Wattpad – Read & Write Stories
Wattpad – Read & Write Stories

Wattpad - Read & Write Stories MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 9.91.0

App Name Wattpad - Read & Write Stories
Version 9.91.0
Publisher Wattpad.com
Genre Entertaiment
Size 21M
Require Varies with device
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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MOD Infor
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Theme Unlocked
  • No ADS

Wattpad- the most popular story reading app on mobile with over 100 million downloads from Play Store. It’s easy to download the app’s latest mod and enjoy its advanced features for free!

Introduce to Wattpad 

Wattpad- “Where stories live” shows an old-time forum for people to gather on reading and writing. Wattpad among young people in the last decades was merely a place to satisfy the hunger for novels. Little but we know, many blockbuster artworks came from this site. 

Wattpad, as a mobile app, has been developed to fit in modern technology. How does a new platform expand its convenience? Will it be right with you? Let’s look at the details.

The Story

Starting a decade ago, when people still prefer paper books to ebooks, Wattpad is like a miracle library. It brings the world of novels to worldwide readers. Mostly, there were stories not yet published in books. That made Wattpad unique. 

Wattpad Story

Time passed by, and more resembling reading apps came. Wattpad keeps its value as the most trusted platform for sharing as well as reading. In the latest version, Wattpad improves its features to fit in new technologies, makes it better to read and compose.  

Key features & Services by Wattpad

Let’s dig into services provided by Wattpad. Explore your space!

Massive library

As one of the oldest platforms, Wattpad opens to you massive storage with short stories, novels, and sharing from decades ago. It attracts hundreds of millions of users that assure the diversity of materials. It must be one of the most significant novel collections with lots of genres, multiple lengths, writing styles, and cultural values.

There is no end to the number of books here as new stories appear every day. To help you find the right book, the library distributed categories in a row. But you can find the book above all by using keywords. 

Besides stories, the app contains materials from many fields. It shows nothing as a strong point as people come here, not for studying. However, it’s still a shelf you should know of.

A free platform to write

The platform encourages you to write. It has no restrictions on content or style, attracting many writers regardless of gender, age, and culture. Wattpad hands you enormous free space to share your thoughts, keep them live as you want them. 

The only difference between Wattpad and the rest is royalties. Here, you are free to publish so people can read free. It’s the environment here, rather than a channel to do business.

Customized library 

There are thousands of writings found here. But, we’re sure nobody could read them all. Everyone has a taste for reading. The app knows, so it updated a new feature in customizing the personal library.

Save your favorite and read-later novels to your list and come back at any time. Building your collection, at least, will save time in searching. However, it’s recommended to go through new feeds frequently and open for reviews. Who knows what could make you change your mind someday?


It’s not the relationship of giving and taking on here. The app is like a forum- a small society connecting people interested in reading. There is always a chance to meet new people on the platform and discuss new writings with them. 

Reading seems to be an old-time hobby among video making, painting, dancing, and modern trends. However, the community that reads exists right here, distanced to you by a download.

Wattpad Key features


Having appeared in 2007, Wattpad possesses original writing of old novels, which later become blockbusters or inspiration for movies. For example, After by Anna Todd and the Kissing booth on Netflix were all first published on Wattpad. 


The app supplies ebooks, as we know from the start. Abundance here has tempted people to give up on buying paper brochures and enjoying the digital versions. Little do we realize that has benefited jungles because less wood is required for paper production.


With ebooks, you can carry the whole library everywhere within a pocket-sized device. As long as there is electricity, you can read books, even with no Internet connection.  

Premium readers

Free access gives you a lot, but Premium can do extra. Paid account, so-called Premium, can access the latest novels the fastest. The library includes restricted areas for only premium members. Are you curious about what content it brings?

Opportunities on Wattpad

Not only can you easily enjoy the stories on the app, Wattpad offers great opportunities for you to express yourself and connect with a huge community of story lovers.

Chance to publish your work 

If you are thinking of writing as a future career, let’s get it started with Wattpad. It has no restrictions on your creativity. It hands you a space to live your passion, more importantly, free. 

Being a penniless start-up would be hard in the outer world but comfortable with Wattpad. Why haven’t you tried your luck since today? We hope you’re ready enough to create the next blockbuster. 

Get rewarded

Since the blooming of excellent writings, this is the platform that newspapers and movie producers keep eyes on. Many novels have gone out of this small nest and marked names to the public. Would you like to be the next?

See the trend

Based on the number of views, it’s easy to see which type attracts the most readers and which style could win love from the public. The community here is big enough to see the trend, learn, and enhance your writing.

We see chances for marketers, writers, and young influencers to learn on Wattpad. Yes, there are just novels and similar stuff, but sinking ice means valuable knowledge.

Attend competitions

The app has Facebook and Twitter as its primary social channels. It connects with users by throwing competitions on the app, promoting readers’ creativity. Even though you cannot get the royalties from writing here, the app’s awards mean big bounties and a success chance.

Latest mod of Wattpad 

The app offers a Premium upgrade option to access advanced features. These include:

  • No ads: Ads often appear at the end of every story chapter, reducing your reading experience. With Wattpad Premium, however, the ads have been removed.
  • Offline Stories: Easy to download all the stories you like then you can read them anytime without a network connection.
  • Coins Bonus: A few in-app stories require Coins payment to read. If you are a Premium account, you can receive bonus Coins when purchasing in-app Coins packages.
  • Change theme colors: With Wattpad Premium, you can easily personalize your reader with theme color options.

As mentioned, we bring you the latest MOD of this app. The mod feature allows you to access and use all the Premium features for free.


Famous Wattpad supports content in a variety of languages. Therefore, it succeeded in building a worldwide community for passionate readers. There’s no boundary on words on this basis, and you should experience that vibrant world. 

Home writers, readers, and everyone could find joy here. Why don’t you get Wattpad installed today?

Download Wattpad - Read & Write Stories MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 9.91.0

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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