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MangaToon MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.00.09

App NameMangaToon
Publisher Mangatoon
Genre Entertaiment
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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Enjoy your favorite Manga with MangaToon app! The app’s latest mod is available at APKDL allowing you to unlock and use all the Premium features for free.

Introduce to MangaToon

For fans of comics and Manga, days of reading black-and-white pictures and longing for new chaps have been passed. MangaToon is now available in your area. It opens to you a great door into a vibrant manga garden. What is in that wonderland?

MangaToon will be a feast to your mind. It has not only abundant but also trendy collections. Besides, quality and content remain beautiful, no matter how you are as readers. When you are a passionate reader, it’s satisfying. If you’re a temporary visitor, it will make your day.

The Story

Mangas, like novels, attract massive attention from young readers. They form the trends, teach life lessons, and convey value. It turns out to be a good habit, so it needs promoting. Websites for comics are many, but apps for them seem not enough, especially updating high-quality products. MangaToon is one of them. 

MangaToon Story

MangaToon brings a healthy environment for readers, where the author gets respected, and readers find joy. Also, it creates a comfortable platform for anyone who wants to make friends with Manga.

Services by MangaToon

Let’s see what you can find in MangaToon. We’re sure you will be surprised.

Abundant content

MangaToon is free, but it’s not necessarily limited in content. The library is enormous in comparison to whatever reading apps you know. The content column includes variant topics, from an office love affair, gay love, Lesbos to terrorists, science fiction. What is your taste? How long will you want to engage with a novel? What is the content you prefer? MangaToon will supply.

 In addition to comics, novels also take up considerable space here. Even though it’s not the strong suit of Mangatoon, it adds options in your leisure time.

Colored Manga

All pages of comics on this app are colored. Forget about boring and emotionless black-and-white images that you found on a free website. Now, it’s time to pick up a much more vibrant world.

Yes, this app is free to purchase in-app, but what you get are still colorful pages. Will it be low-quality? Of course not. It’s standardized colored and high resolution. Paid or free content all show off that quality.

Some paid content 

With a free account, you have enough to read a new series that comes every week. New chap comes every day. However, in case you are a picky bookworm, may you find something decent from premium bookshelves? Paid content is the expanded area for products written by reputation authors.

Let’s be frank in paying for intellectual work. If the author did a good job and asked for a reward, it’s understandable. Be a good reader; paying is a way to show respect to what we’ve read.

Off-line reading

Can we read comics without the Internet? With MangaToon, yes! Download the contents you like and save to read later. This app will be your favorite whenever you go on a wildlife trip, when electric’s cut or when you run out of mobile data. As long as you have a battery alive, these comics will be with you.

Multi-lingual site

It’s an app for international—the collection changes through different languages. Available languages are English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Indonesian. By such options, people from around the world can reach Manga as a means of entertainment. 

It could deliver comics to different cultures, advertise for remarks of the author’s nationality. We suppose it’s the beauty in expanding reading. MangaToon is doing well. 

Open space for composing  

Can you do something else besides reading? If you don’t know yet, then it’s time. The app offers a platform for fans to write their own stories. It wasn’t available as a tool to upload finished comics. Your novels should be sent to the MangaToon team, and they will consider. It’s possible for your stories featured in comics if you do well enough.

Many people are looking for a safe and creditable platform to send their work. We recommend this one as the best to try before you trust.

MangaToon Premium Features

Benefits with MangaToon

Reading with MangaToon doesn’t mean only a chance to access multiple comics. It gives hidden values.

New chaps everyday

We know that no one could stay calm when the reading must postpone indefinitely. Here, it tries to minimize the chance you could break your flow. Every day, unfinished comics welcome the new chap.

Also, the app promotes a new story every week. There is always something coming when you complete the last chapter.

Only copyrighted works

Most of the time, free websites mean free work. Many people agree to publish their work online for free and anonymously. Don’t do so if you want to protect your bellowed writer. 

Let’s visit MangaToon, where every piece gets copyrighted. At least, it’s the easiest way now for you to show respect and protect intellectual work. In return, authors will feel appreciated enough to continue serving your best content.

User-friendly manipulation

On the app, stories are presented in continuous flow. You don’t have to break the page or tap to next. Scroll down to read the stories like viewing your message. It’s possible to use automatic scrolling when you want hand free.

Life boosting

MangaTool offers us a vibrant world of pictures. With this pocket-sized app, exciting comics stay by your side whenever you need it. Having ebooks is also a way to reduce papers, be friendly to the environment. 

The app itself encourages readers to create content, propose new ideas to enrich the library. It’s a creative platform that you shouldn’t miss.

The Latest MOD of MangaToon

We bring you the latest mod of this app. Here are the MOD features:

  • Unlock all Premium features: Some MangaToon exclusive stories require coins to read. With MangaToon MOD, you can read all of them for free.
  • No Ads: Ads reduce the reading experience. They have been completely removed.


Let’s grant you a chance to read better Manga, in terms of either comfort or quality. MangaToon proves an excellent environment to practice your love for comics by respecting authors, caring users. True manhua stories could never miss it as of convenience. Other readers couldn’t, either due to the exciting content. 

It’s the app for killing time. But looking deeper, users can learn more about psychology, cultures, and humans through multi authors’ lens. They are coming from different parts of the world.

Download MangaToon MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.00.09

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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