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Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) 5.0.5

App Name Thunder VPN
Version 5.0.5
Publisher Signal Lab
Size 5.3M
Require 4.1 and up
MOD Info VIP Unlocked
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Thunder VPN protects your privacy on the Internet. Download the latest mod at APKdl for free to enjoy the VIP features completely free.

Introduce to Thunder VPN

Get online fast and securely with Thunder VPN, which is what the app promises to users. This app provides a virtual private network that will enhance your experience on the Internet, possibly everywhere on the Earth. With a dense global proxy distribution, it will be a useful app for you once going on a business and traveling. 

The app now has been available to download on Google Play that you shouldn’t miss. If you are badly experiencing public networks, let this app make compensation for that. Life is too short to surf crawling networks. Why not Thunder VPN?

The Story

Since 2010, when many Internet providers restricted logging Facebook, people knew of VPN as a tunnel to go through. VPN went viral at that time for its great breaking of censorship. But little did we know VPNs could do more than that. Soon, people explored virtual personal networks, and it is significant to help with away-from-home birds. Since then, apps like Thunder VPN have grabbed much attention.

Thunder VPN follows the idea of those functions. However, the app is an improvement of the previous VPN in performance. It works faster. And, it allows friendlier configuration if necessary. The app provides an instant effect within a straightforward interface so that every user could get used to it immediately. Below are details about its service. 

Thunder VPN Features

Features by Thunder VPN

Connect anonymously

It’s common sense for any VPN app to let you connect to a public network anonymously. This feature guarantees your privacy and the secret of the document you accessed. They will see nothing about your IP address from the Internet provider since all VPN users will go through encryption that makes the exposed names at the final destination look all identical. By this function, connecting to a regional network appears possible. 

Enable geo-restricted networks

Some content or website restricts citizens from other lands. For example, like Netflix app, the content in Asia is different from in the US. So what if you want to watch a movie that is not allowed in Asia? You can go to Thunder VPN, change the location within a click, and come back with a free pass to Netflix America. You are not necessarily staying in the USA at the time. This operation works in 2 ways. You can access home service when you are away. For confidential, many businesses stop users from their files if they access it by an unfamiliar network. Since you have Thunder VPN, work at home or away from home will be no longer complicate,

Entry restricted websites and contents.

Not only will geographic content on the website be opened to you. Restricted content now means an open the door to your device since you can get through quickly. It is a great help when you work or travel out of the border.

Remove internet censorship

With networks that censor connection, Thunder VPN will cope within a second. There is more network for you to choose and work. And since surfing is anonymous, you are welcomed to use it safely.

Easily fix bugs

What happens when you cannot work on Thunder VPN? The supplier has seen it beforehand. Calm down and do what the app says. First, you must click on the flag icon before refreshing the activity. It’s time you need to back with the fastest server. There is always a route for you to the Internet with Thunder VPN.

Benefits of Thunder VPN

High-speed connection

It’s for sure that you will get a faster connection while with a VPN. Thunder VPN is no exception. Besides, the app works fast on detecting, connecting, and operating on the network’s speed. It means a precious friend whenever you are on trips.

Reliable server 

VPN connects the dots worldwide. You could be anywhere on the Earth and connect any server on the field. Proxies must be an unbeatable strength off Thunder VPN in comparison to other networks. If you have experienced a VPN before, Thunder VPN promises to work better. 


The app takes only 6M in your phone, so we see it as no big deal for an app that could enhance your connection. Besides, it operates well on almost all Android devices, starting with the 5.0 operating system. Besides, it’s opened to users in geographical servers, type of networks, and also a time limit. It works for your needs. 

Easy to use

There is not much manipulation you must do on the app. It is one click away from the connection that we suppose everyone could make. It needs no account, no login activities, and of course, no configuration. The free operation means a lot to amateurs in technology. That’s why it approaches a large number of users. 

There is only about changing location, which acquires your reading a bit more. Even with fixing bugs, you don’t have to return the app, but reinstallation could work through. It must be one of the user-friendliest apps for a VPN.

Highly compatible with many computing devices

Thunder VPN works well on different mobile devices as long as you can get the app. Laptops, Tablets, or mobile phones are welcomed. It will not be a big deal when you travel. But, when you work away from home and desire to access a home library, this feature means a lot to a personal desktop. Let it help you with a more comfortable life. 


The app is a free platform. VPN apps usually charge a fee as they provide global server and customer service. This app does nothing alike. From the beginning to further operation, people explore free the resources equally on every inch in the world. 

Thunder VPN Mod features

About Thunder VPN APK MOD

Want to unlock all the VIP features on the app without paying? Try Thunder VPN MOD from us. Here are the mod features:

  • No Ads: All annoying ads in the app have been removed
  • Faster Connection: That’s right, you can browse the web with the maximum connection speed.
  • Worldwide Location: The VIP feature allows to unlock all servers around the world.

Final words

It could be best if you can experience the app by yourself. It is not the only VPN provider and probably not the last generation. But at the moment, Thunder VPN works impeccably and updates its performance regularly. Carry it with you to anywhere in the world but access to your home network, or stay at home and access the knowledge of far away. Isn’t it what we enjoy about the Internet? What are you waiting for if not get the app installed immediately?

Download Thunder VPN MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) 5.0.5

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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