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Pixiv is the finest app for discovering new artwork, whether it be drawings, comics, or visual novels, and examining existing works. This app has more than 30 million users all around the world as of right now, making it the largest community for Japanese art images available today.

App Namepixiv
Publisher pixiv Inc.
Size24 MB
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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MOD Info
  • Analytics Removed
  • Loggers Removed
  • Ads Removed
  • History Removed from Drawer (Server Sided Feature)
  • PixiVision Frame Removed from Home Illustrations and Manga Views
  • 2 Shortcuts Added to Drawer:
  • PixiVision – Manga
  • PixiVision – All
  • The sort by Popularity Tab allows 30 items
  • Mute Feature is Limited to One Item Only
  • Compression Flags Untouched
  • No Third Party Patch

About pixiv

Pixiv APK is a popular online community where people can post drawings. Currently, the site features around 90 million pictures, and 20,000 to 30,000 are uploaded daily. This community of artists and enthusiasts has the potential to become a significant source of exposure for animation companies. Users can also submit their drawings to be featured in the Pixiv Artbook Collection. This publication is published worldwide and contains a selection of the best Pixiv artwork.

Pixiv is a platform where artists can showcase their artwork, share their skills, and connect with millions of other users. It is a social media site for artists and creators that enables them to promote their art, share it with others, and get encouragement. In addition, Pixiv also allows users to connect with other artists and collaborate on projects.

Pixiv Premium MOD APK

Pixiv was launched in April 2009 and is available in several languages, including English. Pixiv Premium users get special privileges. They can test new services earlier, view more popular items, and enjoy preferential treatment at events. They can also host events. They can organize up to three months in advance.

While Pixiv was initially focused on the Japanese market, the site has since become a global sensation. Today, it has over 30 million users from around the world. It is the 12th largest website in Japan and generates more page views than Facebook. However, the site still needs more development and new features to reach the international community.

An art platform for those who love Japanese culture

Those who sincerely appreciate Japanese culture and fondly for this nation’s famed hand-painted art will undoubtedly be familiar with pixiv. Pixiv is more than just an app in its own right. It has evolved into a social group that can be accessed online, and its members include many talented painters who produce stunning paintings in various styles, subject matters, and personalities.

Picture books, manga, and graphic novels are all possible adaptations of these works. Everyone who participates in the Pixiv community can come in to appreciate, remark, assess, or debate posts to assist one another in becoming better artists.

For users who are not interested in pursuing a career in the arts, Pixiv may be compared to a vast collection of paintings. These users do not want to pursue a career in the arts. It is a site where you can view and appreciate all of the finest examples of Japanese art, which are constantly being updated and come from various genres.

Pixiv Premium MOD features

Simple, friendly, and intuitive interface

If you create an account on pixiv, you will have the ability to post your own work. You can start browsing your favorite content or leave comments on other people’s works. Within the Pixiv community, it is also possible to examine the drawings of other users, provide comments on those drawings, and engage in conversation over those pictures.

And because Pixiv is home to practically all of the greatest hand-drawn images, you may search for all of the drawings you wish to see by many different criteria with just one easy operation. These criteria include subject, genre, style, creator, posting date, tag, etc.

There are additional rankings of the finest works on Pixiv for each day, week, month, and year. These rankings are updated often. You may see all of the greatest and most popular works that have been updated every day simply by clicking on this link. This helps to clarify which trend is currently prevalent at that moment.

If you come across an image that strikes your fancy, you have the option of downloading it and saving it to your computer or sharing it on one of the many other social networks available. This will allow you to return and have a closer look at the impressive job that was done.

Perfect viewing experience

The viewing experience on Pixiv is rated as perfect. Most users are comfortable browsing and viewing the content on this platform.

The user interface expands to its full size when visiting the page, and it may be personalized both horizontally and vertically, as well as in terms of whether the text should be read from left to right or from top to bottom, depending on the preferences of the user. In any case, the user interface will be expansive, offering nothing but the standard control keys and leaving the remainder of the screen completely uncluttered. This particular point is a personal favorite of the author of this manga reading application, and it can be found here.

Bookmark your favorite works

Once you find a beautiful photo or a unique piece of content on Pixiv, you can add it to your Favorites list. Now all the content you have bookmarked is in one place. You can review them at any time.

Within this Favorites area, you can organize photographs in any way you see fit actively, whether by category, topic, or any other criterion. The amount of pictures that can be marked in this area is not restricted in any way.

It also has a clear display, easy to read. It allows you to personalize the list according to your tastes, making it an efficient tool for monitoring and keeping tabs on the paintings you consider to be your favorites.


Pixiv is a great platform where you can find millions of unique pieces of content about Japanese culture, including illustrations, manga, and novels. With over 40 million global users, it’s a place where you can connect and share your work with like-minded people.

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