Mobdro 2.2.0 (MOD Premium)

Mobdro premium app
Updated 26-12-2020 (2 years ago)
Version 2.2.0
Publisher Mobdro
Genre Entertaiment
Size 17.7M
Require Android 4.4

Mobdro makes you satisfied with lots of free online entertainment in high quality. Are you ready to download and enjoy it?

Introduce to Mobdro 

Let’s dig in another movie collection with no needed subscription and restricted access. We are talking about Mobdro- a platform for streaming, sharing, and downloading resources in videos and audios. More is less. Having another platform to satisfy your need in watching would never be extra. Believing so, we’re happy to tell you more about it. And don’t hesitate to enjoy these privileges today!

The Story

The most popular platform for streaming videos is now Amazon and Netflix. These two giants are attracting hundreds of millions of users, but a disadvantage is the price. Movies and music to humans are as necessary as food and drink since it feeds on mental hunger. Mobdro sees the importance of enjoying the latest artwork in the film industry. So, it brings a free platform.

Mobdro key features

Mobile apps for watching and streaming videos are no longer new, but it’s new when the source charges no money on users. This app seems to aim to scatter its service to more and more people. With features as below, there is nothing less than current platforms.

Special Features Mobdro

Mobdro offers a lot of unique entertainment content that you cannot find on other streaming apps. Let’s explore its outstanding features below.


You don’t have to pay even a penny to Mobdro. Yes, it has many things to watch, and you can carry this little TV anywhere, but there are no charges for you.

Integrated music players 

There are two kinds of streaming apps: either videos or audios. You can refer to Netflix and Spotify as an iconic example. Surprisingly, now you find this one the only with both features. The portable library serves trendy clips and series as well as popular hits. 

You should see the benefit of having a 2-in-1 app. There is an app for every entertainment, less space to spend, less manipulation to make, and fewer icons to mess with your eyes. 

Multiple channels

At the moment, Mobdro has six categories in its library. You can entertain with movies, shows, and TV channels. In addition, it’s possible now to catch up with news on the news section. Will you want some updates on sports? The sports section will fetch you what you need. Music is one of the integrated features where you can relax with the latest melodies.

Considering the news section, the app appears helpful for a bigger user group. Netflix must be famous, but for entertainment only. Mobdro sees the more significant need of humans nowadays when people are afraid of losing track of what’s happening on earth. News and TV channels, including BBS, CNN news on this app promises to bring people the brightest outline of politics, culture, and sport at the time being.

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, we recommend that you give ThopTV a try.

Multiple languages

The app aims to an international scale. As a result, it offers multi-languages to fit in users all around the world. Language options are not only in the movie collection but also for setting up and subtitles. So, wherever you are, find this app and get it installed today.

Mobdro app

Easy share with friends

The sharing feature seems a unique point in Mobdro. It’s beyond expectation with the app where we can direct what we want to recommend our friends to watch within easy manipulation. Share the available products you like, and who knows; someday you can make effects.

Able to save what you like

The vast library sometimes happens to be hard to access. It will take time to search the wanted titles no matter how strong your internet is. Therefore, why don’t you customize a personal collection on the app’s basis? 

Mobdro grants you a permit to save and mark items you like. You can save movies for later when you spot it on reviews but have no time yet to see. It’s helpful to keep track of the trend and catch up when you afford the time.

Download everything you want

Another way to customize your library is to download them. It’s always a good idea to save what you like in an offline pocket. Whenever you want to watch again or enjoy movies in a wifi-free area, this app is by your side.

Expanding collection

Film making continues, the collection keeps on expanding. There would never be when you see nothing to watch as the system keeps track of the world still, input news and programs hourly, not mentioning the movie collection. Mobdro and chill will be a new trend.

Mobdro Premium access

At the moment, Mobdro has not yet launched a specific VIP package. People share the same resources regardless of paying or not. However, the free app contains ads which would be irritating. You can remove ads by generating your paid account.

Mobdro FAQ


Is this app safe to use?

Yes, the app is already installed on millions of devices and there haven’t been any complaints about security.

Why isn’t it available on the Play Store?

Most streaming apps often find it difficult to get accepted by Google to publish on their app marketplace. Usually due to content copyright issues. So it doesn’t matter when Mobdro is not available on the Play Store. Don’t worry though, this app is still safe to use.

Is iOS version available?

Unfortunately not

Is the Mobdro streaming service available globally?

Are not. App streaming services are only available in specific countries. So, if you are on the unsupported IP list, you might consider using another streaming service (like Pikashow, Showbox), or use a VPN to change the IP address to the one that is supported. .

Where can I update to the latest version of Mobdro mod?

Like we said, Mobdro is currently unavailable on the Play Store so you can only install it via APK file. So don’t forget to bookmark this article and access it when a new version is released because we’ll update it as soon as possible.

I have difficulty streaming content on the app.

There are many reasons why you may not be able to stream at high quality, or the application is unstable, usually because your network connection is not strong enough. To fix this you can try some solutions like changing the network connection, restarting the application or VPN (if in use), or even reinstalling the application.

Final words

Mobdro is a new mobile app for streaming, but it has integrated the best and most necessary features because of its young age. Within only this one, you don’t need several apps. Why not have the app installed today and enjoy the convenience?

Download Mobdro 2.2.0 (MOD Premium)

This is the area for you to download Mobdro. Just tap on the application name below to show all the available links, then click to download.

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