Poweramp Full Version Unlocker
Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker MOD APK (Patched) 3-build-946

App Name Poweramp Full Version Unlocker
Version 3-build-946
Publisher Max MP
Size 8M
Require Android 4.4
MOD Info Patched
Get it on Google Play
What's you need?
  • ROOT
  • Modded Google Play
  • Lucky Patcher or Jasi Patcher

The oldest, most respectable, and most powerful music player for Android. Unlock the full potential of hi-res and lossless music. Sing along your favorite songs with built-in lyrics finder. Give yourself some eye-candy with downloadable themes from Play Store.

Introduction Poweramp App

These days, more and more people are switching from offline music libraries to online streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. It is safe to say that not many people now have MP3 songs saved on their phones since internet speed is greatly improved and music streaming is too convenient. However, locally stored music still has some undeniable advantages over these streamed media. The files are always yours and you get to do whatever you can with it rather than listening, internet connection is not required, and the ability to play hi-res and lossless FLAC audio is the special privilege that streaming service cannot give you. Moreover, people with picky music taste usually do not want to rely on a music service, as some of their favorite songs are just unavailable.

Poweramp PRO

For anyone who chooses locally stored music over streaming services, a powerful music player is a must-have. This is where PowerAmp comes in. It is among the most revered music players for Android that has been around for a decade. It is packed with hundreds of features that were added up and polished over time by the developer team. The app is so reputable that it has more than five million buyers on Play Store, even though its price is approximately three US dollars – not cheap for a music player when there are hundreds of free alternatives.

Features of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

PowerAmp is the most feature-rich music player on the market right now. It is designed to satisfy anyone in the world and give their users the feeling that their money is well spent. You can customise everything from the UI of the app, the behaviors of notifications, audio enhancement, visualisations, album arts and lyrics, etc. Once you downloaded the app and try it out for the first time, it might take you an hour to go through all the abilities of PowerAmp.

Appearance and Experience

The customizability of PowerAmp is far ahead of any alternative you can think of. On top of including a light theme and a dark theme that can interchange following your phone’s theme, you can even install custom themes. These themes are app packages that you can download over the Play Store or sideload in the form of APKs. If you are still not satisfied, PowerAmp will give you the abilities to tweak around the UI. You can add animations to the album arts, change the rating system to like/unlike rather than star rating. toggle the visibility of elements like Chromecast button, menu button, track counter, etc.

Not only giving you the satisfaction in looking at the UI, PowerAmp also offers a simple and intuitive usage. Just open the app and you will be taken to your playlist immediately, or you can navigate to the settings to let it open the Now Playing screen once starting up. You can tap and hold the app icon at your home screen and choose Shuffle or Play right away with one tap, presumably your phone OS is not too outdated.


In case you need a more pleasing looking interface, you can turn on the visualisation in the Now Playing screen. There are hundreds of different visualisations, and it would take a day to try all of them out. However, you can shuffle the visualisations or cycle through them sequentially, or lock in your favorite one. Most alternative music players on the market do not offer visualisations, which adds a reason for choosing PowerAmp over any other.

The visualisations are also customisable. If you believe your phone performance is adequate, you can toggle HD resolution visualisations to get a more mesmerising experience. Try changing the opacity of each element in the visualisation settings section too if you prefer. In case your phone heats up while visualisation is shown, restrict the frame rate to 30FPS to reduce the stress on your phone’s chipset.

Poweramp Full Unlocked features

Intuitive UI

The core features of PowerAmp is indeed the usability of the app and how convenient it is compared to other alternatives. Using PowerAmp, you will soon realise that everything you need is always placed in the perfect place. For example, you can seek through the currently playing song inside the notification, or skip ten second ahead without scrubbing the seekbar with a pro forward button. The menu at the bottom of your screen lets you go the equaliser in one press of a button.

The Library screen lets you browse your music in various ways. You can look for your favorite piece of music by going through folder hierarchy, or by scrolling the lists of albums or artists. It also has a separate list of your top rated songs, and recently added songs also have their own place. Last but not least, you can create a custom playlist that suits a certain mood or theme and play it on proper occasions.

Intelligent features

Asides from equalising the sound, PowerAmp is also filled with advanced features. There are settings to enable fading out, crossfading, and gapless playing, and also the ability to insert silence between tracks. The app also can apply ReplayGain to all tracks or certain tracks having low peak, or prevent clipping for tracks with high peaks. It also lets you decide how to behave in the event of a phone call. There are many more smart features that are dedicated to advanced users but it is impossible to cover them in this article.


PowerAmp is a well-known music player that focuses strongly on audio quality, however, it is also filled with extra features that you don’t even know how much you need them. It has dedicated audio decoders, therefore the equaliser is extremely reliable and effective. It is an easy recommendation for people who like to enjoy high-quality music on the go and the stock music player comes with their phone is not pleasing enough.

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