TouchRetouch MOD APK (Paid/ Patched) 5.0

TouchRetouch APK is a photo editor that allows you to apply various effects to your pictures in order to make them look more appealing.

App NameTouchRetouch
Publisher ADVA Soft
Size47.6 MB
MOD InfoPaid/ Patched
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About TouchRetouch

The act of capturing a moment in time with a photograph is one way to ensure that it is not forgotten. No matter how old you are, you could like taking photographs and have done so in the past. This is true regardless of your age.

In days gone by, photographs were taken with cameras that employed rolls of film. This method resulted in a tangible end product. In the event that you clicked the incorrect one, you should feel bad about doing so.

The advent of mobile phones eventually rendered practically all other devices obsolete, including cameras. In this day and age, nearly all smartphones come equipped with a front-facing camera, and a growing number of manufacturers are focusing their attention on developing phones with cameras as their major selling point.

When there is a surge in the number of individuals using the internet for social media, there is also a surge in the number of people submitting images online.

Every person who uses social networking applications or websites has at some point submitted images in the past, and many continue to do so even now. However, this does not make it a terrible thing because it enables you to keep in touch with loved ones who are unable to visit you on a regular basis in person and allows you to see them.

Up until the point that you realize that one of your images has been photobombed, everything is going swimmingly. You had just taken a photo when suddenly an unwelcome subject or object wanders into the frame by accident.

People find themselves at a loss for what to do, so they begin searching the internet for expert picture editors. Well, if you use the TouchRetouch program developed by ADVA Soft, you can turn yourself into one right now.

You may enhance the look of your photographs with TouchRetouch, a photo editor program that is distinct from other editing applications and allows you to apply filters and stickers.

The TouchRetouch software is quite helpful since it can be used to clean up an image by removing unnecessary parts. You will find a link to read our review of the Touch Retouch app below, as well as a link to download the latest version of the Touch Retouch APK for Android.

TouchRetouch mod apk download


Delete Unwanted Components from Photographs

Downloading the TouchRetouch APK applications is recommended for a number of reasons, the most important of which is the ability to clear a picture of all extraneous objects and components without the assistance of an expert. Because of this one function alone, millions of people are currently using it, and they really adore it.

This program is not like other photo editing applications in that it does not make the picture seem better; rather, it assists you in making the necessary adjustments to the picture. This tool can help you make your images appear better by removing unwanted elements from them, and the amount of things that may be cropped out of an image is practically endless.

The retouching function Is Simple To Use

This application provides you with access to a variety of Object Removal tools, all of which may be utilized in the appropriate context. After downloading the free version of Touch Retouch, you will be able to open images with it.

Choose the tool you wish to use from the Brush or the Lasso options, then choose the part or element of the image you want to edit and hit the Go button.

This application provides you with a tool known as Clone Stamp, which enables you to remove identical or flawed elements from a picture. Using this program, you may make adjustments to the image’s brightness, opacity, and hardness, in addition to a lot of other settings.


One-Touch Fixes and Removal

After downloading the Touch Retouch program, every user may instantly transform himself into a skilled picture editor.

You may erase any little imperfection with just one click using the Blemish Remover tool that is included in this program. This function is quite similar to the one found in DSLR Camera Professional.

If you want to take anything away, such as cables or poles or another straight item, then all you have to do is mark a portion of it, and the entire thing will be taken away. There is a function known as the Segment Remover that you may use if you wish to get rid of a certain section of those objects.

Additionally, if you want greater precision, you may adjust the thickness of the item remover.

Detailed tutorials for all in-app functions

Despite the fact that utilizing this software is incredibly easy, and anyone may do so without encountering any challenges, However, in order to further assist TouchRetouch’s users, the creators of the app have included in-app video lessons that may be watched in order to learn more about the functionality of the program.

If you are one of the people who are curious about how to utilize the Touch Retouch software, then you will most certainly find this feature to be helpful. When a new version is released, the tutorials are updated to reflect the changes, so you won’t have any problem utilizing the new version.

Clone object or pixel on photo

This is a highly effective retouching tool that enables recreating different parts of an image. It is a very effective method for cloning a number of different items and then pasting them all across a picture. In addition to that, it is an effective method for eliminating artifacts or correcting distortions in the backdrop.

Easy undo

You will have an endless number of opportunities to undo or redo the alterations with the Touch Retouch software at your disposal.

You have the option to delete an object from the photo; but, if doing so causes the image to appear unattractive or if you removed the object in error, you have the option to restore it by clicking the Undo button.

If you are certain that you want to delete the item, all you have to do is click the “Redo” button, and the modification will be undone.

MOD APK of TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch’s ADVANTAGES 

  • No subscriptions, ads, and in-app purchases
  • No quality and EXIF data loss
  • Professional photo editing
  • Automatic photo heal tools  

MOD Info

Paid/ Patched


If you are looking for a powerful photography app to edit your smartphone photos, then TouchRetouch is a good choice.

It makes it easy and quick for you to eliminate undesired elements from the shot, while at the same time allowing the image to keep its natural beauty. It is really simple to apply to any situation and to any person.

Its advantage comes from the powerful set of built-in functions that can be used with ease. You don’t even need photo editing skills to apply them to photos. Besides, the application has an elegant interface, supports multiple languages, and has no ads or watermarks.

Download TouchRetouch MOD APK (Paid/ Patched) 5.0

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