ThopTV 44.1 (Premium Unlocked)

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Updated 10-12-2020 (2 years ago)
Version 44.1
Publisher ThopTV
Genre Entertaiment, Movies
Size 18M
Require Android 4.1

Watch unlimitedly of your favorite TV shows and movies on ThopTV mod (Premium unlocked). Free download it at!

Introduce to ThopTV  

ThopTV performs as a public library for movies, TV programs that you could never get enough of. This app could be your new favorite mobile channel through holidays due to its content. Getting into details, you would see more significant benefits of using this new app. 

ThopTV offers an excellent chance for viewing special programs but for free. Would you like to be one of the first to try? Down here comes some information that you might want to know before downloading.

The Story

Each year, uncountable films and movies come out on all possible channels. The demand also increases, as well as mobile apps. The present apps, such as Netflix and here, ThopTV, have enabled users to watch anywhere and at any time.

Because of that attention, Thop TV developed the same channel where you can find extra multiple options for watching. With only the idea of streaming videos, it will always get enough attention, not alone this app offers more than that. 

ThopTV is published by RJT Devs along with a lot of other apps on the range. This one provides movies, but there is also a ThopTV Hindi App for cricket- a famous sport to Hinduism. The company released many guiding mobile tools to help users with maximizing advantages. Significantly, this app aims its target customers as Tegulu speakers. 

ThopTV MOD features

Programs on ThopTV 

The app includes multiple channels like real TV but packed neatly on a mobile app. Here are highlighted channels you could explore:


Movies could be an essential factor for anything like ThopTV. Whatever we say, films and movies attract the biggest audiences. More importantly, this collection grows fast and lasts well. We could see the same movies several times but not a piece of news. That’s also the reason why this application concentrates on this area the most. 

Not less than other global platforms, this channel opens a fantastic world of options. From comedies to Bollywood, from horror to romantic affairs. Having ThopTV and chill could be as great as expected but free. Why not?

Cricket games

There is a specialty of this app, as cricket seems not popular to the world but Hinduisms. For them, cricket is magical, like football. So, this app would be perfect for you to seek a trusted platform to watch the latest games. The cricket game is a niche market, but this app is thoughtful enough to offer.


Realistic shows, documentaries, or competitions made in series gather into a single platform. Let’s not face the mix now when you can search for them apart. The separation of video collection helps ease the pressure of searching and the pain in reviewing similar names.

TV programs

Many TV programs will be on your hand now. It has passed when you have to wait for a sports game and record it for watching later. Many could be found here, intact, and incredibly convenient. 


ThopTV cartoon sounds like a sweet offer to children. They provide a single app for this so that you don’t have to watch out for kids whenever they touch the phone. As we comment, separating channels into categories helps to deal with content control.

Key features on ThopTV 

There are three main service areas in ThopTV’s platform. Those who have used Netflix would quickly understand how to exploit this app. 


Besides ThopTV – Free movies, there is another basis for cartoons, Hindi cricket, and series separately. This app will contain a piece of information introducing these platforms. Will it be important? Like Netflix, adults and children will not share the same content. If we do, the content will be either restricted or overwhelmed. ThopTV agrees with the same idea, so it splits offers into categories, rather than age.

Because of the complicated network, this app supports a comprehensive guide. You will know how to install, how to exploit data, and how to do your search. Because it’s a new app, people should watch the guide to maximize capacity. 

Free TV and movies

Along with the work of a cinema, ThopTV promotes itself with plenty of channels. It promises convenient mobile TV with you any time. The new cricket game is on today? Watch it anywhere you could catch the first second. The latest movie just came out? Buy popcorn and enjoy it right away!

With ThopTV on your mobile devices, you reduce the chance to miss the latest news and increase the opportunities to keep up with the world. 

More than a TV, it’s a big cinema with plenty of available blockbusters for you to explore. Other platforms like Netflix charge money, but this one offers free chances. Due to it, there could be not so many new movies available, but users need to wait for a particular while. However, if you have no problems waiting, then free this app could be a great alternative.

Free downloads and watch offline

An excellent cinema app should think for users. We are not sure to obtain Internet 24/7 as well as electricity. Therefore, it allows free downloads from all of its platforms. Hence, you can watch it later or many times later.

Downloading your favorites from the mutual storage to your device seems like building a library. This offline library could not be as abundant as the one online, but it will be more personal. You customized it according to your taste. Having this library consumes you less time to search than looking for a specific title on a more significant basis. 


ThopTV Premium made it publish to a minority group- Hinduism and promotes the culture by running separate cricket channels. It’s a rare app to say. So why not give it a chance.

Moreover, it’s free still, on all bases. You don’t have to install but only specific categories that you are interested in the most. It’s easy to manage. The guideline can be found on other substitute apps. Be the first to try and enjoy authentic feelings from programs, series, and movies from ThopTV!

Download ThopTV 44.1 (Premium Unlocked)

This is the area for you to download ThopTV . Just tap on the application name below to show all the available links, then click to download.

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