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Controlling and following what happens with your social account seems so complicated with you? Don’t worry, as Xprofile will support you in analyzing and lead you to what you need to do.

About Xprofile – Profile Analysis

Nowadays, social media has become very popular, and sometimes some people even own many different accounts for each specific purpose. If you are also one of them and do not know how to manage these accounts’ information, let the Xprofile – Profile Analysis application help you. This app is a great tool to help you analyze what’s going on in your profile. Besides, it can also discover exclusive, need-to-know information about your social media accounts, visitors, or other information you may lose while using an app.

Xprofile Gold APK MOD

Statistics the account metrics you are using.

When using a social networking site, no one is not posting their activity. You will appreciate your account response rate if you are active. You can also increase this positive rate by making new friends and sharing more of your story. However, when you post too much and feel like everything is messed up, the statistics system will help you filter the information. If you want to find out what’s going on with your profile, you can control the filtered data.

While using social media, the parameters you need to know include average likes, engagement rates, and followers percentage. Users can also satisfy their satisfaction by seeing who is following and engaging with your site.

Observe what your followers do with your posts

There is no difficulty for users to see the number of followers and see the number of people following themselves right on the application’s main page. If the people you follow, they don’t respond to your posts, unfollow them.

Of course, if it’s celebrities, you might consider it. Whether a celebrity is interacting with you is not as important as whether they need to follow you. This app may be suited to famous people. It will assist them in analyzing trends as well as how to make their website popular.

Analyze your profile clearly

Followers are a significant factor for all social media users, especially Instagram. A person is considered popular if they have a large following. And to keep followers all the time, you must continuously create content that engages them.

To increase your influence, you need to gain new followers. This app will do statistics and help you see people “you didn’t follow back” and people “who didn’t follow you back.” When you control these ratios, you’ll know who you want to target. At this point, you can also define and orient what you should plan to match and attract more followers.

Those who block you will also be displayed on the home screen of the application. Another equally important indicator is the “track lost and followed up” metric. This indicator also moves quickly, so you need to monitor it regularly. In case you have a large following, it’s even more important to keep track of these metrics. Sometimes, they often check out Xprofile rather than check their profile.

Xprofile key features

Take a closer look at your Story

While there are plenty of stunning photo editing apps out there that help you turn your stories into a work of art before sharing them, there’s nothing to help you measure their popularity. Don’t worry, Xprofile is here to help. Stories are an integral part of social networking sites, and almost every Instagram user plays stories. Stories are also an essential tool to increase the interest of your fan page. You can also attract more followers if you have interesting stories. If you want to create exciting and engaging stories, story analysis is essential.

The profile will help you get to know most of the people who have seen your Stories. You are also fully aware of the people who ignored your Story and who viewed the Story without following it. Besides, you can exploit more information on this application. This information is beneficial and helps you a lot in developing your profile. This analysis will help you create content that suits the tastes of your audience and satisfies their curiosity.

Sign up for Gold membership to get more powerful benefits

If you want to use the free features and do not care much about other information, you do not need to spend money on this gold package. But if you are an influencer and want to know more details about your profile, you should use this Gold plan.

Once you have successfully registered for a Gold membership, you can get more advanced data points like post engagement data, story details, and more! You can also get to know the number of people and more information about the people who are not following you.

These data reflect your profile more accurately and precisely and give you more data to identify your audience. If you can identify this data, you can tailor content to your followers. Besides, the movement of users on social networks also has a lot to do with your profile. If you are an influencer, there is a disadvantage if you are getting information slower than people. Therefore, capturing the necessary information will help you to catch up on trends to create quality content.


Don’t waste too much time finding a way to help you analyze and control your Instagram followers. Just download Xprofile now and let it help you do all thing from exploring people you need to unfollow to create new content.

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