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Introduce to Temp Mail 

Our email address could be leaked accidentally. Most of the time, we cannot stop that as we need to declare an email address to get codes, confirmation letters, registration for an app, etc. Such actions voluntarily give social media a way to connect to us. We continuously get promotion messages, advertisements, and alike. Temp Mail is to halt such a drama. 

The app provides you a quick and temporary email address for unimportant chores. It won’t bother working email since you don’t expose any information to the source channel. It’s an effective way to save you from an ocean of trash every time you check the mailbox. Below is how it works in detail.

The Story

We believe that whoever uses emails to share the same problem with spams and trash mails. It makes up super annoying moments when we have promotion emails much more than letters for work. Nobody wants to waste a single minute on tidying up such an unwanted message. Knowing the source of the problem, Temp Mail proposes a solution to stop leaking email addresses to unreliable sites. 

The method is to use a mail-in for a short time. It’s like using plastic bags instead of a tote, which you must wash and dry regularly. However, this substitute is compostable. The point is leaving no traces behind, so you are forever free of issues relating to that address. Temp Mail provides easy and instant service that we all need to cope with anonymous chores.

Temp Mail Key features

Operations on Temp Mail 

Instant email address

The primary function of Temp Mail is to create a temporary email address. With the app, you will have one within less than a minute. There is no need to declare names, age, passwords, or any other information you have to with Google mail. The system gives you one randomly, like picking a pen out of a full new box. It looks like an ordinary email address that people couldn’t tell it’s fake. This temporary address is usable for your notice.

Short-time storage

The lifespan of these email addresses will be no longer than a few hours. Therefore, the app doesn’t have to hold up the weight on data, or you don’t have to store too much information that you never use again. Automatic manipulation sets you free from the last job – deleting the unimportant. 

Multiple files downloading the tool

The mail is not a fully functioning email address, but you can do fundamental jobs- receiving emails and download files. The system allows access to multiple media files, documents, videos, and so on. Same with downloading, you can keep the files before the mail goes off forever. 

Forever deletion

Whatever you don’t want from the mailbox, you can leave it there, and the system has them done without a trace. We mean the email address, too. The deletion of all traces will take all advertisement or anonymous promotion away from you. It saves you time from cleaning and organizing. Moreover, using such an email will hide your identity from hunting agencies.

Benefits from Temp Mail

Reading about such operations you can do in Temp Mail, you might or might not get the idea of why you should have this app. Here are the benefits:

Protection over privacy 

You don’t have to expose any bit of your personal information with Temp Mail, even in the process of getting a temporary email address. As a result, don’t worry. You could leak your data to this app. Besides, all email addresses will be terminated after a specific short time, taking all spams. This feature also leaves the other side nothing to trace for you, not alone advertising their product promotion programs. The temporary email address itself is anonymous from the sender; thus, it poses no risk. 

No spam or advertisements

Having a temporary mail to do chores like receiving a password, one-time files, codes, and log-in information will save you from many troubles. For your information, access to Wi-Fi in Public, getting free files from the Internet, or register for an online service all gather you a bunch of advertisements and spams from those service providers. But with Temp Mail, you are entirely free as the mail address is no longer existing.

Multiple languages

The app can operate on multiple languages bases, not only English. Hence, we see its potential for a large group of users regardless of language competence or careers. 

Easy and fast

It would be best if you did almost nothing to get the temporary email address, even typing. It’s all up to the system. And, when the lifecycle of the mailbox comes to an end continues depending on the app. You don’t have to worry about creating a new address or how to tidy it up. All you need to do is click and watch for the content you need when it comes to the inbox.


It is not a nonfunctional email address. The mailbox you created could receive inboxes in a while but not to send. And you always have to remember to download essential files you need to the devices, or it will go away with the mailbox. 

There is no way to recover lost files relating to Temp Mail as the app is designed for temporarily used. You cannot make any email address here to be your permanent contact. We recommend using it only for short-time businesses. 

Temp Mail Premium features

The Latest mod of Temp Mail

About Temp Mail Premium

When using a Premium account, you can have the mailbox’s names customized as you wish. However, it is not the only one. Here are functions only in Premium Temp Mail:

  • Multiple mailboxes
  • In-app email reading tool
  • Large storage 
  • Premium customer service
  • No ads in-app

MOD features

We bring you the latest mod of this app. The mod feature allows you to receive all the Premium benefits without paying any fees.

Final words

Temp Mail has been praised by Entrepreneur.com, TheNextWeb.com, Gadgethacks.com, and more in speaking of email insecurity. People are getting in more and more trouble with spam emails, advertisements, and so on. Tidying them up to work every morning is such a waste of time while you can fix the situation by using Temp Mail. Why don’t you try?

Download Temp Mail MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.33

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  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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