StayFree – Screen Time
StayFree – Screen Time

StayFree - Screen Time MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 11.9.1

StayFree Mod APK proves to be a master of improving productivity and self-discipline thanks to its accessible features. By carefully observing the user’s smartphone activities and effectively limiting app usage, this fantastic technology effectively leverages the power of phone addiction management. People may refocus their attention on genuinely important activities by utilizing the StayFree Mod APK, which will eventually help them lead more successful and fulfilling lives.

App NameStayFree - Screen Time
Publisher StayFree Apps
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About StayFree – Screen Time

StayFree – Screen Time & Limit App Use is a digital mastermind promoting self-discipline, productivity, and control of phone addiction. It enables users to look deeper into their smartphone usage and better understand their behaviors. The software includes the ability to limit app usage, allowing users to stay focused on the work at hand.

StayFree allows users to establish use restrictions for their applications, ensuring they do not spend too much time on any app. As users exceed their use limitations, the app gives them notifications, allowing them to be held accountable for their activities. StayFree also allows users to access precise information about their usage history, providing insight into their digital activity habits.

Individuals may release their full potential by breaking free from the bonds of phone addiction with the help of StayFree. People may take charge of their productivity, retain self-discipline, and eventually live more rewarding lives. The software gives users a platform to take control of their digital habits and prioritize their chores, allowing them to stay focused and motivated toward their goals.

StayFree - Screen Time-mod-apk-features

What does it do?

When it comes to apps that help you limit your screen time and exercise more self-control, StayFree is at the top of the list. It is a delight to use because of its speedy and straightforward interface. To help users fully grasp their phone habits, the app gives the most precise usage data and cross-platform usage analysis possible.

StayFree’s customer support service is second to none, so users with questions or concerns will get answers quickly. To let users monitor their phone usage without having to plug in their devices regularly, the app is built to be battery-friendly.

And there are no ads on StayFree at all, so there will not be any disruptions while you are using it. Using StayFree can help people overcome reliance on their phones, allowing them to concentrate and exercise greater self-control. They can help you spend less time on the screen, focus more, and get more done. By removing the need to be connected to the internet constantly, StayFree users may spend more time with friends, family, and even themselves. Its digital detox functions help people spend less time mindlessly scrolling through their phones and raise their awareness of their device usage.

Key features

Experience StayFree’s wonderful features, meant to transform how you interact with your phone. The software analyzes your app usage history in detail, replete with charts and data, allowing you to understand your digital habits thoroughly.

StayFree’s over-use reminder system is unparalleled, alerting you when spending too much time on an app and prompting you to start your digital detox. The program also has a block mode, allowing users to disable any app they may be using excessively temporarily.

StayFree is built with cross-platform functionality, allowing users to integrate the Android app with Chrome and Firefox extensions, saving time across all platforms. The software also has a concentrate mode that allows users to schedule distracting apps and stay focused on their jobs. Individuals may plan their sleep time and deactivate applications during that time using the sleep mode function, supporting healthy sleeping habits.

StayFree’s interface customization is unparalleled, with five distinct themes available to fit your tastes. The software also has a lock mode that needs a password to update the settings, which adds an added degree of protection. The widget feature displays your most-used applications and overall consumption on a wonderfully designed widget.

StayFree displays comprehensive daily and monthly application usage percentages in a pie chart graph, visually depicting your phone usage. Users may export their usage history to a CSV or Microsoft Excel file using the app’s export mode, allowing them to evaluate their digital activity further. StayFree also includes motivating phrases that are likely to drive users towards their goals to promote productivity and reduced phone usage.

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