Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 9.11.1

App Name Hotspot Shield
Version 9.11.1
Publisher Pango GmbH
Genre Tools, VPN
Size 23M
Require 5.0 and up
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Hotspot Shield is a free VPN app for everyone – whether you’re looking for a free version with necessary unlocking and security features or a paid version with additional services.

About Hotspot Shield VPN

Did you know that without the security of the VPN, your web traffic would be at risk? This means that cybercriminals can intercept your personal information, and your ISP can watch what you do online. However, when you connect to this cool app, your web traffic goes through the secure VPN servers, then encrypted. It acts as a secret tunnel through your data and protects your confidential information.

Hotspot Shield provides a secure and reliable connection over an encrypted channel between your device and the target website. It uses VPN to hide your real IP address to anonymize your device so that no one can track your online activities. You can also access restricted websites from behind a firewall.

The same as Turbo VPN, it is the most trusted platform for security, data protection, and access with the highest performance in speed, stability, and security. Plus, it also gives you real online freedom – geographic bypass restrictions and accesses the world’s content from anywhere with just one click.

Hotspot Shield Premium features

Benefits of Hotspot Shield

Unblock websites

This app unblocks all websites in your school, library, or office. You can bypass the filters and firewalls set by your network administrator to gain access to your preferred content. This way, with just a simple click, you can access any application or website that may be restricted. Moreover, it also gives unrestricted access to websites like Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, YouTube,  etc. So, each time your country has banned connecting to one of these social media, you can easily use the tools this app brings to continue enjoying fun things.

Surf the Internet anonymously.

For privacy and security reasons, you may want to surf the Internet anonymously. This application allows you to create an encrypted transmission between your computer and the server so that you can anonymously carry out online activities (visit the websites you want, make online transactions, download files) without being tracked. By turning the mode” on,” you can hide your IP address and location. One exciting piece of information that you may not know is that it has over 3,200 servers in more than 73 countries. As the app’s producer says, they never track, log, or store your personally identifiable information, including your IP address.

Hide your IP address

The Internet has always brought many risks, particularly the risk of being infected by spammers, information thieves, and hackers. They secretly track your online activities and steal your sensitive information like credit card information and passwords when you least expect it. This application was created to help you get a new IP address in the US, hide your real IP address, and surf the Internet anonymously. So you can safely and securely browse any website you love.

Moreover, when you use this app, your ISP cannot see which websites you are visiting. This means that certain services, such as streaming websites, never do this get clogged. You won’t be interrupted every time you watch your favorite show in another country. Also, your ISP won’t stop you from connecting to your favorite websites.

Browse privately and securely

Everybody knows that VPN always offers a higher level of online security. When you connect to the Internet through Hotspot Shield, your data, including passwords, financial transactions, and instant messages, is protected and encrypted. Also, your personal information is hidden from web spies. So, it has a significant advantage in banning confidential information from web spies.

Always stay private when you are online.

If you’re at home, in a coffee shop, or traveling and have WiFi without a VPN, you are connected to a public or shared network through your Internet service provider. This means that any information you submit over a public network is only available. Since your ISP can see what information you are accessing, they can control what content you can access by blocking and censoring websites.

For example, if you surf the Internet at a public WiFi hotspot like Starbucks in town, anyone on that network can monitor and track your web activity. However, no ​​matter where you click, this app is ready to help you protect your browsing session and your private data when you connect to this app.

Protection against malware

Hotspot Shield will notify you when you visit a website that contains malware and then blocks that website. This application detects and prevents more than 3.5 million malicious, phishing, and spam websites from infecting your device. With the best military security and 256-bit AES encryption, your data is safe and secure even when connected to unsecured public WiFi hotspots. Malicious software and virtual WiFi hotspots that contain viruses do not bother you as your device is safely protected.

Stream everything

With unlimited bandwidth, you can access all of your favorite content – like games, live sports, and streaming sites – from any device, anywhere. It is considered the fastest VPN on the market and ensures breakneck speed with no buffers. You can experience all movies, music, or live TV shows smoothly and without delay.

Save your money

Avoiding price increases due to your location is the best that this app offers its users. Using a VPN to change your IP address and change virtual locations can help you find cheaper deals on flights, vacation packages, and other goods and services. Imagine planning your wonderful vacation, but the price of airplanes bought depending on the location is many times more expensive than in the US. Why not fake ID to America to enjoy this offer?

The interface is easy to use and simple to operate.

After downloading this app on your mobile device, open the app, and click the “Connect” button. Don’t forget to make sure Hotspot Shield’s VPN server location is set to “USA.” With just this simple operation, you can thoroughly enjoy the exciting entertainment without worrying about the network operators blocking you.

The interface of this app is a thing worth mentioning. It is designed to be simple and user friendly. You can find almost all the features from fake id location selection, stopping websites, or setting adjustments with ease. With this streamlined design, surely anyone can experience the gadgets even for the first time.

Hotspot Shield Premium (MOD)

Hotspot Shield is a free app, but you can get many more advanced perks if you have the premium package. This edition offers unlimited bandwidth, faster speeds, connections for up to five devices, 24/7 customer support, and more.

Moreover, this premium version also unlocks more than 115 virtual locations, including JP, IN, AU, USA, UKCA, CN, TR, UA, and no commercial breaks. The premium account supports up to 5 devices that allow you to see your favorite programs without worrying about changing the device. Plus, if you like, you can try paid features for seven days free of charge before choosing a monthly or annual subscription.

Mod features:

  • All Premium Unlocked


Hotspot Shield is genuinely the platform that ensures absolute privacy and worthy access with optimal speed and best stability for all smart devices. You will need this application if you want to enjoy all the great programs and content on your favorite sites without worrying about being blocked. Don’t wait, download this great app now.

Download Hotspot Shield MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 9.11.1

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