WPSApp PRO MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 1.6.61

App Name WPSApp PRO
Version 1.6.61
Publisher TheMauSoft
Genre Tools
Size 5,9M
Require Android 4.1
MOD Info PRO Unlocked
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WPSApp PRO APK provides technologies that help you check the security of the wireless network you are using over the WPS protocol. The app has a mod available at apkdl and you can download it for free to enjoy the PRO features.

Introduce to WPSApp PRO

Processing smart tools to explore faults of networks, WIFI, or mobile hotspots, WPSApp brings you an unforgettable experience. Would it be insane if we tell you that it’s possible to log in to a strange network without knowing your password? Well, yeah, it’s no problem if you work as a hacker. The miracle here is that everyone could become a hacker within only a free app.

When it’s a possibility, your network could be in danger. Let’s turn the table with WPSApp. Trust it or not, would you like to try before you trust?

The Story

Even though many network providers have improved their firmware to stop hacking, there are still possible leaks. As a result, network users confront a significant risk. There are many apps made to protect your identity but not your network in general. By only hacking into it, a hacker can steal pretty much information. 

Knowing the threats, WPSApp continues on its technology in protecting vulnerable networks. It’s not born as a tool to sneak in another network for free surfing. It’s primarily to detect nearby networks’ threats, alarm you of the threats so you can act upon it. The app will not encourage illegal intrusion. Hence, it hopes users to be responsible as the app is free to download.

WPSApp Key features

What does it do?

WPSApp for Android is an app that lets you view all the available networks on your mobile device. The app has many features, including showing the strength of Wi-Fi signal, mac address, security encryption, and more. It is free to download and use. It works on Android 5.0 and higher devices. You can install it on your PC using an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks.

WPSApp for Android works by scanning your Wi-Fi network and determining its security. It does this by detecting the network’s PIN code. Pin codes are usually fixed by the device manufacturer, but the WPSApp can calculate them to obtain the correct password. The app also displays any Wi-Fi passwords that are stored on your device.

When the WPS protocol is enabled, the application displays special symbols to indicate which network is most secure. A red slash indicates a secure network. If the WPS protocol is disabled, WPS cannot determine the default password. If WPS is active, a green checkmark indicates a less secured network.

WPSApp for Android is available in both free and premium versions. The free version features some limitations, while the pro version has a lot of extra features.

Services and Features by WPSApp PRO

Let’s see how useful this application is in managing and protecting your wireless connections.

Check the vulnerability

The first and foremost use of WPSApp is testing the vulnerability of the target network. The app will run through present signals and categorize them into three groups regarding the level of vulnerability. Results are presented on a cross, question mark, and tick. 

It takes around minutes to see if it’s possible to hack into a network on this platform. From the view of ordinary users, it presents the chance to surf for free. But under the eyes of hackers and trackers, that’s a huge window to see through your house. 

Find out faults in routers.

Until now, the detective feature can classify networks into three groups. However, you can guess how vulnerability happens. It’s based on the algorithms that generate the app’s power. 

The protocol shows that some networks with 8-digit passwords mostly follow random letters given by the system. Passwords could show as quite popular lines, too, for example, 0123456789. Systems are also artificial intelligence, which WPSApp shares the sense. Besides, there is another possibility that the device has its password encrypted. It’s not impossible to decrypt, according to WPSApp’s founder.

Scan surrounding networks

How many networks can it scan? The answer is all presented as possible connections. Only when your device receives the signal from the network, then the app could scan and detect it. 

Even the circle is limited. The list could be long as everybody lives on the Internet. It’s rare to find out yours is the only network. The eligible area tells that you can apply this searching tool on multiple networks and detect many, not just one.

Check the networks nearby 

Once the app is activated, the system must know your location (or the device’s location). The location enables the app to scan nearby networks. This is the only operation in which the app pops up questions. It would help if you did other manipulation with the icon on the bottom right.

Since the surrounding networks are found, you’ll get a list showing not only names but the strength of signals, mac, and encryption. Be noted that the encryption could be false. On the next page, here comes the list categorized into vulnerability levels.

Meanings of icons

Icons next to networks show us if the connection could be made. First, the question mark or interrogation means the toughest one to tackle, which means that hotspot security is hard to break, generally with no ability. The red cross means the password could not be hacked, but there’s a possibility to connect. However, success is not 100%. A green check means the highest vulnerability. The system can obtain the password and bridge the connection with this network.


Intrusion could happen because of a PIN or a password. It depends on the device’s operating system then you can perform the connection based on the obtained password or not. Even when the connection succeeds, always check again in Settings to make sure the operation works.


The new version v1.6.47 comes with some enhancements on processing hotspot devices. The method of WPSApp called “Pixie Dust” was developed to track even deeper faults. The new version also performs better regarding speed and smoothness. It updates some pins and routers to expand the circle of detection.

If you feel unsafe when using public network connections, try a VPN app, like ExpressVPN Premium.

WPSApp Requiments

Requirements to users

Root required for Android lower 5.0

For WPSApp, you need Root to connect to a green-checked network if the device is running on Android 5.0 and lower. However, if you don’t demand the connection but only check the network, there is no need to worry. Devices with Android above 5.0 can connect within PIN, which you will go through by manipulating the system.

No responsibility for intrusion 

It’s important to know clearly that WPSApp will not be responsible for the intrusion. The app helps you to detect possible risks and alarms you to fix them. However, connecting to a new network could violate state law, and that’s not encouraged.

No guarantee of connection 

Because of development in firmware from telecommunication providers, the security could become more complicated than WPSApp had expected. That could fail the accurate detection as well as connection. Especially with red-crossed networks, even if you can obtain the password, there’s no certainty of forming a connection.


WPSApp PRO provides controversial service, and it could lead to illegal actions. Hence, users must be cleared-head to use this app. Speaking of security, it could help very much in protecting your network. Even though you’ve got other encrypting platforms to build your fence, it’s undoubtedly safer with WPSApp. 

Providers receive the user’s claims and suggestions always. They hope to update the app to be useful. Never hesitate to contact customer service, and don’t be shy to try it now!   

Download WPSApp PRO MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 1.6.61

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