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Polaris Office

Polaris Office MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 9.7.0

App Name Polaris Office
Version 9.7.0
Publisher Infraware Inc.
Size 59M
Require 4.4 and up
MOD Info PRO Unlocked
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Polaris Office is proud to be the app selected by Editors for office jobs. The app gained 100 million users since the publication, and the number keeps rising thanks to the “Top Developer” title from Google. Download the latest mod of the app to enjoy the PRO features for free.

Introduction to Polaris Office

The app enables users to boost productivity promisingly with all functions needed. Let’s list out the format and types of documents you will work on the computer. We are sure this app could open and help you edit those easily.

Except for specific designing apps, Polaris Office keeps you posted with working and schooling 24/7 and everywhere.

The story

The app is free now in Google Play for Android, and the features are quite adequate for light work. If you want to turn it professional, we recommend the monthly subscriptions.

You will need to sign in with a google account or Facebook before getting started. It’s a practical step since the version contains files you can view from other devices when you log in. It’s almost likely as the function of a Google account but way more mobile.

The interface is ready to go. Your library will develop according to your import, export activities, creation, and share.

Polaris Office PRO key features

Special features by Polaris Office

Besides regular features like an Office app, Polaris also offers the following benefits that will help you a lot with processing office work:

Open, edit, and save all office files.

Whatever files you work on, Microsoft Office and Google Office will be compatible with this app. That means you can directly access the content you get shared, prepare, or create with no extra steps. Vice versa, users can continue using whatever platform they are using and combine with Polaris Office with a complete fit.

If Google Drive needs you to get various apps to view and edit separately, you should check out this one because every manipulation stays in a single app. It’s a convenient move to make.

Draw on blank space

If you have a touch pen, the app could be more useful. It offers blank space for you to write on like notes on paper. So, you don’t just have an app but a notebook with you.

Instead of getting another app for notes, you can now create a message and store it with other documents. Be creative the way you are, and don’t stop because of any inconvenience.

Connect with others using emails

With a free account, you can sync the files within a laptop and tablet. Therefore, the app helps you continue the work on every familiar platform, which is within your reach at the time.

Besides, if you want others to get the same view, you need to share them using email. This feature works quite similarly to a Google account. Users can also invite other viewers instead of sharing the link so that you keep the file intact for your own.

Support a broad group of users

The resources in Polaris Office are enormous. It can open standard office documents, but particular files like CSV, ODT, and TXT can also display on the app. It expands your productivity.

The app provides different templates, charts, forms, and visual accessories to help you create useful documents. Users all around the world can join this platform as the community displays in 18 languages.

High compatibility

It’s undeniable that the app could help you with tons of work. You don’t need to convert or get limitations in editing since all office files are readily accepted and edited within this single platform.


What you can do is not only receive and change files. You can do more with the doc, like converting or sharing with certain people. The user can expand to notes if you are equipped with a touch pen. 

When you have the Pro plan, compatibility of this app to your life can rise much higher since you can do more on fixed content like PDF. 


Working for all these things above, this app is only 60MB. Compared with other social media, you will see the app is very space-efficient and helpful to you.

Polaris Office PRO APK

APK MOD of Polaris Office

If you don’t feel enough about the features in the Free version, try upgrading the PRO package now for a completely different enhanced experience.

Upgraded Subscription (PRO Pack)

The free account is free for fundamental operation. Also, access to cloud saving could be ineffective when you have an enormous amount of data to save up.

Polaris Office will be much better when you upgrade it with a monthly or annual Pro subscription. When investing the appropriate amount on your account, here are what you can get:

  • Work with no ads
  • Work on unlimited capacity
  • Sync your files with 15 other devices
  • Work on PDF files like editing and filling form
  • Insert high-quality images
  • Use fingerprint instead of Passcode or Passcode for highly classified data
  • Search for keywords in docs without opening
  • Free storage for three months

Besides, if you want a moderate experience but no advertisement, the app provides you a separate package to remove ads only. This package is more economical but remains comfortable for users.

Also, there is a more affordable, extensive package called Smart Polaris Office with an extra 1 GB storage capacity and synchronizing nine devices. Too, you can:

  • Remove ads in all synchronized devices
  • Export the documents to PDF
  • Use Passcode or fingerprint instead of Passcode for highly classified data
  • Search for keywords in docs without opening
  • Free storage for 15 days

MOD Features

PRO Unlocked: The features in the PRO package are unlocked and you can use it for free.


Polaris Office gained ISO 27001 certification about security in Cloud. Therefore, it stays a secret spot for work, research, and data storage that matters in your life. The better is that it’s handy.

Besides, the app shows certain features to help people with a wide range of office jobs. You will find it useful once you roll in the app. Why not try it now since it’s free to download?

Download Polaris Office MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 9.7.0

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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