Magic Voice Changer
Magic Voice Changer

Magic Voice Changer MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 2.0.9

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App NameMagic Voice Changer
Publisher Magic Tech.
Require7.0 and up
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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Magic Voice Changer APK is a tool that will assist you in adapting your voice to various situations and environments. It is equipped with a plethora of predetermined speech effects that can be utilized with the simple push of a button.

How to use Magic Voice Changer

You only need to record your voice using the recorder that is already integrated into the device or import an audio file from the storage on your smartphone. After that is complete, you will be given various options for effects to add to your recording.

Chipmunk, robot, helium, magic voice, and many other agents are some of the effects that may be used. When you are finished, you can share your creation with others, either through social media or other channels.

The Magic Voice Changer is a wacky piece of software with various entertaining applications. This software is worth checking whether you want to have a good time with your friends or generate an engaging audio clip for a presentation because it allows you to do both.

Robust tools to change voice

Altering your tone of voice may be advantageous in various ways. You might, for instance, use it to make an audio snippet for a presentation you would give.

Using voice effects is another way to assist you in getting your pals to laugh out loud. In addition, it may be put to use in the process of developing content for children. There is no limit to the possibilities.

On the other hand, the customizing procedure might be pretty tricky and time-consuming if you do not have the appropriate tool. The Magic Voice Changer APK was developed to make it simple for you to experiment with different variations of your voice.

Applying the effect you want will take a few seconds, and you may save your recording. You may be sure that the application will spare you a great deal of time and trouble in this manner.

magic voice choices

High-quality recorder

The quality of your output is dependent on the quality of your intake. Magic Voice Changer uses cutting-edge technology to provide you with recordings of the highest possible quality.

It has a recorder already built in and can record your speech quite well. In addition to this, it allows you to import files from outside sources so that you may make use of them in a variety of contexts.

You are also able to make adjustments to the volume and pitch of your recording with this software. You’ll be able to make an audio clip that matches your expectations using this method.

Voice Effects

This program comes equipped with over 25 different preconfigured voice effects that you may utilize without any difficulty. A few examples of this include the words “underwater,” “robot,” “zombie,” “alien,” “sleepy,” “helium,” “chipmunk,” “death,” “telephone,” “demon,” “fan,” “whirl,” and “cave.” When you open the application, it will display several distinct classes, including the following:

  • Entertainment & Funny. This section provides several voice effects you may use in your discussions to make them more entertaining. Pranks and other humorous antics are the primary purposes for which they were designed.
  • The voice effects in this category will allow you to imitate the voices of other people or animals. You may use it to create instructional content, or you can use it to make your talks more entertaining. You may, for instance, use it to impersonate the voice of your favorite famous person.
  • These voice effects have been created specifically to make your conversations more entertaining. You might utilize them while chatting with friends or family on various social media platforms or other online venues.
magic voice changer premium

What makes Magic Voice Changer MOD APK stand out?

  • Import High-Quality Audio Files. You are not restricted to using the app’s built-in recorder at any point. Importing high-quality audio recordings from your device’s storage and using them for various applications is also possible. It is compatible with multiple audio formats, including MP3 and WAV files.
  • Construct a Voice from the Text. You can make whatever kind of voice you desire with the help of this program. The software will take care of everything else; all you need is some text to get started. This may be useful if you wish to construct an audio clip for a presentation or instructional content.
  • Effects can be applied in real-time. Real-time effect manipulation is a feature that may be utilized with Magic Voice Changer. This indicates that you can hear the changes as they are being made. You may fine-tune the outcomes until they are just right by using this great function, which makes it possible.
  • Save Voices as either a WAV or an MP3 file. This program allows you to save your recordings in WAV or MP3 format. This implies that you can share them with others using any app. You also have the option to use it as an alarm, ringtone, or notification sound on your device.
  • Design With A Future Focus. This program features a design that is up-to-date and minimalistic. The user interface is intuitive, and all of the functionality is laid out in a way that is simple to reach. In addition to that, it receives consistent updates that include new voice effects and other enhancements.
  • Live-Streaming of Video Games. If you are a live streamer, you may spice up your broadcast with some humorous elements by using this software. You may surprise your audience by changing your voice in real-time with the help of this tool.
  • Innovative and Powerful AI. This Functions Magic Voice Changer can give you the most outstanding results because it uses artificial intelligence. It will analyze your voice and make adjustments based on what it learns. You may also obtain feedback this way in the form of tips for how to improve your recording.
  • Free to Make Use Of This software provides complimentary services that you can use without any restrictions. You will be required to purchase the premium version, which ranges in price from $0.99 to $37.99 per item if you want to use all of the features.

MOD Info:

The Magic Voice Changer MOD APK 2022 provides users with all of the capabilities that were included in the app’s first release in addition to the following additional advantages:

  • Magic Voice Changer MOD APK Pro Unlocked is now available for download. This MOD APK unlocks all of the paid content’s features and removes any restrictions. It grants you access to all voice effects, so you may personalize your voice in any way you see fit.
  • No Ads. By removing all advertisements from the Magic Voice Changer software for Android, the Magic Voice Changer MOD APK creates a superior experience for its users. Now that there are no interruptions, you can give your full attention to fine-tuning the recordings.
  • There is No Need to Root Your Device. This MOD APK may be installed and used without having to obtain root permission, making it more convenient. You won’t run into any problems if you try to use it on a device that isn’t rooted.


The Magic Voice Changer APK MOD is a very effective piece of software that allows you to alter your voice in any way you see fit. It possesses many capabilities and is compatible with various audio formats. You may use it for instructional material, live-streaming of games, or just for entertainment on its own.

The Magic Voice Changer PRO APK offers unrestricted access to all of the features of the app’s original version. You can now make excellent audio recordings by utilizing all of the capabilities.

Download Magic Voice Changer MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 2.0.9

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