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Qanda MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 5.2.24

App Name Qanda
Version 5.2.24
Publisher Mathpresso
Size 105M
Require 5.0 and up
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Qanda is an online learning application that uses artificial intelligence to solve math exceptionally quickly. The application answers math questions from grades 1 to 12 very quickly by asking questions.

About Qanda

It is a mobile application that enables students of all levels to solve problems instantly. You can also look for on-demand learning materials at the lowest cost. This application can read text and math formulas from photos. It operates with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. If users have a problem, they can take a photo of their math problem, then upload it to an app. It will scan the image and provide a solution in 5 seconds. Plus, you can also interact 1: 1 with more than 10,000 teachers from renowned universities and use a watch when doing homework to improve concentration. With the help of this app, parents can easily handle and help their kids with math solutions.

Qanda Key features

Great features

Identifying questions quickly through shooting

The function of the application is to identify questions by capturing images directly on the application quickly. You can also take a picture of the questions first and then select them in the convenient and quick picture gallery. You don’t have to waste time re-typing questions or precisely recording complicated and challenging math formulas. Anytime you need to urgently solve a difficult math problem or help your child with some problematic issues at school, you can put the issue into practice right away and get the answers right away. It is significantly saving time and effort.

Ask 1: 1 questions with teachers.

If you are still unsure of a problem or want to interact directly with the teachers, this app will help you. It supports 1: 1 surveys with over 10,000 teachers from renowned universities. You can actively select any tutor from the list, then write text and send questions directly. The tutors will reply shortly and get the answers back to you as soon as possible. This is a great way to interact directly with the teacher and better understand your problems.

With 1: 1 questions and answers, not just math, you can also ask questions about foreign languages, science, society, etc. Note that you will need to write text with tutors that you need for a certain number of coins, this coin will allow you to complete several missions that are to be donated entirely free of charge.

Finding the solution is easy.

This application also has a quick search function. After you ask a question, the system quickly finds and identifies the most accurate answers to your question. If you use this feature, you won’t have to waste time waiting for a response. However, the accuracy of this function has yet to be improved. You can leave comments on the solutions after getting the answers from the system. So wait a bit to find a solution to your problem.

Moreover, you can get step-by-step solutions for your exercises. Therefore, if you do not understand any of the steps, you can review them. This is an excellent way for you to have not only a quick answer but also have a detailed solution.

Measure study time, improve concentration.

In particular, it also supports homework timers, which you can use to measure study time and improve your ability to concentrate on homework. The Homework Timer is a powerful tool that will help you evaluate the speed of your problem solving, so you will know how to allocate your time and adjust the speed of problem-solving. So you don’t have to worry about missing out on Gold Study Time. Additionally, over time, you should practice work habits to improve your numeracy skills and help your brain function better.

Calculator help for simple calculations

It also offers a formula calculator that is easy and convenient for you to calculate. You can calculate any math formula from simple to advanced, such as constants, binary, a system of equations, sin, cos, tan. The system returns the result immediately. With detailed solution steps in detail so that you can quickly understand the exact solution at a glance. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about hand calculations or spend a lot of time on complicated math formulas. Just enter the calculator tool of this application, and you can see the outcome of your problem right away.

Supports seven languages

With the support of 1 billion math problems implemented and a search engine developed in-house, it provides quality education to everyone wherever they are when they are studying and helping them access the tutor’s team has learned in the best universities in the world. Also, this application supports seven languages: Korean, Spanish, English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian and Thai. Hence, you don’t have to worry that your language is not supported. So, when you first use this app, you can set up the language that you know to use easily.

Translate in any language

If you are a bilingual learner and need to translate these problems, this app is here to help. This app is ready to support translation according to the list of languages that this app offers. Therefore, you can completely rest assured to solve the problem without worrying about the language of the problem. It’s also an excellent way for you to be able to both learn math and learn a second language. Plus, you don’t need to text anything to start translating. The thing you need to do is taking pictures of the math problems and then upload it to this app.

Study with your friends

If you find studying alone too dull, you can invite your friends to explore together. You can easily extend your learning network with other friends. In addition to asking them to learn to put extra pressure on yourself, you can also race against your friends. You can easily set up the study clock and solve math problems to see who is the fastest math solver.

Also, the app has a The Achievement Framework that lets you measure how well you are doing and how well it is compared to your friends. This way, you can be more motivated to study, especially love math.

Join events and own attractive rewards

Besides studying with your friends, you can join the events that this app offers. There are many fascinating facts for you to show off your math skills. Each event will have a challenge and a reward. Some so many people participate in these events, so this is a fascinating opportunity to show your math skills. If you are good enough and lucky enough, you can get yourself attractive rewards. This is also an excellent way for you to increase your interest in math learning. Plus, you can tell your friend to join with you and dare them to win you.


Qanda integrates superior artificial intelligence so you can get quick answers thanks to instant search engines. If you’re not happy with the response, you can ask tutors directly, including math experts from the best schools in the world. This app will be a great companion for you to love math more, so let download it now. If you want to find another app that has the same function, you can use PhotoMath. It’s also a math solver that works similarly to the application described above.

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