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App NameGetcontact
Publisher Getverify LDA
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoAd-free
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Is Getcontact MOD Premium available?

No, it isn’t. We will update this mod as soon as it becomes available.

Getcontact helps you to block ads and spam on Android. Download the latest mod of the app to remove in-app ads and enjoy the features in maximum comfort.

Introduce to Getcontact 

We reviewed foods, restaurants, hotels, and other services. But, have you ever heard about reviewing those who called? Getcontact provides such an app. It is not like a place where you talk to people and rate them considering attitude or alike. This application is a tool where users contribute feedback about spam and anonymous callers so that unwanted phone calls go under control.

The app is to remain ordinary on the user’s mobile phone. It stops spams, advertisements, and unwanted calls. The idea is to help receivers be aware of who they are going to talk to. Among the times when privacy gets little respect, we see the need for apps like Getcontact.

The Story

In the recent decade, people have gone very active on social media, signed up for a free connection using the personal number, filled in a survey on the Internet, etc. These actions accidentally made your phone number revealed to agencies. People have phone numbers to contact partners, friends, and families. However, people sometimes exploit them for advertising, threatening, spamming, or making jokes. Most of the time, people are not so pleased with such an annoying connection. As a result, detecting apps come to help people take those callers under control.

Getcontact follows a simple concept that reveals the name of callers and prevents spams. Users establish the database. Simply speaking, it’s like a virtual network where people leave evaluations on a caller they were in contact with so that other people will not have to experience a lousy time. However, the privacy of the caller remains a secret. It will not expose too much but enough to decide if you want to take the call.

Getcontact Key features

Key features of Getcontact

Basically, Getcontact acts as an effective tool to help you stop Spam and manage calls on the device. Join us to explore the outstanding features of the application right below.

Block Spam 

Spams are what we hate the most. As long as you are active with a phone number, people call you for advertisement, falsely informing, or threatening. Usually, we don’t know from which source these people have the leads. And worst, we barely know how to stop receiving them as anonymous numbers change all the time. We might never be able to block all of them. Taking the calls and hanging up seems no promising solution. 

Based on data from more than ten million users worldwide, you are supposed to know if the caller is one of the jokes. Swindlers are also recorded and informed to you. You’re safe from cyber-attack. 


Let’s imagine, today, you received a call from a hairdresser who wanted to consult you about his service. Later, you need to add a tag called” hairdresser” for this contact. Other people using Getcontact acknowledge this number. 

When users keep doing so, they have numerous leads for surrounding services. Shared contact can be edited or deleted among authorized contacts. We appreciate this feature since it won’t violate people’s privacy. 

For telesales people, this feature surely eases the procedure. Only those who care about the product will pick up the call or actively take the call. Otherwise, both caller and receiver don’t have to waste time on awkwardness.

Identify caller

Even though some people are not on your contact list but Getcontact’s list. You can see their names pop up while they call. The app imposes a threat to swindlers since nobody wants to expose their names with a trick. 

Knowing the caller’s name helps you identify the caller, expect the content, and pass suspicion or guesswork. Many apps can stop spam, but only a few could name the contact. This network is big enough.

Want more efficient call management and more great features? Try Truecaller Premium.

Build credit point

For people who are doing business on the phone, this credit point feature will help you make a good impression. All you have to do is behave well and ethically. Other users will contribute comments in evaluating. 

For those who are seeking partners, this point could impose a useful reflection. Doing a business based on just a phone number was risky. Nevertheless, when you use Getcontact, you could look into your partner with a better view. 

Operate on multiple bases

Not only on mobile phones, but this app also operates well on other bases such as laptops, tablets, computers, smart TV, and so on. Whatever devices you make and receive calls, this app shows up. The flexibility appears necessary for busy residents of today’s world. 

Provide shortcut for iPhone 

Getcontact works not only on Android but also on iOS. Especially on iPhones, users can view more information about callers. The little (i) next to the contact name will grant you a clearer view of the caller’s profile. How much you see depends on the database on the network. 

Getcontact paid packages

About paid packages on the application

Getcontact Premium

A free account allows a tariff of 30 contacts. To get more, you need to get the premium package. And more to go, such as:

  • Searching maximum of 300 new contacts a month
  • Viewing maximum 40 tags a month
  • Use the app with no ads.
  • View those who see your tag
  • Access statistics relating to your profile every three months
  • Premium bagel on your profile

Getcontact Professional 

For business people, we recommend the Professional package. Besides the number of tags and contacts similar to Premium, Professional users can fetch potential customers within 40 contacts every month. This feature is potent for those who want to find credible partners. 

Getcontact Enterprise

Going bigger with Getcontact Enterprise, you receive more than personal benefits. The package is recommended for business mode as you can have unlimited access to tags and searching for new contacts. Within the Enterprise account, searches are proceeded within the payment. The more you pay for, the more immense database you get. The app supports API, which is to run the business more effectively. 

Final words

Getcontact fits in with different users. Those who want a private life receive protection over spams and unknown people. Besides, those who need to build partnerships can slip into a massive network with data voluntarily created among users. It helps communication among people to be more accessible, more straightforward, and comfortable. Sign in to the system today and be one of this great network!

Download Getcontact MOD APK (Ad-free) 5.9.3

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  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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