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Moon+ Reader Pro (50% OFF) MOD APK (Paid) 7.9

App NameMoon+ Reader Pro (50% OFF)
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RequireAndroid 4.4
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  • Removed license check & new version check when opening the app every-time;
  • Google Drive works!

Readers should not overlook this option. Considering the convenience, a mobile app will be enough to feed your 24/7 hunger. We introduce Moon+ Reader Pro as the ultimate.

Introduction to Moon+ Reader Pro

Moon+ Reader Pro can be understood like Kindle but with more prominent features. The app means to bring you the most realistic reading experience and maximize utilities of digital platforms. If you want a moving library that can carry out your request with reading, this app will be the perfect fit.

We will introduce your features in the app as below. However, it would be best if you can try it by yourself.  

The Story

In the time of technology, people try to put everything in digital form. Starting with documentation, images, and now, books, our library gradually becomes portable and digitalized.

It can be better. Reading books was reading, but now, you can have an actual reading process on a mobile screen, including reading, highlighting, taking notes, marking, and more. With Moon+ Reader Pro, your task will become as vivid as in the past but paper-free and pen-free.

Moon+ Reader Pro works like a virtual bookshelf that you can take away, store, and manage your book without investing too much in materials. As a library, it helps you do whatever you like with the book, including customizing the presentation.

Special Features by Moon+ Reader Pro

Let’s look at feature by feature to see how Moon+ Reader Pro prevails over other apps. There are tools as below:

Customize visual presentation

When people read paper books or pdf, it is hard to change the font size and style. We can zoom out the screen or use a magnifying glass, but the whole page cannot be intact.

But now, you can have a book that presents the content the way you want. Users can modify the size, style, bold or shadow, and even spacing. All features you have in Word appear here to help you get the most comfortable vision.

If any of you get tired of reading a book, this app will help. And don’t let these little disadvantages stop you from feeding words.

Highlight content you want

Compelling reading must include taking notes and highlighting important content. You might have seen it a lot when reading on Kindle, and Moon+ Reader Pro has also updated it.

There are bars of font style and colors for readers to mark specific content, including striped letters. There are multiple ways to note your words and even add comments. If you have a dictionary, this little bar supports you in presenting the Word meaning after a double-tap.

It’s better than with a paper book because readers can change notes, colors, or remove everything but not leave a mark on the page. These tools will help you manage your point about the book scientifically and comprehend the page better.

Track your process

No extra bookmarks or folded corners anymore since you have digital books. You can see precisely how many percentages you’ve got left. Besides, your reading speed is shown, too, so you can calculate how many hours you need to finish the whole brochure.

Change to the dark mode or Bluelight filter

It’s said that reading on digital devices is harmful to the eyes. And, one of the instant effects is that we can hardly feel asleep. However, Moon+ Reader Pro offers you different backgrounds, dark modes, and blue impact of light to ease your eyes.

The blue light effect presents a close-to-actual vision of a paper book that soothes eyes and avoids dazzling. We know Kindle draws love thanks to those features, but now you can have the same thing but integrated with your mobile device. Why buy two devices when you can take 2-in-1 one?

Organize your book

The app doesn’t come with books, but you will add up as you build your library. It can read almost all digital books in different formats. All books will go to a platform where you manage and name them upon your will.

You can search for the book without browsing alphabetically. Or, grouping them according to content or authors seems sound for future searching.

Listen to Audiobook

When you are too busy to look at Word by Word, put the phone down and turn on the audio mode. The app will continue your journey and read words out loud. The audio feature will help people keep up reading when doing housework, taking the bus, or driving.

Read with 3D effects and Videos.

Reading paper books may disturb readers in reading footnotes, material in videos, or images. But with Moon+ Reader Pro, readers have the right to access everything the book offers. You will have a video displayed on the related lines and a direct link to the footnote.

The app offers a 3D effect on turning pages so that users feel familiar with the actual reading. It’s not one of the critical features, but the feeling will be positive to keep you on pages.

Benefits of Moon+ Reader Pro

Let’s go through certain benefits when you get the app instead of any books or other reading apps. Despite the fact of no books available, this tool proves to be useful as:

Thorough support

Everything you do with the app is easy. To help you read with the most comfort, the app proposes easy manipulation, supportive representation, and a well-organized structure.


Many free reading apps operate with a lot of advertisements. While reading is chilling, nobody likes ads. So why not pay up a subscription and get you a peaceful time with words?

High security

Users can set a password on the page or book to keep the material secure. Also, having all your books with you on the phone already presents a kind of security.

Portable and green

You don’t need a bookshelf, extra luggage, or space to keep the book. All you need this just this app and e-books to go anywhere around the world.


Moon+ Reader Pro is a fantastic tool to help book lovers carry on the love to read. When you need to pick up with the world’s speed, you may have to drop the traditional material and pick up useful tools like this app.

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