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Loudly – Louder Volume Amplifier & Speaker Booster

Loudly MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 7.1.7

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Speaker’s loudness on your phone could matter a lot if you’re listening to music. Especially at parties or outdoor activities, loudspeakers could always help more. Loudly could be an app to improve the situation.

Introduce to Loudly PRO

Loudly presents a critical but straightforward job – boost the volume. We are living in a noisy world with sounds coming from every direction. Car horns, engines, laughter, or chatting voices could reduce the loudness of your device’s speaker. Or, you just have got a lousy speaker.

Either of these situations is fine if you use Loudly. This booster promises a better chance with music, dialogue, alarm, and notifications sound before wasting money on the secondary device.

Loudly MOD APK download

The story

The city gives us chances and a lot of noise. Our phones do anything useful but not a loud enough speaker. What you should do is not get angry but find help with Loudly.

Unlike other apps, it concentrates on fixing volume issues in mobile devices. Maybe its function sounds not so persuasive to make you download it, but you’ll see, the better volume makes everything better. Sometimes, all you need is just a louder speaker.

Unique features in Loudly

Loudly is known as a volume booster. But is it that simple? It offers more than usage, and you should know what to benefit from the app.

Sound amplifier 

Don’t keep trying to train your ears with low volume sounds. Music is to enjoy, not to stress you out, so use Loudly. It works as an extra amplifier to make the sound even louder.

Let’s be honest. Louder music helps us feel the song better, and more audible voice messages bring us clear information. Doesn’t everyone need a mini speaker, so that they can get around and listen to better music? But you don’t need to invest your money on a second device since Loudly can work and that.

Headphone booster

It’s not only to show off, but the app can cope with low headphone volume. There are many reasons that the sound through these headphones is lower than others. Low-tech people don’t think much about technical faults but look at volume boosters around. No matter what the problem is, isn’t it faster if we boost the sound?

Loudly can be a temporary help while you search for the mistakes. But why not? It works beautifully!

Customizable control

The alarm doesn’t wake you up because of its weak ringing? But most of us get irritated with too loud an alarm bell. We need a soft and just-right loudness to wake us up without annoying people surrounding us, including our vulnerable mood in the morning.

In Loudly, you can easily set up the level, soft or hard bass to listen to the best quality sounds. For sure, it works with music and other audio files that you want to turn on from your phone, too.

The adjustment bars are kind of self-explanatory that amateurs could fix effortlessly. You are either low or high tech, but the better sound quality is everyone’s favorite.

Volume equalizer

It’s portable and easy to enjoy different sound quality with Loudly equalizer. It used to be a prominent bulky speaker we brought on picnics, but now, we have it integrated into our phone and carry it anywhere. The better is that you can put in most audio files, from music to voice chat.

Bass adjustment

A fact with phone speakers is noisy loudness. You might get a very loudspeaker that you can hear from the other room, but admittedly, it’s more noise than the audio part. We used to connect it with the speaker outside, and it helps. However, Loudly can eliminate this noise and give you soft, loud melodies but cost you no money.

Loudy Features

Why Loudly?

So, do you need Loudly? Here are some benefits you will gain when the app is on your phone.

The best Android sound amplifier 

At the moment, it’s the best Android amplifier in Google Play. It attracts millions of downloads and high ratings that could tell a bit about its awesomeness. Besides, it’s a free app with premium features like bass adjustment, equalizer, and amplifier. All of these, when it comes to tangible assets, will cost you a fortune.

Easy adjustment

What you do is not just boost. The app lets you choose how much you want to increase your volume, how many percent, and on which level of softness or hardness. People have different ears and listening habits. Hence, we see this feature thoughtful.

Applicable on multiple apps

You can enjoy louder audio in almost all other applications on your phone. All you need is to put on the app and let it run.


Loudly will be soon the favorite app since it copes with most of the issues that we come to secondary speakers to solve. When it’s still free, it’s no reason not to try!

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