Simply Piano by JoyTunes 6.5.3 (MOD Premium Unlocked)

Simply Piano by JoyTunes
Updated 26-07-2021 (2 days ago)
Publisher JoyTunes
Require5.0 and up

Are you ready to learn Piano from beginner to advanced with Simply Piano by JoyTunes?

Introduce to Simply Piano by JoyTunes

If you are finding a cheap way to learn to play the Piano professionally, Simply Piano by JoyTunes is our suggestion. This app suits whether you got the keyboard or not. As one of most favorite apps in 2019, it will ensure blasts you will have side by side with learning piano.

You could be beginners or professionals at piano playing, but this app fits all as the variety of courses it has. It promotes easy learning, a thorough curriculum that all people understand and feel inspired. Check it out now if you don’t want to miss such a great experience.

Simply Piano by JoyTunes MOD APK

The Story

Demand for learning musical instruments increases every day since people’s love for art and melodies develops. However, it’s hard to attend a course due to a lack of time and financial resources. Learning anything relating to music could develop children’s creativity and help control mental disorders better. 

The demand for music learning has opened an era to mobile apps such as Simply Piano by JoyTunes. There are mobile tools that you can learn and practice with virtual instruments. Among many piano tutorial apps, this one from JoyTunes imposes a significant effect on users. 

The United Nations has awarded it the World Summit Awards. Besides, it is well-known as a golden app for schooling and got the Parent’s Choice Award. The section below tells you how this little app could get so much attention.

Special Features by Simply Piano by JoyTunes

When you download the app, you get to register an account to record your progress in learning. There are more spots than one so that people in the family can keep track of the learning process together. And once you start, here are options.

Easy and straightforward courses 

The course delivers content in baby steps. We all know learning piano couldn’t be a rush since there are so many signs, rules, and tones to get used to. No matter what level you choose, lessons put details, and explicit content on top so that whoever learns the lesson could conduct the best result afterward. 

The lessons flow and grow within your progression. There is a mixture of practice, lectures, and playing together to lose interest. Especially with children, the short lessons keep them focused and effectively learn the content. 

Different levels

Different levels appear in a diverse curriculum and schedule. The story of the course responds to the predicted learner’s ability. Naturally, you cannot change or mix the content if you are smart enough to carry more detailed lessons but you can speed up learning and get more attention using the premium account.

Practice on the apps or with the keyboard

The app has both modes: sound sensory for keyboard playing and virtual instrument. It’s a good start if you are questioning your interest in Piano. A piano indeed costs a lot of money, so why buy one when you can have a virtual keyboard to practice first.

Even though tapping on the touchpad cannot compare to the thrills on pressing the key, it’s the way that we can learn such subtle activity free. It won’t be much different if you are getting the vibe of this action before deciding to go big and make a purchase.

If you already have the keyboard and want an assistant for practicing, Simple Piano would love to stand by you. The system could sensor the sound very well to evaluate the practice through sounds, not by recording on the apps.

It’s a free assistant, so you don’t have to think twice before getting one. And either you have the tool or not, it works perfectly in developing your skills. Considering that, we believe pianists would love to have such a thing in the pocket when they want to test out the sound or playing during break time.

Simply Piano by JoyTunes key features

Variable tastes and songs 

The Piano has extended in melodies, more than classical music. You don’t have to follow a stiff curriculum like at university or professional courses. You can learn to play the music you like and follow no one, even people you share the app with.

Useful for all ages

The short and straightforward lectures on Simply Piano by JoyTunes keep it compatible with all ages. Kids and students, adults, or middle age people can all start the lessons immediately. Learning a musical instrument is about perception and the talent that children or adults do not differ much.


It’s a handy piano you can put in the pocket and carry around. You can have the lesson anytime, anywhere as long as you have time.

Besides, each lesson lasts around 10 minutes, which is even less than a lunch break. Hence, practice is possibly continuous as well as dense enough to make improvements.

With people who already know how to play, this app will be your pocket piano and help you achieve more and more melodies.


The song collection expands in number every day. You’ve got many to learn and to entertain regarding longevity, tastes, singers and so on.


There is no need for an offline tutor if you have Simply Piano in hand. The comprehensive lessons it promotes could be comfortable enough that you don’t need extra explanation. It is an excellent way to test if you like the action before deciding to invest other things in it.

APK MOD of Simply Piano by JoyTunes

About Premium packages

Simply Piano Free is offering limited options for further practice. Hence, if you are longing for a more free environment and more guides, direct feedback, the premium account is the next station to go. Here, you will get:

  • Learn with feedback 
  • Learns with step by step tutorial
  • Play multiple songs
  • Read notes

MOD features

Yes, now instead of paying directly in app to upgrade Premium plan, you can enjoy it for free with our mod.

Final words

Simply Piano by JoyTunes imposes an excellent choice for students to learn and for the teacher to teach. The app is simple for any learners with short and inspiring lessons, perfect for kids. 

Simple Piano is for children to learn and anyone who would like to try their luck on playing the keyboard. What do you think?

Download Simply Piano by JoyTunes 6.5.3 (MOD Premium Unlocked)

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