Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard MOD APK (Theme Unlocked)

App NameMicrosoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Publisher SwiftKey
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoTheme Unlocked
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Bored with the old experience on your default Android keyboard? Try Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard now!

Introduce to Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Text faster with Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard and have a blast! This new app will swipe away the boredom of conventional texting in the past. Now, texting will no longer be time-consuming and complicated. We will show you how interesting it could be provided that you have got a practical keyboard. 

With this highly featured tool, sending messages will never be mere communication in words. You could express deeper emotions, show off your style as well as escalate socialism. To prove it, why don’t you test the app today?

The Story

Demand for communication shows no signal of decrease among human beings. People always figure out new platforms, which shows more convenience for making friends, chat, and talk. With the development of channels, tools for texting elevate to tackle better messages. People are sending now not only words but images, icons, emotional and creative slangs. What they need doesn’t stop at accuracy but also speed. 

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is a tool that can fulfill all of those demands. The app brings a significant assistant to texting. It wasn’t just for you to convey your thoughts into texts but also your attitude and emotions. It indeed changes your experience of typing on phones, and once you use it, you never want to come back to the old path.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard features

Special Features of Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard aims to be an intelligent assistant in typing. It will not only be for messaging apps but on any window where you need the keyboard. So keep the tool integrated and enjoy the bellowing facilities:

Customize texting screen

Is your typing interface boring? Is there only a mono and stilled screen with custom pop-up sound? Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard can light it up with neon speed illustrations. It provides a line connecting all letters you touch during the text, like texting so fast that we couldn’t see your fingers, but light tore out. Why don’t you choose the color you want and have fun looking at your moves on the keyboard? It seems an exciting experience.

Learn from your words

The app can help you to text faster by predicting what word would come next in your text. How can it do that? It cannot read your mind yet, but the app records your history of texting, learning your locations, friends, and structure you use the most. By memorizing your patterns, the app could easily foretell the word that possibly comes next. Will it be useful if you don’t have to type every single word of your address anymore?

Not only texts, but what icons and gifs you use the most will be on the suggestion bar. It’s faster not to stop and search for icons since you can pick it straight from the keyboard. With Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard, your typing speed could improve.

Replace words with descriptive images

Do you want your text to look much more interesting? What could we do besides sending Gifs and funny emoticons? Well, right in the text, let’s change some words to images so that people have more fun with reading. 

People feel less stressed when looking at pictures rather than texts. As a result, Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard proposes thousands of small images to replace boring texts. For example, instead of typing “rain” in the weather forecast text, why don’t you insert an icon of cloud and raindrops among the line so that readers feel a more significant impression? You can find other images such as steak, dance, book, fruits, bread, bee, animals, and so on. 

Besides texts about business, casual chat boxes need visual effects to signal people of the atmosphere. Are you either in a good mood or in a lousy temper? Please show readers some hints.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard gift

Search Gifs

Besides emoticons, Gifs have become a trend in texting recently. These moving pics always bring joy to the chat thanks to out-of-the-box animated and valuable cut scenes. The Gifs collection consists of thousands of options. The app provides a search bar where you can type a word relating to the Gifs you want. Narrowing the options will help you with finding excellence. 


Typing too fast sometimes causes terrible mistakes, especially in formal situations. We always check before we send depending on the importance of that message. However, it’s always better when you have a built-in checker on the keyboard. 

This app will eliminate all common mistakes in your text. It can automatically replace the wrongly typed line with the correct version. The system knows your patterns in texting and your language to propose accurate dictation. You can take the corrected or leave your version. 

Learn your language and slangs

We all have some words like personal slangs, group slangs, or passwords that no language could decipher. The app corrects unfamiliar phrases, but since you want to input your language, it will remember and include the new slangs in the dictionary, of course, only for you. 

Support 400+ language

At the moment, Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard has completed its orders for more than 400 languages. The number includes the standard lingual system and regional patterns such as UK English, American English, German, Swiss, and so on. Therefore, no matter where you from and which language you prefer, the app brings you the real patterns of a specific language.

Compatible with Android 11

The system always updates to be a better tool. Not only about the content, has the app upgraded into a new version, which can fit well in the latest Android 11? Now you can use it comfortably on a powerful operating system. You both keep up with the world. 

Latest MOD of Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Mod features

  • Multiple topics
  • New “iPhone Minimal” theme
  • Punctuation file
  • The name is simply “SwiftKey”
  • Now, the bar has now become the color of the theme, before it was white, in dark themes it was already blinded
  • In stock themes, the font is increased
  • Removed links to analytics like these

Final words

A tool like Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard will help you to work better and talk more attractively through the phone. No matter what you want to type, emails, documents, or texts, it will always get your back in creating quality content. When people gradually work and communicate through words, you will see the importance of a smart keyboard. Why don’t you be the person who picks it up now?

Download Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard MOD APK (Theme Unlocked)

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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