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Shazam MOD APK (Paid) 13.9.0-221205

App NameShazam
Publisher Apple
Genre Music and Audio
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoPaid
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  • Countries restriction removed

The Shazam Encore recognizes any song just from melodies. Get ready to download this app’s latest mod right now!

Introduce to Shazam Encore

There are so many covers and remixes about songs that we would die to know. Have you ever gone to a party and listened to such a charming melody, but no one could tell you what? Then Shazam Encore can.

This magic app reveals to you the songs in a specific album and by a particular singer. You know, the melody changes when another person performs it. And adding a beat of a musical instrument, we can come to totally different awe. The app Shazam is to help you keep updated with that little change.

If you are a picky person regarding music, it will help you perfect your playlist. Let’s see how it works to that perfection.

The Story

Google Play offers several apps to help you display music, but only Shazam Encore to find pieces specifically as you want. Therefore, it’s one of a kind that attracts more than a million users and is still counting.

This app could be nothing like a music display, but it uses AI to detect the melody, lyrics, and voice to guess the song. It’s not a known name but also the version that the speaker is currently playing. It is magic for music lovers as they now know unique audios without searching so hard.

The current Shazam Encore comes with more amenities to help people enjoy music more comfortably. The section below could tell you briefly what you can do with the app. But to know it for real, you have to install it today.

Shazam Encore Features

Special Features by Shazam Encore

Find any songs

The most popular use of Shazam must be to find songs. You didn’t see the point yet if you don’t be at a party at a time. Yes, how come that we need a whole new app just to seek songs? We can go on Spotify and type the name. We can search it on YouTube by inputting whatever words we remember.

But all of those procedures seem too bulky with Shazam. This app helps you display all information about the song you hear right at the moment, discreetly and instantly.

You need to match the app as close as possible to the sound source, and it syncs beautifully. There is no need for a tranquil space. The app works well even if you are in noisy clubs, busy parties, or streets.  

Instant play or add to playlist

What do you do after finding out about the song? Some people can play it right away so that the app links to your music player, and there is a place for you to listen in no time.

However, some people would like to save it for later. No dig deal with it as the application shows the result and save for later view. You have the right to come back to whatever you detect earlier. It is like a recent search on YouTube but way more extended.

Sync lyrics

If you need the lyrics right away to sing along, the app could help too. It’s such a multitasking tool when you can get the synced lyrics while running the app and the melodies.

There is no need for a second app, and you can start singing along right away. We see it as a potential feature for party lovers as they can blend in with the music whenever they love to.

Link to video

The result comes on screen with the name and singer, but you can go further with the display. Either mp3 or video display is possible. The app connects to YouTube, where you can see the clip with no time searching. More importantly, it’s the video where the exact melody appears, not the same-same one.

Set dark theme

Shazam Encore now comes with eye-protecting mode. When the dark theme appears on Facebook and Insta, it has been so viral. And now, in this app, it helps you sync the melody even more conveniently anywhere, even in Cinema or dark rooms.  

Use on apps

If you are too lazy to turn on and off Shazam Encore, don’t do so but use the on-app operation. All you need to do is change the setting to “Appear on top” permit, and the app operates 24/7 in detecting whatever melody you encounter on Facebook streaming TV, IGTV, or YouTube. It’s the hand-free mode, and then, we guess a massive collection at the end of the day could satisfy you before sleep.

Run offline

It’s even more remarkable when you know about Shazam Encore offline service. You don’t have to be on an Internet connection to detect songs. However, some features, such as playing on YouTube or linking to a playlist, could be limited. Anyway, It’s still a privilege.

Keep up with recent hits.

Shazam has a chart on the right corner where you can view the hits. It’s almost like any music player, but this collection comes with different groups of regions. For example, we have top songs in Paris, London, or Berlin to follow.

Share melodies

Don’t keep the lovely song for yourself but share along. The app also connects with all applications in your devices relating to communication. Therefore, whatever channel you want to share, be our guests!

Display on iTunes

It’s not the app for only Android devices but also Apple. Hence, don’t be hesitate to keep up with the amazing tool today regardless of what operating system you’ve got.

Shazam-Encore-mod apk

APK MOD of Shazam Encore

We bring you the mod of Shazam Encore for Android. Here are the mod features:

  • Languages: ru, en
  • Android Wear app removed
  • Deeply optimized all graphics
  • Disconnected advertising and garbage services, hidden by the advertisement I found
  • The modification is untied from Google services
  • The services for collecting statistics have been deactivated, carefully
  • Maps work, load
  • Compression: Ultra + Zipalign
  • Signature changed

Final words

Since it’s free and so convenient, we don’t see any point in not trying. Shazam Encore must be the best sorting tool for music since you can pick the song with specific qualities such as style and singers. Now, there are no melodies strange to you when you can explore the name within a tone. Check it out today and make yourself a unique and flawless playlist!

Download Shazam MOD APK (Paid) 13.9.0-221205

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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