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Recent Notification History

Recent Notification History MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.3.4.a

If the notification system on your device is too cumbersome, let Norg MOD APK make it simpler. This app offers unique functions that help you manage notifications on your Android device more efficiently.

App NameRecent Notification History
Publisher Lufesu Inc.
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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Do you ever feel like you can’t keep up with the constant stream of alerts? Norg Premium APK (Recent Notification History) ensures that you always see your notifications and can look at them whenever you want.


It can be said that Norg is the perfect manager for your device’s notification system. If an important message must be attended to immediately, the system will sound an alarm and vibrate to grab your attention. So that everything stays neat and organized, the tray’s active notifications are constantly moved around.

Not only are you able to rearrange the alerts in a manner that makes the most sense for you, but you can also go back and look at the ones that have already caught your attention. These two functions and capabilities are available for your use.


A log contains entries for every notice that the application has ever been given. The alerts that have not been read are consolidated into a single notice. You will know you have a new urgent message because your phone will vibrate and make a sound. If you want some quiet time, you can tell the app to stop bothering you with notifications. In addition, the number of notifications that have not been read is displayed in the menu bar.

Check all of your messages without marking them as read, and narrow your search results by the sender, the recipient, the application, the group to which they were sent, and the search phrase itself. You might be able to make better use of your time if you disable the alerts that keep flashing up. You can also always look back at past notifications to see if you missed anything important.

Recent Notification History mod features


Advertisements and collecting information about crashes are two ways the Internet is used to help gather information about its users. Information about alerts is only stored locally on the device and is never sent or gathered in any way.

When the notification listening service is activated, all these things occur. Take it off the list of power-hungry apps that can’t stay in the background. Norg will cause significant interruptions when used with other apps that handle notifications. It’s the only surefire method of keeping Norg and other notification management apps from clashing with one another. Turning off alarm noises or vibrations on some gadgets may not always be possible.


  • Norg is responsible for managing your complete notification archive (you can always go back and check them anytime).
  • Unread alerts will be grouped by app and presented in a condensed manner inside the notifications themselves.
  • You will only be notified of truly important alerts by means of noises and vibrations (will remain in your notification area).
  • Norg will take care of silencing and logging any additional alerts (they will not remain in your notification area).
  • The number of unread notifications will be displayed on the notification icon, alerting you to their presence.
  • Only the truly relevant alerts will be saved, ensuring that your notification area is always organized and easy to use.
  • Filtering options that are flexible and may be applied to each app notification group or keyword.
  • Even though this is not generally feasible, you can now hide the Ongoing notice from being displayed.
  • A function for searching through previous alerts.

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