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WhatsApp Plus MOD APK (NO) 17.10

App Name WhatsApp Plus
Version 17.10
Publisher Alexmods
Size 31 MB
Require 9.0 and up


The use of instant messaging applications has been commonplace for a while now. They are a boon since they make global communication simple.

Without these applications, we would be doomed to rely on SMS and calls, which are not terrible but cost money. There are several capabilities available in instant messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. These apps, however, do not come without restrictions.

Therefore, in 2012, a hacked version of WhatsApp known as WhatsApp Plus was developed. The programmer revamped the core code and added a new interface for users to enjoy. Then, this program has much more functionality. It is like the all-access pass to WhatsApp! Here’s where you will find out the details.

About WhatsApp Plus

Think about a future where there are no instant messaging apps. You can’t. They are a routine part of our lives now that we can not imagine going a day without them, as might be expected in this day and age. Because we can not quickly teleport ourselves wherever at any time, we rely on many forms of communication technology. However, there are limitations to even these methods.

This is why a few enterprising souls went and made WhatsApp Plus a more robust instant messaging program. Essentially a feature-enhanced hack for WhatsApp, “WhatsApp Plus” adds several valuable enhancements to the original app.

Of course, the logo and interface have been updated, but there are also new functions. While this app may include some new features, its underlying structure is primarily unchanged from the original.

That is why it is entirely OK to switch to this software from the original once you have already used it. It is a shame that this modified version of the program is not accessible in the official Google Play Store.

WhatsApp Plus subscribers, however, have access to a library of custom themes from which to choose. This software allows for customization, which is something the original app lacks. In addition, you may use an unprecedented number of emoticons. Share your feelings freshly and originally. Furthermore, your contacts cannot see your current online status with the original app. However, WhatsApp Plus allows you to conceal this information, protecting you from spam and other nuisances.

Key features of WhatsApp Plus

For all the reasons stated above, installing WhatsApp Plus on your mobile device is a no-brainer. You will not be sorry if you upgrade from the standard instant messaging app to this one.

In several ways, WhatsApp Plus is an improved version of the original. Some of the perks include the following:

Full Customization

The initial software does not allow for any personalization. But with WhatsApp Plus, you may personalize many of its settings to your liking. It is important to note that the UI may be adjusted to your liking. Text, images, and buttons can be easily customized by changing their hue.

You may customize the app’s appearance by using WhatsApp Plus to make it stand out from the standard version. It is incredible that, despite all the options, instant chatting would still be fun for you. This software allows you to access more than 500 different themes at once.

Wallpapers of various aesthetic quality may be found in WhatsApp Plus. This function allows you to set any image, even one that is very meaningful to you, as your chat wall background. This app’s flexible UI allows you to adjust its appearance to suit your needs quickly.


With the help of emoticons, we may convey our feelings without using words. We resort to emojis when we can not describe precisely how we feel. But in the first iteration of WhatsApp, we are restricted in our choice of expressions. This problem was fixed in WhatsApp Plus by adding more emoticons to the collection. To increase diversity, they have included Google Hangouts’ emoticons. However, keep in mind that other WhatsApp Plus users will also be able to view these smileys.

Hiding options

It is not feasible to preserve users’ privacy while using the program in its original form. This is because everyone will know when you are online, which might provide some challenges in certain situations. You cannot choose to view previous messages outside of the context of engaging with other users in the app’s primary context. This is because everyone will know you are connected to the internet.

But if you have WhatsApp Plus, you can conceal your online status. As a result, nobody can tell whether you are currently connected to the internet. Because of this functionality, you may log in to WhatsApp with complete assurance and do any action you like.

Advanced file-sharing option

The fantastic thing about instant messaging programs is that you can easily send files to your friends, family, and coworkers. The first edition had a 16MB limit on simultaneous file transfers. And this creates a significant challenge for people who need to deliver larger files. Fortunately, this is no longer an issue with WhatsApp Plus, as large file transfers of up to 50MB are now possible. You can accomplish a lot with this function. Therefore it is handy.

Fonts and Styles

As was previously noted, WhatsApp Plus allows for a variety of modifications. If you are bored with the same old typefaces in the primary app, this is the replacement you have been looking for. The solution is to install WhatsApp Plus on your device. Fonts may be adjusted in terms of size, color, shape, and style in WhatsApp Plus. These modifications make it simple for users to express their individuality.


For some reason, the auto-reply function is restricted to WhatsApp business accounts in the original app. However, in WhatsApp Plus, you can utilize this function at will to reply to anybody you choose automatically. If you are constantly on the go and unable to respond instantly, this is a fantastic solution.

History and logs

All of your conversations and other actions inside WhatsApp Plus are recorded. You will not find this in the base app. As a result of this ground-breaking innovation, the possibilities are virtually endless. If someone else has entered your account without your knowledge and modified specific settings, you can see it here. Or, if you know what you changed by accident, you may reset everything to its original form.


If you do not need a conversation or a file, you may remove it here! Quickly and easily remove unwanted data from your app with a button.


This is the reason why it offers a significant number of improved features. The user interface and the logo are not the only things that have been updated in this edition. There have been other changes as well. You would also notice all of the incredible characteristics that were discussed before.

It is essential to emphasize that migrating from the previous app to this one does not provide any difficulties. The fact that the application may be downloaded and installed without cost is another intriguing aspect.

Get the most out of your instant messaging experience by downloading WhatsApp Plus. Please make use of all the incredible features it has to offer.

Download WhatsApp Plus MOD APK (NO) 17.10

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