Gamers GLTool Pro
Gamers GLTool Pro

Gamers GLTool Pro MOD APK (Paid) 1.3p

App NameGamers GLTool Pro
Publisher Trilokia Inc.
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoPaid
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Gamers GLTool Pro helps you play any Android games without lag and stutters. Boost your game performance so you can move quicker, aim more precisely and eventually improve your stats. Tune your Android games just like a PC with dedicated graphic cards, and enjoy the lag-free gameplay.

Introduction Gamers GLTool Pro

Nowadays, there are many Android phones for gamers. These phones are equipped with many hardware improvements such as cooling system, high refresh rate display, physical trigger buttons, and a plethora of accessories that enhance gameplay like headset and charging dock, joystick controllers… However, the most important improvement lies in the software. Gaming phones have the ability to optimise games to run smoothly and help release the tension for chipset and memory, boost the internet speed, reduce battery usage, etc. There is one small problem about all those gaming phones: they are expensive.

Gamers GLTool Pro is the graphics optimization tool for Android games that gives you some tastes of a gaming phone on your device. It comes from the same developer team that introduced the PUB GFX+(PGT PRO) tool – the best graphics optimiser for PUBG Mobile. However, this time they bring their impeccable optimising ability to more games rather than just PUBG, and it is definitely worth installing.

Gamers GLTool Pro features

Awesome key Features

Gamers GLTool Pro gives its users a lot of features and settings to fine-tune your game. By using the app, you gain more control over the performance of the game, and sometimes it boosts your gameplay drastically. Don’t be worried if you encounter a lot of technical terms you don’t understand, as the app gives explanations for each setting very carefully.

When Gamers GLTool Pro is installed and launched for the first time, it will guide you through the initial setup before you can explore the greatness of the app and enjoy the differences it made to your gameplay. 

Simple setup

The initial setup is shown when you open the app after installing it. After a greeting from the developer team, you need to select the Quick Apps, which are the games that need to be reconfigured. You can select several games that you think need to be smoother, or select all your games if you don’t want anything to be left out.

The second thing you need to check out before moving on is the Add-ons. The add-ons enable extra features in Gamers GLTool Pro. They are optional and can be installed or uninstalled at any time. Currently, they are providing Graphics Manager with GFX tool, Instant Boost, and Preferences Manager. If you play PUBG Mobile a lot, check out the first one. You can also try the others to see if it is helpful for your gameplay. Finally, check out the Privacy Policy and tap Finalize to begin tweaking.

Powerful tools in your hand

The Home Screen is where you will be taken to whenever you launch Gamer GLTool Pro. Here lies all the games you have added in the Initial setup, and you can add more by pressing the gear icon. To launch a game, simply press the corresponding icon and press on the teal button that said Boost your game. If you want to remove a game from the list, long press on that game and confirm.

The Home Screen also helps you update your game regularly. There is a Check for update button next to each game, as well as the version number to make sure you won’t miss if there is any new content for your game. The app also includes a small button next to each game to take you to the app info screen, where you can clear the cache or grant additional permissions to your games.

Optimize and speed up the game with Game Turbo

The Game Turbo screen tells you about your system. You can see the model number of your phone, the number of cores inside your CPU, the amount of RAM you have totally, the amount of storage your phone has, and the battery capacity. But most importantly, there are switches to boost CPU and GPU, RAM and Storage, and System performance.

The CPU and GPU boost when turned on will make all your CPU cores work altogether, kill background processes to reduce tension to the CPU, force GPU rendering whenever possible. This is a powerful switch that drastically improves your gaming performance, however since both CPU and GPU are working at their peak performance simultaneously, they will consume more energy and your battery may be depleted sooner.

On the other hand, RAM and Storage boost have less impact on the game performance but it also helps you to get smoother gameplay. Once the setting is on, it closes background tasks and opening apps to free up more RAM, making room for your game. The app also fixes the SD card speed issue that sometimes occurs unexpectedly. Your multitasking might be affected by this setting.

Gamers GLTool Pro Features

Many additional features

Gamers GLTool Pro also has some minor features that you might not know you needed. Firstly, the Ping Booster let you change the DNS. The app has some pre-configured DNS for you to choose, and before applying the DNS of your choice you can perform a test to see the ping, downloading and uploading speed to find what preset does the best job. If you prefer a DNS that is not listed, you can use it too by checking the Manual option and entering the two DNS manually.

Secondly, the System Preferences screen contains many links to your device settings that can help boost your game performance a little, even though it does not really provide any additional feature. For example, you can visit the Wifi settings to choose a stronger wifi right from the app, or modify your network to 2G only to save battery. The list also included settings for display, sound, battery, storage, external peripheral, developer options and accessibility options.


If you are a hardcore gamer, or a casual player with limited device power, Gamers GLTool Pro is definitely the app for you. It is packed with adequate features and is able to regulate your resources to focus on your game, as well as offers you the convenience of a game manager that is exclusive to expensive gaming phones.

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