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Parallel Space

Parallel Space MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 4.0.9274

App NameParallel Space
Publisher LBE Tech
Genre Personalization, Tools
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoPRO Unlocked
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Are you looking for an app that you can use to log in to multiple Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter accounts on the same Android device? The free Parallel Space app will help you with its outstanding feature.

About Parallel Space- Multiple accounts & Two face

If you want to log in to multiple accounts on your phone simultaneously, you need the assistance of Parallel Space – a direct support tool for Android devices. It can log in to multiple accounts at the same time. Parallel Space allows various social networking accounts or gaming accounts to run on one phone simultaneously.

Also, you can optionally easily duplicate different types of applications. The acceleration mode, in particular, helps you to use the application much more smoothly. With this application, there is no problem logging in to add a Facebook account or two Twitter or Viber accounts at the same time.

Although Parallel Space is a compelling application, it takes up less space on your device, a little over 2MB. Also, no root access is required for it to work on any Android device. Plus, Parallel need permissions that are applied by all added apps to function correctly. While it needs permissions to function, it does not collect your personal information to protect privacy.

Key features of the application

Use 1 social network in 2 apps to solve work more effectively

Many of you have a habit of using one account to share work with clients, co-workers, and another account to write with friends and relatives. With Parallel Space, you can now use multiple social media accounts simultaneously by duplicating the application. You don’t have to exit one account from the application and then log into the other as you did before.

With this app, you can quickly switch between your accounts with just one tap. This is how you can easily manage your account. Plus, you can create multiple accounts in both the social networking app and the gaming app and easily separate your personal and professional life by managing different accounts on social networking platforms. Also, you can play each game with two accounts and double the fun. Thanks to this function, you save a lot of time and quickly receive and reply to all messages. Since then, the work has also been done more efficiently and faster.

Parallel Space Features

Select the apps that you want to duplicate

In addition to supporting social media accounts, Parallel Space gives you the ability to duplicate many other types of application programs available on your phone. For gamers, in particular, plowing a game with multiple accounts is nothing strange. With only Parallel Space, one phone can play two online game accounts at the same time and fight together for a faster upgrade.

Help you browse the internet more smoothly.

The application has cleaning and accelerated modes that will help you browse the internet more smoothly. This app supports cleaning up junk data and optimize, speed up the application is one of the useful features of Parallel Space. Your phone will free up space in no time, and mirrored apps will no longer work sluggishly. All the applications are smooth, smooth; bring the best experience for you.

The way it works is simple.

The way Parallel Space works are straightforward. First, you need to download the app. Then open this application and select the “+” icon to choose the application you want to log into multiple accounts. In this case, it is, for example, Gmail. Next, click the Gmail icon that you just added and sign in with the first account. The final step is to press the Home button to exit the home screen, find and open the Gmail application, and sign in with a different account.

After the setup steps above, you can use the Last App Property function key on the Android platform to switch between two Gmail accounts. In addition to Gmail, Parallel Space can also be used with many other popular applications such as Facebook, Zalo, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Twitter.

Multitasking assistant

Parallel Space can copy and open multiple accounts from the same application. At the same time, users can apply app themes to their device’s apps to demonstrate their individuality. As users get more accounts from apps, they may have less time to use all of their accounts. Parallel rooms can make optimal use of applications by accessing them at the same time. Users can play two games and check two social media accounts at the same time.

Seamless balance application

You can log in to multiple user accounts with the help of this app. It is equipped with the MultiDroid platform, a virtualization tool for mobile devices, and users must ensure that the applications built into it accept access to this application. You don’t need to worry about personal data as it is not collected to protect the user’s privacy.

Users can achieve a very balanced lifestyle between socialization and gaming. On the other hand, like a professional, the user can play two games simultaneously. Most of the apps are supported by this app to ensure they don’t interrupt each other. Users can quickly switch between accounts by tapping the app’s conversion feature for efficient management between accounts. Regarding some social accounts, users cannot have two accounts with the same cell phone number.

User-defined topics

In addition to simultaneous access, this app also allows integrating customized themes from clone apps to stand out from all others. Parallel Space has an integrated topic memory in which a list of user-defined topics is available to you. You can design your unique Space with custom themes. Plus, you can jump to another topic with just one click. Plus, the app contains a topic store with a comprehensive list of users. You can set different styles for the device’s applications with one tap.

Just hide your favorite apps, but keep sensitive content on your device.

There is an anonymous settings feature that allows you to hide apps on your device. So, you can hide your secret apps without any worries. It also has security keys to protect your privacy. The anonymous setting offers data protection, as apps are hidden on the device when opened. All personal apps are hidden from prying eyes as they are kept in the app’s secret area. Users can also add a security key for additional protection. When it comes to storage space, battery capacity, and data usage, the app doesn’t consume many device resources. Users can verify this by looking at the “Storage” and “Task Manager” section of the app in the “Settings” section.

Avoid Conflicts

You know that The Parallel Space application supports 24 languages, so people worldwide can easily use this language. So, when you meet problems with any features of this app, you can quickly fix it. Moreover, to run multiple accounts in the latest Parallel Space app, you need to use different cell phone numbers and make sure the cell phone number is activated the first time you log in to send confirmation messages to that number.

About Parallel Space MOD Pro

With this paid version, you get a more powerful, stable, and easy-to-use tool. You can sign in to multiple apps with more accounts on the same device without worrying about delays or lags. Plus, you may find more convenience and smooth internet experience in this version.  Besides, you can use more powerful tools to use the application more effectively.

MOD features

  • All Pro features Unlocked


Parallel Space helps many users log into multiple accounts simultaneously on one device and highlight their style. It also protects users’ privacy by hiding apps with its feature on the device. Download this great app, and enjoy the perfect features now.

Download Parallel Space MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 4.0.9274

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