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When mobile games and social media no longer entertain you, don’t forget you still have music. Melodies and feelings with the songs will turn on your drowning mood. And we have such an app to help you enjoy – WeSing.

Introduce to WeSing

WeSing provides both tools and platforms for you to raise the voice. It’s much better than Karaoke from YouTube. Signing in for an account, and you have a whole community who comes to enjoy live music. Singers here have got an audience, interaction, and many more activities along with singing.

WeSing will be your next favorite entertaining app. And the best thing is that you won’t get bored with music, especially music sung by yourself.

Wesing MOD APK

The story

Along with the increasing intensity of life in the 21st century, entertaining apps are booming in number. Within one click and we have gathered tons of games and music, movie players. We could be fed up with a game or watching movies but possibly never with music.

Therefore, apps to help people enhance connection with melodies, either natural sounds or music, effectively dominate the market. WeSing proposes you not only a player but an interactive platform to show off your voice and connect with other people.

Unique features in WeSing

Let’s take a look at what the app offers. However, these are highlights, and you will make more use of them when you’re actually in the app.

Enjoy Karaoke alone or with friends

The specialty in WeSing is a responsive platform to sing songs. You can choose your favorite from different genres or languages. The library also proposes a daily chart that tells you which songs are hits.

You don’t have to enter Spotify to listen to the latest hit. WeSing updates the list with both local and international Singles. Within this enormous library, users can enjoy karaoke time alone or connect with other friends via social media and sing together. The system provides duo performance that lets people join the songs virtually using the Internet.

Sing with idols

Sometimes, there will be events where you can join the songs with artists. It will be breathtaking to sing along with your idols, and even better, you will get a world of view at a time.

To not miss the chance, you should keep notifications on in the app. Be active, and you will get rewarded!

Interact with fans and other singers

Don’t be shy when people flatter your voice. It must be good enough to draw audiences to you. When you gather specific attention or even nothing, don’t forget that WeSing imposes a channel for people to socialize.

As an audience, you can send gifts and comments to your favorite singers. Your action will be a huge encouragement to them.

As a singer, you can reply to your fans’ love using many reactions, gifts, emoticons, and more. Don’t hesitate to show them how much you appreciate their support.

Customize voice, volume, and image

Whatever people say, music is an art, and you could do anything to customize your view on melodies, especially words you sang.

The system kicks start your creativity with the control panel on adjusting voice, volume and images. Here, you don’t just go in front of the camera and feel the music. You can add many things to the video like filters, effects, animated icons, and some tricks into voice. With WeSing, you can express your style, follow no model or standards but just your will with the music.

Stream in the circle

Users can throw performances in the app using streaming tools. During that time, you can perform your ability and interact with viewers. Vice versa, you shouldn’t miss a fantastic performance in this circle and don’t forget to send love.

Record your performance

The app enables you to record your work or edit later. It saves your videos and welcomes you to do some retouches for better effects.

Wesing key features

Benefits from WeSing

It offers a lot, with and without standard features. Here are reasons we think WeSing better than most entertaining applications:

Enormous song collection

Its library will keep you busy for days. If you sing, it offers you all existing music genres in the world and multiple languages. Besides, tools in adjusting voice and videos in the app will also trigger your creativity.

Easy customization

It’s both a social media and video recorder and karaoke machine. However, this 3-in-1 application appears so simple that everyone uses it.


It’s not just about entertaining but also socializing. You have ample space to express yourself with music here, make friends, share thoughts and support the world.


WeSing is fantastic for people of all ages. It’s interactive, abundant, and changing all the time. After all, music, in all time, remains the best entertaining method for humans. Why not make time for this healthy act now?

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