Homescapes MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/ Star) 6.0.3

App NameHomescapes
Publisher Playrix
Genre Puzzle
Require4.2 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Coins/ Star
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Homescapes offers the perfect combination of intellectual 3-match games and interior decoration elements. Apkdl brings you the latest mod of this game so you can use unlimited coins and stars in the game!

First glance into Homescapes

Homescapes is one of the best 3-Match games that combines the most outstanding storyline and interior design. Released by Playrix since 2017, so far, the game has reached more than 8 million reviews on Google Play and earned itself 4 precious stars. What made the game stand out from the other 3-Match competitors? Let’s find out right now.


On a beautiful sunny day, Austin the butler decided to return to his childhood home – the place that he used to live when he was a child. However, as soon as he stepped into the house, what appeared in front of him was an old rug, rotting wooden stairs, layers of dust everywhere,…. As a professional butler, Austin immediately began repairing and cleaning the house. Your task is to work side by side with this butler to “overhaul” the house by playing small 3-Match games to obtain the stars and coins and buy new whatever-you-like furnitures for your house. The game promises to be the must-have application for the future interior designers.

How to play?

Homescapes’ gameplay is similar to other popular 3-match mobile games like Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds Match 3. To get stars and coins – which is the currency to help you buy new furnitures, you have to overcome the classic 3-Match games. Specifically, there will be a table of things such as a lamp, buttons, coffee cup, … randomly displayed that you have to move them so that there are 3 or more identical objects on the same horizontal or vertical row. This small game will end when you blow up enough objects in a given quest board next to the table and get yourself 1 star and a random number of coins. You can then take these rewards to complete goals such as moping the floor, buying a new sofa, upgrade your bed, etc.

homescapes mod gameplay

Don’t think these 3-Matches are boring. The further you get, the more complex and daunting the quests will be. You will need a fast information processing head to get pass it easily.

Besides the 3-Match games, alternating in there will be an another minigame where you have to take Austin through the dangerous things such as lava, thieves, … by dragging and dropping obstacles accordingly. These game levels will make you less bored and earn stars more quickly.

Clean and rebuild your precious childhood house

If you are a person who loves room and home decoration and have a dream of becoming an interior designer then this game is perfect for you. Take the first few steps by choosing things with the right color and shape for the room. Or you can play around and randomly select items! After all, art has no limits.

Austin’s house is extremely large, so don’t be afraid that the rooms will eventually run out. The rooms opened after will be more luxurious than the previous ones. Moreover, along with Austin, his parents will be in this house, creating a warm feeling for the players.

homescapes mod unlock room

After completing the minigames, you will be given 1 out of 3 household items to choose and place it in the room. These items come in all shapes and colors. Let your own creativity design the most brilliant rooms.

Graphics and Sounds

Homescapes is designed in 3D, giving players a sense of authenticity. As for the audio, the publisher probably didn’t test it thoroughly so they tend to be a bit noisy, but the sounds are pretty fun to hear. You should mute your device or put on headphones in the crowded places as you repair the house with Austin and play the 3-Match games.

Some tips to make the game more enjoyable

Try and create combos

In the classic 3-Match games, you often find pairs of 4 or create crosses rather than create 3. Homescapes, too, these combos will create special items such as drills, bombs, … – which will help you to blast the objects that appear on the checkerboard faster, thus helping you complete the task quickly and effortlessly.

Make use of the gold coins

Besides the house furnitures, gold coins can also be used to buy the special items mentioned above. If you think the game is too difficult, use this special currency wisely to pass the levels more easily.

Time bugging

The game has a similar energy system as candy crush saga, … you will have to wait a while to be able to play again after completing certain amount of games. But if there are only 1 or 2 pieces of funiture away from completing the room and have to wait, it’s really a pain in the neck. However, this “firewall” can be bypassed pretty easy by setting the device’s time to some point in the future and restarting the game. Then you can finish what is unfinished.

APK MOD Of Homescapes

Stars and coins are the two main currencies in the game. They are used to unlock rooms, shop for furniture and do everything else. Therefore, you must always use them properly. However, if you want to boost your game experience, try Homescapes MOD that we provide. Mod feature allows you to use unlimited stars to shop for free.

  • Note: The number of stars increases automatically as you use them.


Homescrapes is a classic 3-Match game, but is very intriguing with a story system and allows players to freely decorate and build their own house. This will be an interesting game for you to both train your mind and let off steam after a stressful working day. So what are you waiting for?, go download the app now!

Download Homescapes MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/ Star) 6.0.3

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  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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