Remini – Photo Enhancer 3.6.3 (MOD Premium Unlocked)

Remini – Photo Enhancer
Updated 07-09-2022 (3 weeks ago)
Version 3.6.3
Publisher Remini
Genre Photo Editor, Photography
Size 53M
Require 4.4 and up

Remini (MOD premium Unlocked) is an application that allows you to recover and restore the pictures that you love but blurry or old using AI technology.

About Remini App

The Remini photo recovery application uses the latest in AI technology that allows users to restore blurry details due to low image quality. It can even improve the quality of the video. Just send a photo, the AI ​​technology in the application will restore itself. Plus, this will only take you a few minutes to get a higher quality photo and stop seeing the fat status. So, you don’t have to worry if your photos are blurry or too old to be recognized.

Moreover, this app supports you to convert old low-resolution photos into high-resolution photos. With the advanced AI smart recognition technology that said about,  you can recover poor quality photos. You don’t have to select the part or adjust it manually, but select an image, and the app will automatically edit all of the photos. This app also supports editing videos. Most users use this app to re-adjust old photos, blurry poor quality photos due to long-time pictures or mistakes in taking. Hence, you can use it right away anytime you want to recover pictures of loved ones or old photos that have not been used for a long time.

Remini MOD features

Advanced photo recovery features

Online photo recovery

It is an online real-time photo enhancement application. It will use the most advanced AI system to serve and assist people in image recovery. Only the user tries to upload old photos and then accompanies the AI ​​to edit pictures according to your needs. This function is simple and does not take long. No matter how old the photo is, AI will fully restore it, even if it is damaged, and some stains will not affect the AI ​​functions of the app.

The restore function also helps restore color to black and white photos, and it will be converted automatically without user intervention. Plus, with AI technology, it will automatically create a colorful image, and the user will process detailed changes. Restoring colors to a low quality black and white photo is a great thing that not everyone can do.

Photo recovery mode

It can make photos with poor quality, blur and blur sharper and more precise with photo recovery mode. Instead of editing manually like other applications, it automatically performs these tasks on behalf of the user thanks to advanced AI technology. All a user has to do is switch to advanced mode, select a photo from the gallery, and wait for the restored images. Besides, before choosing the restoration, users can use the tools to rotate the image in the desired direction and adjust the aspect ratio accordingly. This app can also compare photos before and after recovery so that users can tell the difference. The images update to be more transparent and sharper and have lighter colors.

Turn your photo into artworks.

If you think your photos are so bored and want to change it, you can turn them into artwork. You may not imagine how cool this app can help you. Once you upload a photo and choose this effect, it will automatically change your picture into artworks. You can see everything made by color with many sketches and animations. The same as colorizing, you can also choose from various artworks and make it easy. With the help of this function, you can quickly get a product with many loves.

Video recovery

This app even allows users to edit low-resolution videos to make them more straightforward. Fixes blurry videos and allows previously recorded videos to be played back with clear images and a larger display device. Keep using simple operations like image recovery. However, before editing a video, users must save a video’s name from being edited (up to 50 characters). This feature is perfect for a video in low light and low light conditions. Besides, users can add optional subtitles to make the video more unique and exciting.

After the user restores photos, the new images are automatically downloaded to the user’s device. However, users can check old unedited pictures and new photos in history. This feature always ensures that the user doesn’t have to worry about accidentally deleting photos.

Colorize photo

This is a very significant feature of this app. If you don’t like black and white photos or want to make them more colorful, this app can help you do this. Once you upload an image and you have edited this photo not to be blurred, you can easily add color for it. You can’t choose the color you like to add in these photos, but you can use this app’s effects. There are many effects for you to choose from. So, depending on your needs, you can select the most suitable photo for you. Let this app brings the real color to your old photos and makes it lively.

Turn your photo into HD mode.

If you are thinking about your photo’s quality, you can turn it into HD mode to have the best one. This app works well in portrait mode that truly brings the new and beautiful to your picture. You can’t imagine how quality this app brings to your photo. Let take a selfie now and let this app make it beautiful.

The interface is simple but very useful.

Remini is an application that not only has several tools for your photos and videos; it also has a simple and basic interface that allows you to use it quickly when you need it. Thanks to these graphics, you get everything you would expect from the app at a glance without having to pay extra payments or subscriptions to enjoy all that it has to offer, so you can enjoy all that it has to offer in an attractive choice. While there are so many photo apps out there, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with it when you use it and that you can count on updates that will improve your experience.

About Remini MOD version

Premium features

If you’re a professional photo editor and its free basic features aren’t enough to meet your needs, upgrade your account to Pro. With an updated account, it offers many times more unique features and tools. You can use advanced photo recovery with more unique filters and options. The restored photos not only make you sharp and clear but also have more exciting styles.

You can also use the advanced selfie mode, which allows you to edit your photos while being taken. This mode sharpens the image, automatically removes wrinkles and smudges, and makes the photo look bright and vibrant. There are many account upgrade plans with different pricing and timing requirements. So, let choose the upgrade plan that best suits your business to avoid wasting money and get as many features as possible.

Mod features

Premium Unlocked: All Premium features are free to access and use.


With Remini, you have a powerful option for your photos that the creators often add enhancements and updates based on suggestions and opinions from all of the users for your image. You can find this free and straightforward tool on digital platforms so you can easily edit and improve your photos and videos, which you can then share with everyone. Download this app now.

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