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VIMAGE is one of the great photo editors on Android with lots of unique features. Are you ready to download the app’s latest mod? Don’t forget to enjoy unlimited free all PRO features.

Introduce to VIMAGE app

Not a casual photo editor, VIMAGE brings a studio into your mobile device with astounding effects never seen before. VIMAGE promotes trendy moving images into an artistic level, and the app has not yet been done with expanding.

VIMAGE brands itself as no editing app, even though it provides standard functions. This app works as a cinemagraph that is focusing on photos rather than videos. It adopts and creates trends in making extraordinary images. To support the idea of VIMAGE, founders have their society with hashtag #vimage in collecting amazing shots from users. 

VIMAGE features

The Story

Since iPhone VIII, animated pictures with moving effects have become viral on the Internet. The event brought taking photos to a new level. Sanning perfect curves, margining the right angles or putting on appropriate colors turn out to be no big concern anymore. It must be the photo’s liveliness. VIMAGE makes that job more manageable to any mobile device. It brings animations and moving effects from reality into pictures, and presents impressive effects. 

Until now, it still imposes an app for artists thanks to images attracting thousands of Likes. And yet, creativity to visual effects comes to no end. The new version of VIMAGE welcomes a new feature – 3D parallax illusion.

Newly added features in the latest version make the app more desirable than before. But not only by those who want some more likes but also those who want to do more art. The updated platform wants to hand you a chance to create. It’s to unleash your potentials by developing a given basis into something unique and unexpected. Will you like to join the mission?

App’s specifications

VIMAGE is free to download, and users can access a certain number of tools. Indeed, the standard package is enough to provoke creativity. However, the publishers offer a Pro package where users can reach a more extensive collection and explore a wider world. You can also use the mod that we provide below to use all the features in this PRO package for free.

This app made its appearance not long ago, so the old version of Android might not be compatible. Phones running from the 6x version are indeed safe to install the app. The size is interchangeable, depending on the devices.

Awesome Features

There are many unique features that make VIMAGE so special in countless mobile photo editing apps on Play Store. Join us to explore it right below.

Easily edit your images

The app contains regular tools for editing photos, such as filters and overlays. You can import the pictures, then soon access retouching tools like brightness, hue, contrast, and related orders. However, these are not the selling point of the app.

VIMAGE is famous for its animation. It breathes into images movements of real-life so that the pictures look like living. To do so, you have to take one with something lively in reality such as waterfalls, smoking cigarettes, spinning flowers, or floating clouds. After importing the pictures, you need to choose the section where the movement is supposed to happen in practice and apply the effect. 

Other than that, you might want to have the image retouch with better tones and frame. After all, the product comes out as a carefully retouched and magically turned from a professional studio.

Would you like to share it with Vimage’s society? If yes, have the picture posted with hashtag #vimage and let the majority praise your work.

3D Parallax

It’s the latest feature in the app at the moment. It creates parallax from ordinary pictures while not asking the viewer to wear glasses. The effect uses mistakes in human vision to fake the corner and bring out a 3D illusion. The effect looks more convincing when you have it posted on frames on Facebook or Instagram. 

After animated photos, VIMAGE goes viral with this effect, attracting numerous users to download and experience the new tool in person. It’s understandable as making and looking at the first 3D pictures we have ever made with no bucks spent is incredible!

Sky Motion 

Famous effects on VIMAGE must include sky motion. This tool emphasizes the vibrant movement of clouds and wind, which we usually see from the sky above. We apply it for a picture with a broad sky corner, better with clouds and blue shades.

Final images promote the massiveness of space. Here, it’s the sky. The movement of a vast area contrasts with stand-still sceneries implies a strong message about nature. This great feature can also be found in Ninja Motion and Enlight Pixaloop PRO.

Making GIF

Besides the sky effect, VIMAGE supplies other animations such as floating, flowing, smoking, splashing, etc. This image contains the movement in a short time enough to turn the picture into a GIF file. 

Why do you need to make a GIF? Well, let’s ask yourself if you have ever wanted to record a hilarious moment with your friends? If yes, then this is your app. Besides, there is always something in life that you want to save in the form of GIF, not by non-moving pic or too-much-moving videos.

VIMAGE PRO Key features

Visual marketing 

Products coming out from the app contain strong effects in visual, which is suitable for marketing. We all know that people stop longer by a video rather than a picture. A moving picture, as a result, could catch more attention than a merely plain one. Would you agree?

If you understand, then you soon see the potential in marketing with this unique visual trick. At least, it attracts better attention.


Also, a new tool of this app, soundtracks, appear to be inserted in moving pictures. Would you see that familiar? Yes, this effect will create products looking like a YouTube audio screen. It’s another way to exploit potentials that you could benefit from VIMAGE. 

About VIMAGE MOD (Latest version)

Pro Package

You have to pay to get the Pro package. Naturally, it must contain some kind of extra. First, you’re out of the advertisement zone and watermark. Better than that, your photo now can go through more filters and all the VFX. The best thing is you contribute to the development of this fantastic app, helping it be better every day.

MOD features

Pro Unlocked: Yes, you can get all the benefits in the PRO package without paying any cost.


VIMAGE Pro proves itself a unique and successful mobile app in speaking of the cinema graph. It has developed the trend and nourishes it to be even more viral. The app has made moving pictures a post to get Likes and an art touching everyone.

Download VIMAGE MOD APK (PRO Unlocked)

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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It's an awesome Android video editor app
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Sobus babu
Sobus babu
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Very nice app
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Good app
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It's an awesome Android video editor app.
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Nice vimage is my favorite app to edit photos and video now
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Nice. Vimage is my favorite app to edit photos and videos.
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Sobus babu
Sobus babu
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It's an awesome Android video editor app.
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