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Psiphon Pro

Psiphon Pro MOD APK (Unlimited Speed/ Subscription) 365

App Name Psiphon Pro
Version 365
Publisher Psiphon Inc.
Size 22M
Require Android 4.4
MOD Info Unlimited Speed/ Subscription
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Psiphon Pro, a VPN service from Psiphon Inc. is one of the best open source VPN platforms on the market. No membership registration required, no traffic limit, you can protect your internet connection from hackers and limited carrier without spending money.


The internet is growing at a strong speed, covering the entire world with content accumulating exponentially. This is a huge amount of information that one can never absorb enough even a lifetime of effort. However, the barrier between you and the infinite internet is not in your own longevity, but in your carrier. Internet service providers always have a blacklist of information resources, websites must be blocked, and unfortunately if some of them contain the content you need.

Hackers are also a major stumbling block to freedom on the internet. People often ignore cybersecurity and think that hackers will have no reason to target them, but if your personal information or bank account information is stolen, the damage will be very serious. Not only will you be affected, your family or the company or the organization you work with will also be involved when in the internet age, you cannot disconnect from the people around you.

Psiphon Pro app

Introducing Psiphon Pro

VPN services are born as a solution to the two biggest problems facing internet users. The VPN encrypts your connection, so the network operator cannot read the information you receive from the internet through the VPN to block them, and hackers cannot bypass the VPN’s security layers to attack. your device or transmission line. In the storm dominated by many popular VPN applications such as UFO VPN, Hotspot Shield, Psiphon Pro still has a high position in the ranking of recommended VPN applications.

Psiphon Pro is one of the best VPN services, with unlimited speed connectivity and servers located in 23 countries. The app delivers a truly free internet experience with no login required, unlimited features for free users, allows private proxy settings, and especially open source.

Key features

Psiphon Pro is a VPN app geared towards customer experience. The application has an easy to use interface, fast connection speed, and exceptionally stable. The application development team is constantly working to bring products to as many countries as possible, protecting privacy and freedom for everyone on the internet. Psiphon’s privacy policy also states that it will strictly protect user data from third parties, and in the event that Psiphon shares user data, it will be purely anonymous data and can not be compared with other data sources to trace the user.

No registration required

Some VPN applications always require you to register for an account to easily manage customer information. However, Psiphon Pro does not. Immediately after installing the app, you can start using it without signing up for an account. There are no restrictions you need to worry about, just connect to the servers, and enjoy the safety and privacy of your web surfing.

User-friendly interface

Since Psiphon aims to be simple in the user experience, the application interface has also been minimized to the maximum. When you open the application, only 4 tabs will appear on the screen that is Home, Stats, Options, Log. The Home screen is where you turn on / off VPN, Stats contains statistics about your usage, Options has options for tweaking apps and Log is a detailed record of In / Out when VPN is on. So, even if you are not tech-savvy, you can still easily master this application.

Easy controls

The Home screen is the place where the VPN on/off switch is located. When you install and open the application for the first time before you can turn on the VPN you need to allow the application to access the geographic location so that the application can optimize the transmission line, in addition, the application also requires permission to create a VPN in your phone settings. You just need to check to Agree when asked, and the VPN will automatically pop up afterward, with whatismyip website open, showing your location and virtual IP address to make sure you’re connected as public with the VPN.

Psiphon PRO features

Displays detailed parameters of the connection

The basic statistics are shown here. The first line shows the time of the current session. In case the connection is turned off, the screen will show Disconnected. Below this line is a chart showing data sent and received. This chart becomes important when you suspect an application is consuming your bandwidth in the background without your knowledge. Whenever you feel something unusual, you turn on Psiphon and exclude the suspicious application in the settings, if the chart has a sharp drop in volatility, you can conclude your question is completely correct.

Global servers

The settings screen allows you to adjust the server’s location; enable Always-on mode for VPN; customize proxy settings; vibrate and respond ring; turn on/off timeout time in case of slow connection. You can let Psiphon choose the best server location based on your location, or choose one of the 23 countries listed. Psiphon also supports whitelisting and blacklisting. Specifically, you can set up a VPN only for whitelisted apps or exclude blacklisted apps.


Logs contain all the logs of VPN activity and connections while the VPN is on. Although all the information is for reference only, you can also make use of these logs to check the connections to see if any app is sending/receiving data implicitly without your consent and timely intervention.

Customizable list

By default, when you connect to servers via VPN, all of your connections across applications move through this tunnel. However, this is not necessary. Most of us only need to use a VPN for one or a few certain applications. For example, in some countries SuperCell games are not available, you need to use a VPN to switch IP to another location to download games from the Play Store. However, when playing those games, you don’t need a VPN. Luckily Psiphon Pro can handle this problem. The application allows you to create an exception list where you can add applications that you do not want to connect to the VPN when you are using the service. All activities on the app are controlled, sounds great, right?

The MOD APK of Psiphon Pro

Psiphon Pro is a free app on the Play Store and you can download it easily without any problems. However, it is true that if you are using the free version, the number of servers is quite small and the connection speed to the servers is also limited. Therefore, upgrading to Psiphon Pro is a worthy choice.

We provide you with the latest mod of Psiphon Pro. Mod feature allows you to use all servers with maximum connection speed. No more frustration when you have to wait too long to load a website or download apps from the Play Store. Here is the complete information about the mod:

  • Subscription unlocked / Unlimited speed bandwidth;
  • Graphics are optimized and resources cleaned for faster loading;
  • Disabled / Removed Unwanted Permissions
  • PsiCash Tab removed;
  • The option to force open the browser after a connection is established is disabled;
  • Changed the main bar to dark;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics is disabled;
  • Compatible with AOSP.


Psiphon Pro is a powerful VPN application that has many advantages compared to other VPN services thanks to its cheap price, favorable pricing policy for free users quite a lot, simple interface but effective, and smart user protection policy. Transparency, respect for freedom and security on the internet.

Download Psiphon Pro MOD APK (Unlimited Speed/ Subscription) 365

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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