Textra SMS
Textra SMS

Textra SMS MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 4.60

App NameTextra SMS
Publisher Delicious
Genre Communication
Require4.1 and up
MOD InfoPRO Unlocked
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Do you want an app that turns text into a Microsoft Word? Download Textra SMS for free and enjoy extra amenities! Once you get into this, default messengers would be no need to exist.

Introduce to Textra SMS 

Along with the development of telecommunication, standard messenger apps are no longer compatible with swelling demand. People always want texts to be capable of sending more than just words. Even with MMS service appearing on smartphones decades ago, iMessage or Android’s text is not enough. 

Textra SMS Story

Textra SMS, on the rising wave, provides services on delivering texts, pictures, emoticons, gifs, and more. It gathers whatever you need to do through texts, adding more and more amenities regarding the latest trend. It looks through details and invents a thoughtful app.

Textra SMS is meant for convenience and speed in texting. It combines the traditional version and chatting app from social media. This app picks out the best features of texting apps, turns them into something everyone loves. What exactly are they? Let’s get started.

Required agreements 

Free Textra SMS is a lifetime offer. There is nothing more, such as a premium or paid version. However, the ads will pop. If you do not want to see ads during texting, pay for adblock once forever. Besides, there is nothing else for you to worry about Textra SMS.

Services by Textra SMS

So, what a combined texting app offers us? What are specialties which bring it ten more than 10 million downloads? 

Instant texting

Textra SMS supports a quick window for answering. When you don’t want to open the app because of doing something else more important, type your answer on pop-ups. You would find it similar to Messenger, Whatsapp, or Kakaotalk. So, you know that privilege.

Various emoticons

Twitter has twitter icons. Facebook also has its own. So does iMess. What Textra SMS has? Everything! 

You can access at least four icon collections from the library, and each of them shows abundant options. Notably, the newest Android and fashionable iOS emoticons are now available. The app gets these updates with the latest changes from reputational providers. Now, you see the second benefit that you hardly get from any other messaging tools.

Selected copies

It’s the most updated feature by Textra. Let’s face it. Sometimes, you want to copy a number or a part of the text but it is impossible unless you take the whole and delete the unwanted later. For sure, it takes time. Not alone, functioning on small screens like mobile phones could be more irritated. 

Textra SMS swiped it away. The new version allows users to select a part of the text. And, although you are in the middle of typing, partly selecting can parallel happens. If that’s what you’re longing for, take your chance now with Textra SMS.

Advanced MMS

Definitions about MMS on Textra SMS means more than pictures. Now, you can deliver Gifs and voice to the other side. Grouping people is never more comfortable here. What you need from other social texting apps is available within Textra and extra privacy.

Textra SMS PRO key features

Compatible with other apps 

Notification and quick reply are the pride of Textra, and it must go further than mobile phones. Thinking out of the box, app’s providers have made it compatible with Pushbullet, Android Auto, Mighty text, etc. Don’t you think that feature will expand your view on convenience? Getting your message and replying on any available platform now are actualized. 

We promote compatibility to Auto’s app the most as it potentially reduces disturbance while people are driving. Get your beloved safe by using something convenient like Textra SMS.

Dual-SIM support 

Will it be a problem when you have 2 SIM on a device? With other apps, we are not sure, but with Textra SMS, no big deal. The app could handle double-SIM devices as long as the operating system is above Android 5.1 or equivalent. 

Customized display

Are you fed up with dull green and blue bubbles? Do you want another shape? This app helps you with that. Bubbles in different colors and shapes form a significant collection here. 

Shades are the biggest. On a color, feel free to pick a light or dark shade as you want. Let’s make the texting platform present something about you and the receiver.

Easy-peasy manipulation 

When applying this app, it changes not only your texting habit but also your calling. Replying and picking phone calls now can be manipulated with a swipe. Get the number and do whatever with a finger. Wouldn’t it be the amenity we want for today’s bustle and hustle life? 

Quick camera 

What do you do when you want to send your friend images on old-fashion apps? Go to the library and pick one? Some apps today link to the gallery by sharing tools and get it sent for you quickly. With this app, you can take one by the quick camera. Again, if you use Messenger and Whatsapp, you’ll know how good it feels.

Scheduled messages

Want to send a birthday message, but you’re afraid of sleep over it? Don’t worry. Textra SMS can schedule it for you, either SMS or MMS. It must be a unique app suggesting this tool. You must try scheduled texts as it’s so cool to have!

Voice messages

Last but not least, Textra SMS completes its service by voice message enabler. The app can recognize and get used to the voice quickly, as well as to record accurate messages. 


Textra SMS proves itself the perfection of all. It has almost everything you could think of doing with texting. At some points, it prevails over popular texting apps that we know about. 

It will change your life of texting since the use of this one. Who could say texting means annoyance and time-consuming? Why don’t you try again with Textra SMS and find out this outdated communication way has been elevated way more than we expect?

Don’t hesitate to get it downloaded today, and say goodbye forever to your custom texting app. 

Download Textra SMS MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 4.60

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