast device, however if you want your game to run well on a budget phone, some tweaking should be involved. You can refer to many enthusiasts’ tutorials online to get some ideas of how to config your FPse so that your gaming experience matches your expectations.


In order to run your game, any PS1 emulator needs a BIOS, which is the image file of the PlayStation 1’s BIOS. FPse is no different on this matter. Although FPse includes a BIOS of the console for your convenience, you can still replace the file if things go downhill unexpectedly. BIOSes normally named “scph100x.bin” and you can find these files being shared on multiple enthusiasts’ communities such as Reddit or psxdev.net.

These BIOSes are supposed to run on its designated console unit, but since you are using an emulator rather than an actual console, any file should behave the same way as long as it is a valid PS1’s file. Just remember to load it up before opening any ROM to play your games.


To be concise, ROMs are the games for PS1. If you use an actual console, you also need the game disk to play that specific game. When using an emulator, the disks are replaced by its image files, which are .iso files. The authentic way of retrieving these ISO files is ripping each of your old game disk into an image file using a PC and then loading it up from FPse.

Luckily, many people in the world have done the work for you by now. Today, if you want to play any PS1 titles, just search for the game’s name on the internet and add ISO or ROM at the end of your search term. For example, to look for the Final Fantasy VII game, simply google “PS1 Final Fantasy VII ROM” and thousands of results will show up. Pick a link, follow the website’s instruction to download the game directly to your phone, load it up, and then you are good to go. Although the correct file format is ISO, you can give FPse a ZIP, RAR, 7z, or ECM file if that is what you have got, the emulator will do the uncompression for you.

FPse key features

Save/Load states

One advantage of FPse over the actual console is the ability to capture your gameplay and save it as a save state and then load it up later. This will come in handy in case you need to continue playing after an unexpected interruption or you died in the game but don’t want to start over at the very beginning.

To save a state, simply choose the corresponding virtual button on the screen. It will save everything that is going on into a “slot”, from the position of you in the gameplay, your direction of movement, your stats, location of enemies, etc. Imagine this as a “freeze” button. Continue your game, and if things go well, you can save the state again to secure your game progress. In case your gameplay sucks, just load the state you saved earlier to get back to the point where things “freeze”.


If you are not familiar with emulators’ configurations, entering the Settings section will probably give you dizziness. However, there are some common settings that you should understand to make your gameplay more satisfying. You may get started with Gamepad settings. These settings give you control over how the on-screen virtual gamepad should look or behave. You can resize the gamepad, show/hide certain buttons, map hardware buttons (if your phone has those – physical keyboard for example) to act as a controller.

There are advanced options to force the rendering method. Use software rendering if your phone is limited in performance. The graphics might look crappy but you will get a smooth gameplay and stable FPS instead. If you are confident about your phone’s chipset, choose hardware rendering instead to get much better graphics. Also check out the FPS limiter and resolution options and feel free to check out all the settings to optimise between appearance and performance of your game.


FPse does a perfect job of being an PlayStation 1 emulator. It lets users push the potential of their device to the fullest, brings high quality and exclusive games to your phone and most importantly fills your mind with joy and emotions. If you are a fan of those good old games and love nostalgia, this app is the one you should never miss.

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