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Likee MOD APK (NO) 4.0.3

App Name Likee
Version 4.0.3
Size 72M
Require 4.1 and up
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It should be a time when we integrate with people around the world. Hence, why not join the community in Likee where you can both learn and create?

Introduction to Likee

Likee works like a video editor and social media simultaneously. You might catch a glimpse of Tik Tok or IGTV here with tons of original video, streaming, and informative clips around the world. If you are one of those who like to enter that flow, don’t skip this chance.

Likee provides you both an environment and tools where users can dig deep in their concerns, create and spread their opinions. The world is connecting every second. And, it would help if you kept up with it using this global channel.

Likee APK download

The story

That Facebook and IG appeared marked a significant wave of integration. People can connect easily through building profiles, sharing statuses, and pictures. Users always seek a better way to connect, besides giant social media and here some Tik Tok and Likee and more.

Likee resembles Tik Tok, build its community through video, hit effects, and trendy content. However, it prevails another similar platform by combining different activities you can do. Users can edit video, record and share, stream or sync with tons of beautiful tools on this app. Let’s see details about unique features.

Special features about Likee

Likee provides a wide range of features but mostly about videos. Let’s see what you can make with this app.

Create a short video using SuperMix or Insert

As a video editor, it’s the first function that Likee does very well. You can input your video or record it from the built-in camera. Within the interface, you will see the very tool you need to edit your content, including insertion ideas like stickers, music, effects, and more.

People make videos and update on social media a lot. We may pass by hundreds of new contents every day, depending on your interaction level with the channel. Hence, you must possess unique stories or amazing effects that could stand your product out in the crowded newsfeed.

Don’t worry about lacking ideas with Likee. The app offers Super Mix, where you can shuffle and combine different content to conduct unique flows. It won’t be easy to actualize before when you need professional tools. Now, this app helps you make these done by some swaps and taps.

Entertain with the global community

Many people share the same hobbies as you in Likee. The app has attracted more than 10 million users worldwide so that people could enjoy a multicultural environment.

If you want to get away from reading words and long boring articles about the earth, let’s switch your time to entertaining but informative sharing on Likee. People made their videos authentically and share them first here, so the information is original.

The content varies from lifestyle to music composing, dancing cover, tutorial, and vlogs. You can scroll down the newsfeed the whole day without bumping into the same watch. Who knows, while enjoying other’s clips, you might pop up some idea to conduct the next blockbuster?

Don’t forget to click follow people you enjoy watching. They might stream or upload new content at any time, and your support means a lot. And also, you can boost interaction by hit likes and leave comments under the videos.

Don’t enjoy the fun things alone. Users can download content on Likee and share it with other people, spreading love and information quickly.

Likee APK features

Streaming your content with people

Users can stream here and always get viewers. There are tons of people online, and once you stream, it will pop up on the newsfeed where people can easily see what you are doing.

Therefore, don’t miss your chance to enhance interaction with the community. You are welcomed to share multiple stories from talking, dancing, live-streaming daily activities, video chat, or opening a forum. This platform is safe to create and conduct whatever you like to share with people.

Earn money from Creator’s rewards

Your hard work will get repaid. The Creator’s rewards are on for anyone who attracts a considerable number of viewers, quality content, and unique tastes. Your video will be cast on famous pages where more and more people would know of.

If you are preparing to be a streamer or video creator, don’t hesitate to take this chance right away. Your creativity can earn you a fortune if you know how to talk to the world.

Edit faces and content with notable additions

You can still get a stylish look on video without not so much make-up. Let the app’s features help you to wear eye shadow, new hairstyle, lipstick, and more. A handsome face will draw better attention, and Likee knows it.

Effects on the video editors include blockbuster features on Hollywood movies, glitch, HDR, and more shocking results. The Face Magic feature could especially turn you into your favorite character in any movie with just a tap.

The app also provides audio from famous movies, including the well-seen cutscenes that people love. You don’t need a professional lip-sync cast, but just this app to stun your parody.

The music library contains the hottest piece of music. They promise to keep your channel updated with a catchy melody, matched beautifully with the effects and transition.

Increase your fans

Likee provides both environments and helps to make your streaming career bloom. You’ve got the community here where to learn and share. Besides, you’ve got a professional studio here to perform any moves on the clips. You are looking for a community to start; then this is the one.


Likee is perfect for either beginners or experienced streamers. People have everything combined in just a portable app. Standard features like editing, inserting stickers, and music are smooth. Moreover, trendy effects and exclusive tools like audio synchronizing, streaming, super Mix, and Face Magic can make your next video viral. Likee is free of all of its features. Hence, you must hurry up to download and enjoy this app soon.

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  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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