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Pulsar Music Player Pro MOD APK (Paid/ Many MOD) 1.11.6

App NamePulsar Music Player Pro
Publisher Rhythm Software
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoPaid/ Many MOD
Get it onGoogle Play
Ultra MOD Information
  • Pro / Paid features Unlocked
  • Unwanted Permissions + Activities removed
  • Unwanted Services + Receivers and Providers removed
  • ZipAligned resources
  • UltraZipped resources
  • Debug Info removed
  • Languages: Multi Languages
  • CPU architecture: Universal
  • Screen DPIs: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi

Google Music Player no longer helps you play music in cars or is not happy about the current player. Either one of them, you should try Pulsar Music Player Pro

Introduce to Pulsar Music Player Pro

Pulsar is a music player for Android devices which offers Android Auto for driving users. It is one of among many favorite apps, but this one contains certain outstanding features.

This app is to bring you the absolute convenience considering manipulation, suggestions, and sound quality adjustment. It’s best to experience the app by yourself, and you can do it for free with a little testing time spent. However, we have a brief here so you can have an idea.

Pulsar Music Player Pro APK Download

The story

The need for music by a human being is endless. Everyone enjoys music regardless of ages, genders, culture, or beliefs. Therefore, mobile applications working as music or sound players are favorite. Day by day, developers have learned how to make it propound with more utilities.

Starting with a simple player program, Pulsar is linkable to other devices, flexible in music taste, and smart in operation. When Google music player is out of order, it must be the next appl you want for Android Auto. Luckily, the latest update has improved certain features for this function.

Unique features in Pulsar Music Player Pro

It’s time to look at Pulsar Music Player Pro features overall. Here is what you need for a suite life!

Command by voice

When Google assistant is enabled in Android, it has been viral. It’s so convenient that mobile apps should keep up with that in the latest version.

People find it easier to command by speaking than typing, so whichever app can fulfill it will be one of favorites. Pulsar has a long applied voice commander, and now you can order your song verbally. It’s a modern amenity that few can offer.

Adjust sound balance

Depending on the device or the recorder, music could play out with too high or low pitch. As a listener, nobody likes that. With other applications, what you can do is nothing.

However, when you play music by Pulsar Music Player Pro, you can adjust the sound balance to fix the irritation. It depends on the songs and melodies so that automatic amplifiers won’t be the best choice. It would help if you spent time on it on your own.

Adjust speed

Every song in the app has its speed. However, you can make it faster or slower by adjusting the speed. Will this function be necessary?

It depends on your need. Some people just go crazy about replaying a song hundreds of times to get the lyrics. Hence, when Pulsar Music Player Pro offers you such a slowing button, it will be more than help.

And when you want to play with music, putting it on a positive attitude by double the speed will be a good idea. Music speed modification also brings you chances to create games or creative times with melodies.

Pulsar Music Player Pro features

Custom interface and widgets

You can custom the app interface and its widget presence on the phone screen. You don’t have to stick with a traditional standard like using Spotify but change the way you want. People have habits using different apps, and which one can change for them will be the one staying.

Manage personal library

Pulsar plays your music by presenting you options in groups like types, lists, albums, or artists. You can search for single songs by name, but you can also organize your online playlist as you want.

There are no limitations for you to group songs you like, duplicate, or classify them so that you can straightforwardly access appropriate lists when you’re online.   

Recommend smartly

The system will watch out for you and recommend your hits or new songs. According to your search, history, and duration in the app, the AI will analyze and present you with smart options.

Change to gapless playback

Don’t waste any second waiting for music since you can play the next gaplessly in Pulsar. Users are welcomed to opt for crossfade or gapless style.

Support Chromecast

Chromecast is an essential and handy feature in media applications. It allows extensive connection to TV, computer, projector, and more surrounding devices. Chromecast in Pulsar enables you to share your music to larger communities than your friend circle.

Time your sleeping hours

Some people want to continue listening to music when going to bed. You don’t need to reach the phone and let that blue light affect your sleeping pattern. Pulsar can set the timer to turn off music automatically when it hits the time.

View lyrics

Pulsar enables you to enjoy songs differently. Lyrics on the screen will be excellent support for those who like karaoke.


Pulsar Music Player Pro is an excellent app for Android Auto and personal usage. It’s what you need the whole day- music in whatever shapes.

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