IPTV Pro MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 6.2.3

App Name IPTV Pro
Version 6.2.3
Publisher IPTV
Genre Entertaiment, Movies
Size 21.44 M
Require Android 4.4
MOD Info PRO Unlocked
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Watch your favorite TV drama anywhere with IPTV Pro. Bring your television with you in your pocket and be entertained wherever you go. No entry fee, no subscription, everything is delivered to you for free.

About IPTV Pro App

In this modern age, everyone might agree that watching videos on YouTube or movies on Netflix, Disney+, etc. is more entertaining than sitting in front of the television and switching channels repeatedly without finding the show that fits your mood. However, some people still prefer the television to internet video streaming platforms, since TV is still the most trustworthy state media, and it always delivers the news accurately and timely. TVs also broadcast many joyful and informative content such as movies, dramas, game shows, educational documentaries, etc.

While there are free TV channels, many TV providers charge their viewer monthly for their contents while still showing ads between and during their shows. However, with apps like IPTV Pro, those contents become totally free. IPTV Pro is also accessible anywhere, anytime, provided that you always have internet connection.

IPTV Pro Features

Key features of IPTV Pro

For IPTV Pro to work, you need a Playlist, which is an .m3u file that contains links to specific channels. You can find these playlists anywhere on the internet, especially the forums and communities that have dedicated discussions about IPTV. Reddit.com/r/FreeIPTVZone is a typical example. Follow their instruction and download your desired .m3u file to your phone or tablet.

When you open IPTV Pro for the first time, the app will tell you that there is no .m3u file loaded. Press on the Plus icon, grant the storage permission to the app and start browsing your downloaded m3u file. Normally, your file lies in the Download folder. Once you has succesfully loaded the playlists, the app is now ready for becoming your pocket TV. In case you can’t get the app to work properly, try taking a look at your internet connection. If that doesn’t work, find another .m3u file and try again.

Select your channel

It is recommended to take time to download several working playlists, just in case. To load a second .m3u file, press the menu button on the top left corner, tap on the line that shows your current playlist name, and press More to enter the playlist management screen. You will be presented with the list of your playlists, and a Plus button to add more. There is an option to delete a dead playlist if you need.

On the main screen, you can see channels arranged in folders. These folders are created by the one who also created the playlist. To modify this folder arrangement, you will need an advanced text editor. Nevertheless, the most important thing is whether your channel works. Simply choose your channel, wait for a few seconds, the app will fetch the content and that is all.

Player controls

There are also options to customise your TV too. Firstly, you can set any channel as your favorite by tapping on the star icon. Channels that are marked as “Favorite” will be listed on the separated Favorite section. Secondly, you can conveniently control the volume and brightness with a vertical swipe gesture. To customise more, choose the three dot button, press on Settings and try for yourself.

On the left side of the player, under the seekbar you will find the quick channel switch button. That button shows your channels while TV is still on. Additionally, you can switch between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio. This will come in handy in the circumstance that your current channel is not compatible with the settings. If you need a more immersive experience, try the Cropped view that chop off a portion of the image but fill your screen entirely regardless of your screen’s aspect ratio. IPTV Pro also lets you choose between hardware and software rendering. Hardware rendering uses your device’s GPU, therefore will consume more battery and generate more heat when compared to software rendering, however it outputs higher video quality, so choose wisely.

Advanced settings

There are a lot of settings for you to browse in the Settings section. To access it, press the menu button on the main screen. For example, you can control your source of EPG – XMLTV or JTV file that contains program data for channels – and change the timeshift to match your time zone. If you prefer the Favorites section of the app to the default channel list, check the setting to start IPTV Pro at Favorite page. In case your device is a TV box or Android smart TV, IPTV Pro also has some optimisation for TV display, which you can find inside the Settings page.

To support casting your TV from mobile device to smart TV or Chromecast, IPTV Pro has the ability to convert the video stream to supported format. The app also lets you choose external video players, such as VLC, Archos Video Player, MX Player, etc. if you don’t satisfy with the customisation that the internal player offers.

Additional recommendations

To eliminate all the concerns about privacy and anonymity, it is strongly recommended to install a VPN before you use IPTV Pro. We recommend a reliable VPN service such as Hostpot Shield and ExpressVPN. VPN is a virtual personal network, and it helps you encrypt your connection between your device and the broadcaster, so no one can track your info from the internet. It can also let you access to websites and addresses restricted by your network provider. In case you don’t care about privacy issues, IPTV Pro still works fine without VPN.

If your device cannot receive UDP multicast stream, you need to configure a UDP proxy in order to watch several streams that use the aforementioned UDP protocol. Even if your device supports multicast, you can still get a more stable and clear picture with UDP Proxy. Try to install UDP Proxy somewhere in your LAN (your modem or WiFi router for instance) and head to the proxy settings inside IPTV Pro settings page to provide the connection parameters there.



IPTV Pro is a paid version of the IPTV app on Play Store. It costs $ 2.99. Compared to the free version, the PRO package has the following special benefits:

  • Stream without ads
  • Automatically resume playback after you open the app
  • Expanded playlist support.

Overall, IPTV Pro offers you some very useful advanced features and a much more comfortable streaming experience due to the removal of the ads. If you cannot pay to download IPTV Pro from Play Store, don’t worry because we bring you the latest mod of this app. All you need to do is download the APK file, install it and enjoy.

  • No Patcher/GPM Needed
  • Google LVL and Distant License Verification Removed
  • Google Measurement / Data Transport Removed
  • Firebase Removed
  • Analytics Removed
  • App Update Service Removed
  • AOSP Compatible


IPTV Pro is the most suitable way to watch your TV from anywhere in the world without the need of antennas and TV subscriptions. It is never this easy to catch your favorite baseball match or breaking news without being at home.

Download IPTV Pro MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 6.2.3

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Downloads from third-party download managers like IDM and ADM (Direct link) are currently blocked for abuse.
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