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Yousician is a quick and fun way to learn and play the Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, or even singing. Grab your music instrument and start playing and enjoying real music.

Introduction of Yousician

Yousician is more than an ordinary music self-teaching app. It plays as a private music tutor, listens to you playing and gives instant feedback on your performance. Many expert music teachers have been working together to design the app’s curriculum in a way that will help not only beginners but also professionals to improve their results.

Learn everything about music

Lessons are arranged from easy to advanced level, therefore you can easily know how fast you are making progress. Videos and tutorials will walk you through small steps from a beginner to an enthusiast, or even a pro player.

The app also contains various entertaining mini-games to evaluate your performance and help you stay motivated. By taking part in these games, you will have the chance to practise over and over again until you are satisfied with the results. Additionally, it is quite an experience of witnessing your skills advancing at an astonishing pace.

Yousician is totally suitable for musicians of all levels, from professional singers, guitarists, pianists, etc., to music teachers, to beginners. The app is specially designed to guide you from a complete newbie to an advanced player, therefore anyone could benefit from Yousician more or less.

Yousician is packed with more than 1.500 tasks, lessons, exercise and it is still being updated everyday. There are also hundreds of videos that teach you everything you need to play music. You will learn how to read music sheets, play classical and popular music on a piano, play chords, strumming, melodies, lead, fingerpicking, etc. on a guitar or a ukulele. Yousician will simultaneously record your playing and report to you whether you are in tune or not.

There are special trainers for each skill you are learning. It is a great app to learn music theory or chords. Plus, even though everything is self-learning, you are not alone as there are Weekly Challenges where you can race with friends and millions of other users around the globe.

From the beginning, the app will evaluate your level by listening to your performance. Whether you are playing piano, guitar, or singing, Yousician will record and analyse it, then report to you about what you are doing great and what things still have room for improvements. Afterward, you will be introduced with tutorials, guides, and lessons that suit your grade. As you learn, there is a scoring system that rewards you whenever you complete a lesson or an exercise, and based on your achievements you can see for yourself how fast you have been advancing.

Yousician combined the most innovative technologies with extremely skillful and experienced teachers. The Yousician developing team has continuously fine-tuned their app to adapt to self-learning demands as well as to play as additional learning resources besides studying with a teacher. Yousician is a reliable tool whenever you want to make sure that you are playing your instrument the right way thanks to its step-by-step tutorials and constant feedback.

The app is designed for learners to play with real instruments. There are no additional devices or tools required as Yousicican uses your phone’s microphone for recording purposes. Data then will be transferred to a cloud service where it is analysed and a report will be made from the analysation. This mechanism works perfectly for piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, or even vocals.

Yousician Premium Features

Learn category

The Learn category is the most useful part of Yousician. There are two subdivisions inside this category. The Mission subdivision contains all tasks that you need to pass one-by-one to advance. This is designed resembling a game to motivate you. You can unlock higher levels only by playing well on your current tasks. After unlocking level 1, there are 3 branches focusing on 3 different aspects: Lead, Knowledge, Rhythm. The higher the level, the trickier and more complex the technique is to be mastered.

The Workout subdivision is where you can pick up a challenge or learn a particular skill. Your very first challenge is collecting the stars, which is basically playing your tasks again to achieve all 3 stars on every level. The Skill builder section helps you to concentrate and perfect a certain skill, such as Chords, Ears, Scales, Fingerpicking, etc. This subdivision is intended for you to practice the skills you have learnt through the Mission section mentioned above.

Songs category

This is the playground of Yousician. Here you can find practise courses for an enormous number of songs in various genres. These songs resemble very closely to the actual performing, and because of being practise courses rather than lessons, these songs are not limited to small parts. The number of songs for each genre is increasing as Yousician is updated regularly.

The genres are also diverse. There are pop, classical, blues, country and roots, indie, alternative, funk, jazz, metal, electronics.

Challenges category

If you want to compete with other players, this is the right place. The Challenges category brings you intensive challenges every week, and you can see the leaderboard in every song available. Imagine you taking part in the challenges and after many attempts, your name finally shows up on the first place of the dashboard and people in the world see it.

You can also access the challenges history to view and play challenges’ songs in the past. The practice mode will let you play freely and spot every imperfection for you, and you can use that info to improve your performance and perfect your songs before playing to get a high score.


Yousician is modern technology’s gift to music education. It’s an app that teaches you to master the guitar instead of a plastic game controller. It is a fabulous place to start learning piano, guitar, ukulele or bass. Yousician teaches basic playing techniques and musical notation by presenting a challenge and then listening as you try to play in real life.

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